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Bloemendaal, a new beginning
Posted on Feb 26, 2017 5:48 PM

Hello guys! Who knew there was a blog option here haha.

So for those who know me already and followed my last 'blog' ( The thread "Big plans for a mini garden - a tale" in Garden Rooms forum ), glad you found me again and for those who don't, welcome and happy to have you. I hope I can be and inspiration to you in some sort of way and I'm sure you can be too ;)

Let's start with an intro and a history story.
All my life I've lived in the same house that my grandparents built. It passed on from them to my dad and shortly before his passing a year ago it came to me. Me and my SO planned to renovate it (and the garden ofc) and be a happy couple. The evolution regarding that you can read in my post as linked above.
However we came across an opportunity we could not pass namely a new and bigger patch of land. We made an offer and hey presto, yesterday we finally signed the official document! 12 acres of virgin ground to garden on ^^ ! Well, it's more an overgrown forest at the moment as you can see:

Thumb of 2017-02-26/Arico/45c1d8 Thumb of 2017-02-26/Arico/04c379 Thumb of 2017-02-26/Arico/3f1d5b

Excuse my goofy face there.
So from here on (out? Is it 'here on out' or 'here on' in this context? Damn my illiteracy! :P ) I'll be posting in/on...whatever.... this blog as often as possible to keep you updated on any prograss regarding my new garden and gardening adventures. I'm still living - and gardening - in my old house until it's sold so don't be confused if any of my pictures show it.

So let's start :)

Spring is right at the doorstep and it's about damn time! I'm sure we all can agree on that ;) My tulips (since november already!), Camassia's and ramsoms have come up. Unfortunately February/March is the wettest time of the year and it's showing... -.-' Not fun I tell ya.

Thumb of 2017-02-26/Arico/426b56 Thumb of 2017-02-26/Arico/9416de Thumb of 2017-02-26/Arico/fef038
Thumb of 2017-02-26/Arico/6a0a7e

Also a few months ago I stumbles upon some hosta crowns. I tossed in the compost heap last summer after they didn't do very well (and I didn't really like the leaves either....*shame*). Despite being out of the soil for 6 months, being eaten, baked, drenched, half composted and frozen, they were still alive. I pitied them, brought them indoors and potted them up. After two weeks the first shoots emerged and now they're standing proud and untouched inside in the 'clutter room'.

Thumb of 2017-02-26/Arico/5745b2 Thumb of 2017-02-26/Arico/0eae6a

Same for my orchids I bought last year: Dactylorhiza and Platanthera; they're coming up nicely. Downside is that I can't really provide them with the full sun lighting they need (the LED's I hung above them are insufficient I think)

Thumb of 2017-02-26/Arico/8aa56e Thumb of 2017-02-26/Arico/71cce0

And today I kept myself busy with sorting out and repotting my Hymenocallis harrisiana bulbs. The seeds of which I sowed in september 2015. They grew underground all winter and finally sprouted a leaf at the end of 2016 spring. They grew all summer before dying down with the first frost. Kept them cool, but brought them indoors again a few months ago where it's warmer.
I've had alot of trouble with stag in the parent plants and other bulbs (trashed those) so I've been really meticulous about sterilization and good hygiene with these today: rising and washing the pots (in the dishwasher which my SO was not so keen about....), washing my hands between emptying different pots and trashing the old soil.

Thumb of 2017-02-26/Arico/a16cd1 Thumb of 2017-02-26/Arico/cd4634 Thumb of 2017-02-26/Arico/fd1cc5
Thumb of 2017-02-26/Arico/cdf449 Thumb of 2017-02-26/Arico/e9ddb7 Thumb of 2017-02-26/Arico/36bc6a
Thumb of 2017-02-26/Arico/b27089

As you can see the bulbs are putting on a good size; some are whoppers! I've sorted them out in two groups:

Group 1 are the ones I can't see any signs of disease (stag or other) so I potted these up in a fresh potting mix, two or more at a time.
And group 2 are the ones I have my doubts about (little signs of redness or whatever). Two of these I found to be almost worth trashing already because of the amount of redness on the roots...What do you guys think I should do with these? Plan was to put them up also, but keep them seperate from group 1. Going as far as to pot them up individually in 9x9 cm pots. Or just dump them?

Hope you'll enjoy my new blog and as always, tips & tricks and comments welcome! :D

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