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Posted on Apr 16, 2013 7:25 PM

Uh-oh, girl-child has started being fussy…often and on all night, going just long enough between fussies for younger-mama to get good and back to sleep. :-p  Congested and looks like teething.  Get ready, mom, you’ve had it real good…so far…(evil laugh)

Ya-HOO!  Yippee!!! IRS refund for 2011 finally arrived.  Enough to pay light bill, refill a prescription, put some gas in the car, get diapers, and buy the ‘good’ food for my poor babies.  They’ve been stuck with Alpo Dry for a couple of weeks and they DO…NOT...LIKE…IT.

Got sweaty in the 88 degree temperatures today.  Stuck my head under the backyard water hose late this afternoon to at least rinse off.  Floy-data’s plumber friend hasn’t called either one of us back.  Don’t think he wants to help.  The smell is unpleasant even with what is being done to keep the source under control.  Was getting to the end of my tolerance and was going to get dressed and head to the store for air freshener when I remembered!  Couple of years back, the exterminator left a bag of odor neutralizer.  Never needed to use it and, voila! The bag was on top of the fridge!!!  Sealed, ready to go!!!  It had strings on the top and I tied it to hang from the bath shelf/towel rack.  Says it’s guaranteed to work.  Hopehopehope…

Two Immortality Iris were open this morning.  Not too sure I really like them.  Seem to have a grey, almost dingy, undertone and I like clean colors.  Maybe if I move them into more sun?


New day.  Bag is working!  Yippee, jump-up-and-down!!!!  Floy-data said go ahead and try the lye just one more time while he tries to locate a different plumber.  Will hold myself in check and wait until morning to test it.  BIG-time all 10 fingers-crossed.  Some crossed toes, too.

Blondy-mama is at workforce office right now taking a class in how to find a job!!! WooHoooo!  Of course, Buddha Boy waits until he and I get back home before making a ‘present’ for me. :-D  Younger-mama texted that doctor rescheduled girl-baby appointment until tomorrow.  Don’t have to take or pickup DIL from work, so once I get older-Blond-Brain-mama back home, I am freeeeeeeee until tomorrow morning.  Freeeeeeeee, I say…until someone needs something else all of a sudden.  LOL  I KNEW God had a reason for keeping me from having kids—I’d have done something rash by now if raising one or more from birth. :-p

Spoke too soon.  Older-mama wants to go to her boyfriend’s until Thursday.  Which is good because she can get her 2hour&43minute shower and give Buddha Boy a bath, as well.  But THEN I should be freeeeeeeeee, freeeEEEEEEEEEE.  Ooops…sigh…younger-mama wants to stop by store to get ice cream bars on her monthly credit.  Okay, we are home.  Nothing else, then?  Okay, NOW I am freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, free I say!

Slight chest cold.  Used some of the tax money and bought a small bottle of cold and flu.  Wanted Nyquil, but was virtuous and bought the store brand. :D

Two of the Iris rhizomes from Arkansas DGer might be purple-speckled whites.  Should be open tomorrow, eager to see what they look like. :-)


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