MaryE's blog: 2022 #140 Leaves: Report from the crazy leaf lady

Posted on Nov 25, 2022 8:42 AM

I had arranged to get bags of leaves from a senior apartment complex in town and WOW! Last week I got 39 bags and there will be more. Now they have all been unloaded and the bags are sitting in groups near the garden. I thought they might already be moist because they were so heavy but my moisture meter says DRY, so I watered each bag from the top. This is probably more than I need but I did say I would pick up the rest of them which the maintenance guy said will be about 10 more. The dry leaves I could see at the tops of the bags could not account for the weight so it seems that maybe the leaves were collected by a mower and chopped, bagged in the mower bag and transferred to garbage bags. I should open one and look.

These leaves will slowly break down in the bags. Moisture, freezing and thawing, plus time and whatever grass clippings are in the mixture will work slowly through the winter. I had planned to make a bin from t-posts and plastic fencing that comes in a roll and is similar to that orange stuff they use at construction sites to keep people out. This is black. My injured shoulder prevented building of the bin so the bags will sit through the winter and maybe the bin will be built in the spring so I can see what is happening. Mold and various bacteria types will do some work even in the cold temperatures. I have been watching U-tube videos about composting leaves and one in particular tells about some of the helpful critters quite specifically that work at low, medium and higher temperatures. The centers of the bags might have work going on in them all winter!

We have had some nice days and now the forecast is for snow in the next few days. Two weeks ago some if our family and a couple of our neighbors got together and cut two and a half cords of firewood for us. The trees were all dead and dry but mostly still standing and the landowner wanted them removed before they fell over fences. Dead trees are a problem and their removal is a good thing. We are very thankful to have a good firewood supply and have had help to get it.

The Christmas cactus has a lot of buds now and a few are showing color. One might open today or tomorrow.


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