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Posted on Apr 17, 2013 6:35 PM

5:30—in the AM.  Girl-baby has been crying non-stop for at least 10 minutes.  No sound from mama.  Get up.  Mama is still laying on couch.  I pick up baby.  She stops crying.  Oh-KEEeee.  Mama, she’s crying.  Yes, she says, doesn’t know what’s wrong, baby won’t stop, and now MAMA starts crying.  Oy vey, I see problems ahead for this one.  Have her get bottle ready, tell mama I got this, go back to sleep for a few minutes.  Well, guess what?  Baby is teething.  I foresee a lonnnnngg few months ahead for all of us.

Lye did not work.  But tub had been cleaned, so I took a shower anyway.  No water on the floor and it all drained in a few hours.  Going to have younger-mama give girl-child a bath, then take a shower herself when they get home.

Warm and sticky out today.  Windy, too, but I like wind. :-)  Roses in bloom all over da plaince.  Many of them long-stemmed.  Cut a stem off half a dozen shrubs and bouqueted them for the table.  I LIKE this time of year. :-)

Had to go get infant acetaminophen and gum numb for the girl-child.  Since I have to go to the store anyway…and since I already have half the ingredients here…think I will make more blender salsa.  Figured out it tastes about the same if I use canned diced tomatoes as if I use fresh tomatoes,  so it is budget-friendly…which reminds me, I need to water the the vegetable blocks.  Figure every other day will be good until it gets a lot hotter.

Okay, so going to wait on the watering.  Supposed to rain overnight.  More better, muy more better than a water hose.

Gosh, it’s peaceful here without blondy-mama.  Sister came over for tacos after work and we ate right before going to girl-baby’s 4 month checkup.  She is feeling a tad more stable today.  I called the IRS and they have at least assigned the backup documents to an agent, so that is some progress.  I DIDN’T tell her that it is first in, first out, and no telling how long before everything is processed.  She is so fragile from money stress and everything else going on, I was just happy to have something positive to tell her.

Tomorrow is going to be another travelin’ day.  One of the requirements for Catholic Charities to pay the March mortgage is that I take three financial management classes.  Did the first at the initial appointment.  The remaining two start in the morning and go from 10:00-1:30; then after, come home and get sister’s DIL, take her to work; then go pick up blondy-mama and Buddha Boy from new-old boyfriend’s place, bring her home; then go pick up younger-mama and girl-child from school/daycare, bring them home.  Then, MAYBE, I can get back into pajamas.  This chest cold is really mild, but it is lingering and is really draining what energy I have.  My sister used to do this kind of stuff pretty much every single day after work for 20+ years?  No wonder she is so worn out.

Would love to go to the library for some less-frequently-read books than what are at the house and take my ease with the cold meds, but the car will be repossessed any day now and I don’t want to be stuck with no way to return them.  Occurred to me today to check out disability transport services.  If the Social Security is approved, I might qualify for transportation to places like the grocery and library.

The purple speckled Iris should be open tomorrow.  Thought it would be today, but tomorrow is just as good.  Just charged up the camera battery.  Gonna git me sum pitchers, pitchers, pitchers.  Still no daylily scapes, but won’t be long, now. Hop-up-and-down-impatience-dance! LOL


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