Ceckery's blog: Can't wait for spring

Posted on Jan 25, 2021 10:47 AM

Sitting in a winter storm warning with the possibility of 8-12 inches of snow coming down today. I'm so ready for spring even though I won't likely get as much garden time as last year. Last year with Covid, schools all went remote at Spring Break, letting me spend way more time tending to seedlings inside and outside and preparing my garden. This year school should continue in person (a testament to the fact that extra cleaning and wearing masks is working since we have yet to have a case where it spread in the building, people get it, but not from being at school).

I'm starting to get my planting schedule sorted out, other than some of my direct sow stuff. I need to figure out how I'll get 3 cattle panels to my house for my trellises for indeterminate tomatoes, peas, beans, and cucamelon. It kind of stinks being a country girl stuck living in the city. So for now my 9x15 garden space and random other beds and containers will just have to do. I've learned how to plant things really closely and still get a lot of produce. And it actually prevents a lot of weeds once the plants take off. My dog does a good job of keeping squirrels and rabbits, and even birds, out of the yard.

This year I'm going to start a whole bunch more seeds than I need since I got a new mini greenhouse and some lights to start seeds. Then I'll sell the extras, fairly cheaply, to neighbors to they can garden as well. I'm also accepting trades of certain containers and jars. If I get a ton of seedlings doing well, maybe I'll even offer up 1 free plant to kids who want to garden (maybe they'll pick something their parents weren't expecting).

My biggest struggle right now is deciding which dwarf blueberries I want and where I should order them from. I thinking I might call a few local places and see which ones they usually have or can order. But I really like the cascade types for hanging in pots and I recently discovered 2 ground cover types. I'm also hoping to find some native strawberries and possibly more pineberries, depending on how well mine survived the winter. I still need to figure out a way to shade my once strawberry patch since it turns out that very efficient windows are efficient since they reflect the majority of the heat back outside (straight onto my strawberry bed...).

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