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Posted on May 19, 2013 7:05 PM

Uuuuh-kkkkeeeee.  Sixth day in a row with temp of 100 or higher.  I no feel good…wah…Must be time for SOOOOOP-per Jalapeno!!  :-D

Blondy wanted to go help her friend help the friend’s brother do some moving last night.  Supposed to be paid for it.  Asked me to watch the baby.  Okay, go earn some money, I can support that, sure.  Supposed to be home between 10:00AM and Noon today.  So at 11:40 this morning I get a text that it will be an hour or two longer.  Of course it will.  Didn’t I know that from the start just based on her tone of voice YESTERDAY?  THEN at 1:45, I get a text asking if I would keep BammBamm again tonight.  How did I know THAT was going to happen?  Since the poor mite wasn’t fed properly or rested well or cared for during the days she was gone, I wasn’t going to let the fact that I am sick put him back in that situation.  He just really got started teething and is snotty and feverish and tires easily.  Had slept straight through the night, when he normally wakes up at least once, and took a three hour nap today.  He wanted to stay close this afternoon while I lay on the couch watching NCIS reruns (sure do like that Mike :-) and, occasionally tuning into the Baltimore/Tampa Bay game.  Put him to bed at his usual time of 7:00 and he went right off.


New day.  Day 7…sigh…Okay, Lord, I know this stuff ain’t goin’ away by itsownself, but yew'r gonna need to hep me.  Like sendin’ on that refund.  Then I will go to the doctor, promise.

BammBamm (sister’s new name for baby boy-child) needs to go, too, but he has Medicaid, so he can.  Blondy will just have to get it scheduled for when there is transportation.  Poor itty bitty boy is wobbling all over the place from the congestion in his head throwing off his balance.  It is 10:00, waiting to see if she gets here by 11:00 as agreed.  I see photos I want to take which will be impractical to try if having to look out for rugrat at the same time. :-p

Drama, fighting over stupid adolescent stuff, drama, fighting some more, and lots more drama…blech, let sister deal with Blondy and her love life.  I’ll make lunch instead.

Napped this afternoon. 

Should have two daylily bloom stalks opening tomorrow.  Tomorrow, tomorrow, you’re always…oh, yeah, I hate that one.   How about: Things will never stay the same, the only one sure thing is change. That's why there's always tomorrow.  (I just hope I feel better tomorrow…whine…whine…sigh)


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