gingin's blog: Journey Sept. 6

Posted on Sep 6, 2012 8:38 PM

<p>Yesterday was a GOOD day. Filed an application for Bill for office did it for me. No clue if it will be approved. Done with that and up to see Bill. He looked so much better then when I left the day before...bright eyed, bushy tailed and sporty. They took out all the IVs in both hands/arms and put in a central line, so at least now he is able to do a bit more without messing around with the other lines. No pain meds :-)) Bill told me not to visit today, but rather stay home and call the docs that the hospice nurse gave him. OK good deal as I needed to run to town anyway to take care of other stuff. Him wanting me to call the docs opened up the door for "the talk". Happily it went really well. He said if they would not consult because of no insurance then he would go ahead and register with hospice...also if being aggresive would gain only a few weeks it wasn't worth it. Bill deceided to sign a DNR with the stipulation that drugs and paddles would be acceptable, but NOTHING else as in CPR or intubation. I agree. Drove home feeling so much better then on Tuesday.Called to let Bill know that I had gotten home OK only to find out he had been moved to another room that had a monitor that actually worked. Allowed as how I couldn't leave him alone for 5 minutes before he was looking for better acomendations. LOL</p>
<p>Woke up this morning feeling somewhat rested. Fed the brats and called Bill. He sounded good...had had a good nights sleep. YEA. He gave me a list of stuff to bring tomorrow including a double cheeseburger and fries from McDonalds. Sure hope he doesnt need help from me with a shave and mustache all over but the crying LOL Got dressed, loaded up Dixie and headed to town. Thankfully my stops were quick and the jeep was fine left running with the AC on. Called Bill. Someone from hospice had stopped by to see him. He allowed as how I would be there tomorrow so I guess she will be back then. I have to have stents put in my left leg on the 17th. and we are both concerned (my spelling sucks...sorry) about going ahead or putting it off not knowing if I'll be kept overnight and how much I'll be able to do for a few days after. Bill was told if he were registered with hospice, they could likely help out if necessary. Good deal...I feel better. He is going to register with them and if it is deceided to be agressive with the cancer all he has to do is unregister and when/if care got to be palative again he would re-register.</p>
<p>Now that Bill is in a room with a working monitor, they have a better idea what is going on with his far so good and they seem to be more weaning off the meds...maybe he can home home in a few days. Did get a call back from the doc I called earlier (did not call all of them until I heard back from the first). Bill needs to have a biopsy done...not sure if they can do it in Chipley...before he will say yes to a consult. Without going into detail, I felt like shit after talking to much for another good day. Knew I had to eat, so got creative with lots of garlic (Bill would have pitched it) ate and called him...still sounds up. YEA Gonna have a glass of wine and try to relax. </p>

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