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Building a grass garden. (I have no idea what i'm doing!!!)
Posted on Apr 8, 2019 9:50 AM

So, I, as the title would suggests, am in the process of building a grass garden. And in doing so, I have become so much more interested in gardening and especially grasses. So far, gardening for me, has basically been helping my mother and has largely been more landscaping than anything else. I enjoyed being in the garden, and had a section which was nominally "mine", but never really did anything with it. However, the year before last, a large area of my bit of the garden became usable, it used to have a trampoline on it which had become unusable. The ground underneath it was devoid of plant life and so the question arose of what to do with it. And so, my mother pointed out, "well it is your garden, what would you actually like to do with it"??? And so i thought and thought......and thought a bit more and eventually decided that, well, its bare earth, it basically perfect for planting in, just tern it into a bed. Of coarse, we then had the question of what to put into such a bed. Now i had heard of such a thing as a furn garden and we have a wildflower garden and so, to be honest, trying to find what would take the least effort and maintenance said, "what about a grass garden"? And so it happened. That bed, or patch might be a better term, has last and this year started to really come to life and the gaps between the original plants have started to fill in. And I have now started to spread it outwards, having added another bed with the intention of this area eventually growing to cover my entire section of the garden. I am not aware of grass gardens being at all common place and grasses are generally not thought of as being particularly interesting plants, so i thought it would be interesting to post about my experience in building this garden, to hopefully show what interesting and beautiful plants grasses can be.
Any ideas would of course be welcome.
Photos on the way.

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