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Posted on Apr 18, 2013 6:43 PM

Praying for the people of West.


New day.  Rain, blessed rain.  Thunderstorm early this morning.  Younger-mama decided not to fight it and stayed home from school.  Don’t blame her.  My cold is worse, so I bailed on the class.  Which means all I should have to do today is take DIL to work, then get Blondy-mama and Buddha Boy from boyfriend’s and bring home.  Sister agreed to take BB with them to Blondy’s parenting class this evening so I don’t have to watch him.

Blondy got her paternal aunt to get her from boyfriend’s early.  Can’t stand the woman, she plays favorites.  Bought Blondy lunch, then new clothes for her and for Buddha Boy.  Nothing for younger-mama or girl-baby…sigh…But I don’t have to even look at her and it means I don’t have to go get Blondy, soooooo. 

DIL won’t need a ride until at least Saturday night. Yea!

Girl-baby has been whining all morning.  Don’t blame her.  She feels bad.  I’m whiny myownself. :-D  Buddha-Boy has been whining since he got home.  Don’t blame him.  He feels bad.  I’m whiny myownself.   Two sickly babies and one sickly great-grandaunt in the house, with two mamas ready to do battle over family partiality?  Now I am REALLY whiny myveryownself!  :-p

I LIKE the newly opened Iris!  Rain be-derzelled, but the pattern is clearly discernible and there are two other scapes ready to open tomorrow for better photos.  Yea!!!

Damp, overcast, and chilly today.  Beside the be-derzelled photo, the only outside I’m going to accomplish until tomorrow at least is laundering the towels used to soak up the leaking water from the bathroom floor.  Gosh, but I do love that absorbent bag Mr. Exterminator gave me, it works right nice. :-)

Magic medicine time.  Chug some of that down and go to sleep.  Chilly tomorrow, but sunshine.  Might try to pull up more of the forty-leven thousand tree seedlings…but, might not.  Tomorrow will take care of itself.  :-D


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