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Posted on Jun 14, 2020 12:20 PM

Friday, I dug up the dwarf Zebra Grass and potted it up. It will be transplanted to the new mini garden, up closer to the veggie garden. Then I dug up the dwarf lilac bush (no small task Blinking ) and, after digging a huge 40"x40"x16" hole, (huge for me, at least Hilarious! ) in the mini garden, at the back corner, it was transplanted there, but despite my best efforts to plant it at the right height, it was still 2 inches below grade. D'Oh! Glare So yesterday, I dug it up once again, and raised it to about 4 inches above grade. It's roots are shallow, so I needed a lot of dirt for both below an above grade. I mixed triple shred mulch with the clay soil from the hole, making for good drainage. Smiling I had enough to fill in the rest of the hole and to barely cover the roots, so I watered it well then swaddled the bush at the crown with a tarp to hold in the moisture, and ran to the store for more soil and mulch. Got it raised with Sparky's help, and I finished covering with soil and dressed it with mulch. Next, I will replant the dwarf Zebra Grass, the then lay cardboard over the remaining turf in both mini gardens, in preparation for finishing up those gardens. Then I'll have a bit more room for daylilies and a couple other perennials. Hurray!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the yard, the Large Zebra Grass will stay put. Too much time and effort to dig it up, and it does serve the original purpose of creating privacy for the view to our patio from an open space in Jerkwaad's fence. Green Grin! nodding So, I'll leave the Zebra Grass removal to the next homeowner! Whistling Green Grin!

Next on the list for the FG, is transplanting two "small" Arborvitae to where they will get more sunlight. Smiling They are underdeveloped bc of too much shade over the years but, they did take off some, since the one tree removal in 2017, but they still get a bit too much shade yet.

So, I'm one baby step closer to planting the DL's in the FG, much to DH's dismay. It has taken all of 8 years, and I'm still working on his cooperation, although, he is realizing he has less and less choice in the matter. Whistling Whistling Green Grin! Angel Although, in his defense of his "change-ophobia", he's also dealing with a restructure at work, since June first, so both changes are too much right now, but I must take full advantage of these gorgeous, comfortable temps and low humidity weather. Smiling Bc by the end of the week, the humidity and higher temps will be back. Sighing!

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