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Herbs - Culinary Corner
Posted on Oct 31, 2013 3:06 PM

The herbs in this section are used in cooking.  It is closest to the gate and handy to the kitchen.  Sing along with me:  Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme..., basil, cilantro, chives, sorrel, marjoram, lemon grass.  Oregano is found in the herb flower border across the path, and tarragon is in the astrological section. The lemon grass is potted and will be brought in for the winter.  I have twice tried to get bay established, but it has not over-wintered for me. 

The metal chicken is symbolic of 'a chicken in every pot' - and reminds me to be grateful for all that I have.  It will come in for winter cleaning and storage.

Before After fall clean-up
2013-10-31/Bonehead/6b69f5 2013-10-31/Bonehead/8daee3

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Herbs - Repellents
Posted on Oct 12, 2013 10:02 AM

2013-10-12/Bonehead/845e47 2013-10-12/Bonehead/661da9
Before After

 The repellent section includes herbs that naturally repel moths and other bugs.  Tansy, fleabane, cedronella, and (my favorite) southernwood.  A large concrete grasshopper identifies this section.  He'll come in for the winter for cleaning and storage.

This section is the furthest away from the gate and tends to be most neglected.  The tansy in particular has gone from a solid mass to thin and strangly, overrun by moss and sweet woodruff.  I don't mind the woodruff, it is a nice contrast to the yellow foliage of the tansy, but pulled as much of it as I could, knowing it will come back.

I need to add in more plants - I've tried santolina but it struggles for me.  Would also like to add some pyrethrum if I can find it.

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Herbs - Astrological
Posted on Oct 11, 2013 8:37 PM

The astrological section contains herbs that give special powers to each zodiac sign.  I have no clear idea how this works, but found it in one of my herb books and ran with it.  The armillary symbolizes the celestrial constellations ruling the zodiac.

Aquarius - mullein, Pisces - meadowsweet, Aries - cowslip, Taurus - calamint, Gemini - lavender, Cancer - agrimony, Leo - poppy, Virgo - savory, Libra - pennyroyal, Scorpio - tarragon, Sagittarius - feverfew, Captricorn - sorrel.

Lauri reluctantly provides me with a mullein each year, I need to replace the pennyroyal or perhaps sub in a violet or yarrow, and tarragon seems to be an annual for me.  For some reason, I planted a decorative oregano in this section, I'll have to figure out where I was going with that.

The meadowsweet is a vibrant pink, and I've divided that and plugged it in a couple other spots for color.

The cowslips are very crowded and need to be split up either this fall or early spring.

Fall Clean-up 

2013-10-12/Bonehead/d192f0 2013-10-12/Bonehead/c7a89d
Before After

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Herbs: Relaxation Station
Posted on Oct 11, 2013 8:08 PM

This section of the labyrinth is dedicated to herbs that are sedative or calming, symbolized by a reclining woman statuette with a contented smile on her face.  I imagine her with a sprig of grass in her mouth, occasionally opening her eyes to gaze at the clouds above.  The very picture of serenity.

Populated with valerian, poppy, blue vervain, skullcap, cannibis, catmint, and belladonna.  Some are more potent than others, and all need to be treated with respect.  

I'll move the calm woman inside for winter cleaning and protection.


Fall cleanup - before and after 
 2013-10-12/Bonehead/cc6038  2013-10-12/Bonehead/81a424

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Herbs: The Bitch Corner
Posted on Oct 10, 2013 4:50 PM

This seemed like a good place to begin.  The far corner of the herb labyrinch is dedicated to plants that will ease the discomfort of menstruation, menopause, and other female complaints.  My thought is even without brewing teas or reducing tinctures, one can simply sit in the purple bench and be surrounded by sympathetic herbs.  Purposefully, the bench also faces the Relaxation Station, which will be featured in a different post.

Herbs in the Bitch Corner are yarrow, pasque flower, lady's mantle, sea holly, sweet cicely, and evening primrose.  I've twice planted motherwort but lost one to bunnies and the other to slugs.  I shall try again this fall. 

The yard art is a metal woman symbolizing our mood swings - at times she looks frenetic to me, other times she appears to be dancing with joy. 


 Fall cleanup - before and after
2013-10-10/Bonehead/85b14e 2013-10-10/Bonehead/9207c3

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