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Posted on Jun 4, 2013 7:39 PM

I sure miss being a sofa spud.  Mebbe when Shortie gets moved into the sunroom.  No, wait, then Blondie will be using it for her bed because sister will be here, then, too, and have the bedroom Blondie is in now…sigh… :-D

Took advantage of the unusually cool temperatures this morning and pulled those floweredy weeds.  My arms hurt, my legs are shaky, I am weary and sweaty, but a goodly chunk of the back yard is cleared for the dogs.  Was I this old last year? (wry smile here)

Why I never thought of raising the blind by the computer table before…Had so much fun this morning watching Zuzu and Mickey chase each other in the back yard.  Never seen Zuzu play like that with Russell or Willie.  Maybe she was waiting until I got another girl dog?  Or maybe she was just waiting for one that was her own size.  Yukyukyuk

Watching The Women on TCM.  Movie over and TCM commercial comes on—for a John Wayne bobble head.  JOHN WAYNE?!?  They made a bobble head of JOHN WAYNE?!?!?  Say it ain’t so!

Oooooh, saw a hummingbird again this morning.  Wondering if they have been around all this time, but I never saw them because I was at work?


2013-06-05/lovemyhouse/033541  New day.  Blech.2013-06-05/lovemyhouse/0d3abf


New day.  Blondy staying with her friend all week.  I have Buddha this evening so she can go get his birthday stuff.  Plumber coming between 8:00 and 9:00 in the morning, so I told her she needed to get boy-child by 8:00AM.  Plumber coming...a plumber is coming to this house.  I should be hearing Hosannas in the distance.

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Shortie has a cold.  Was dragging and punky on the way to school.  Chipper and dancing this afternoon: the boyfriend that was, who broke up with Shortie due to pressure from his mother, told said mother he was GOING to see Shortie even if mother and son fought about it every day until he went to college.  Awwwwwwww, young love…

Sister brought me a Whataburger and fries.  Burger was good, but the only fast food fries I think are truly edible are McDonalds.  Call me spoiled, I don’t mind. :-D

Speaking of not minding, emailed old boss this morning asking for a letter with his observations of my mental deterioration over the last few years.  Said he would, but I shouldn’t read it.  Wrote him right back that if it was because the letter would say I have lost my marbles, I have already accepted that.  ROFL  Says he will work on it tonight.  Going to try for neurologist appointment in next few days.  If HE gives me a letter, and the old employer guy gives me a letter, when I file the SSD appeal by the 23rd, I might have a better chance of winning.



Dug up some yellow lilies that were among the very first plants I ever put in the yard.  Picked up six pots from Lowe’s clearance rack for 50 cents a pot.  Best deal I every got from them.  But the lilies are very short this year and I am thinking they would like a looser soil anyway, so put them up by the Patriot pot and in the boomerang daylily bed.  Be much more better, I think.

Daylilies about to put on a fulsome show.  They beese raht purty.  Think I will go out and say, “How-DEEEEEE!” again to the open ones before I go to bed.  Come on, Minnie, I need to borrow your hat.


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