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The Adventures in Daylilies part Deus
Posted on May 6, 2017 7:26 PM

In my previous post I mentioned that I dug up a boat ton of lilies. They have been sitting in the same 15 gallon "wheel barrow" for almost 2 weeks due to the rain. Hopefully they didn't get too water logged sitting in my bucket.

My roses/daylilies bed is finally finished. With still plenty left to plant I decided they should go by my mailbox. I had planted a bunch of tulip bulbs there last year. I kept finding them growing randomly around the yard. I dug them up and replanted them. Unfortunately, I think due to my weed cloth all but two survied.

With both spots fill with daylilies equally to 30 gallons worth. I think after I dig up the last bit I will give them away for free. I don't want my whole yard to be lilies. I would love to trade them for iris's.

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The Adventures in Daylilies
Posted on Apr 27, 2017 6:22 PM

We had a fence that went around our backyard and cut off part of it that lead to the lake. The back end of the fence near the lake was 4ft tall. On the back side of it there are two beds of daylilies growing. My husband prior to me always mowed over them. Until this year I did the same after they bloomed just because it was easier than trying to mow around them. Well bad idea really because as I learned more about gardening I soon learned they are perennials. THEY'LL JUST KEEP COMING BACK! Time to dig them up! So, I dug up the smallest section first and it filled my 15 gallon "wheel barrow". I even gave some away to neighbors and still had plenty. So, I decided to plant what was left on the south side of my house. I kept spots open for bushes or something else.
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My hubby wanted roses. I have never had roses before. My mom has tried to grow roses and they never worked out for her so I kind of figured I had a black thumb in roses as well. We have an Aldi about 1/2 mile from our house and they had "body bag" roses for $5.50. Wow! Being new to growing roses we had to give them a try. I won't feel too bad if they don't turn out since we didn't spend that much on them. I thought I added correctly and only thought we needed 4...nope 6. So he went out and got two more. I can't wait to see them grow.

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After I planted the first 4 roses (we hadn't gotten the last 2 yet) I went to work on the other section of daylilies. 3.5 hours later, my 15 gallon 'wheelbarrow' filled, exhausted and I STILL had more to pull. The section I was working in is around 6 feet in length. Oye! I gave up for the day and the saga continues...

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Getting things started
Posted on Apr 23, 2017 1:20 PM

Since this is my first blog post I thought I do a little get to know you before I blog about what I've been up to in the garden.

I live in Greenwood Indiana with my husband. We have been married for a little over a year. We had a Leap Day wedding down in Florida at a botantical garden. We have 3 furbabies (cats): Chase and Hunter (brothers) gray DSH and green eyes and a new member to our clan Kingsley a DLH with tabby coloration, massive paws, FIV positive and the sweetest kitty I've gotten from a shelter. I seriously do not understand how someone gave him up. I think he also has a little main coon in him just from how his fur grows and how massive his paws are but that's just my opinion. We do have a 75 gallon fish tank that also has live plants in it and a shark. My hubby had to have a shark.

We live in a neighborhood that has a HOA and we're on the board. We also have 2 "lakes", one in our backyard and one across the street. We are constantly dealing with people that do not live in our hood fishing at the lake across from our house.

I work with children with autism as an ABA therapist. My hubby is currently looking for a mechincal engineer job.

No kids yet but I do have two nephews. One that likes to playing DnD with us. We play a lot of board games and play DnD. We love to camp. And we have a running joke with my hubby's Fiat. We try to see how much or the largest item we can get in it. We've done pretty well. He's had a full ricket of wood in it, 75 gallon fish tank plus stand, over 200 concrete circles for our flower bed boarders.

Garden wise I'm still pretty new to it. I started container gardening before I met my hubby while living in an apartment. I did really well with lettuces, tomatoes and bell peppers. When I moved into his house it continue. Last year I was able to get a ground raised bed and standing raised bed. My tomatoes and bell peppers didn't work out. After reading up on it on here and listening to the All Things Plants podcast I believe it was due to my soil. I had reused that soil from the previous crop of tomatoes so it didn't have the nutrients it needed. Lesson learned. My carrots, potatoes, lettuce and cucumbers did well. Boy did my cucumbers do well. This year we have 2 4x4 ground garden beds along with my standing raised bed. My husband wants me to try my tomatoes in a hanging basket. I'm also moving my lettuce to the front of the house on my porch railing. There is more shade over there. I have my seedlings started in a little greenhouse that I got for Christmas and we just purchased a compost bin. I'm really excited for that since I throw away soooo many egg shells. I also just learned that I can use my fish tank water to water my plants. That excites me too to be able to reuse the water instead of just dumping into the grass.

Also my newest adventure with planting has been my flower beds. I planted a lot of bulbs last fall and this spring so I think in one more year they'll really take off. This is the second season for our lilac and hydrangea bushes and they continue to do well. I started a new bed on the opposite end the house. We took down our fence last year and we have two patches of daylilies right in the mdidle of the yard now. So those were transplanted to the new flower bed along with my first time trying roses. I've been in the daylily and rose forum for help. So fingers cross they do well.

That's it really in regards to me and what my gardens are like. More time come on actual projects....

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