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And so it begins
Posted on Oct 2, 2013 8:58 AM

Gloves in rainbow colors, my trusty (but rusty) stick, and a jolly new trowel from Laur.  Canvas pants, boots, snips, shovels and rakes.  Edward (grass clippers) and Paulie (push mower).  Garden totes and wheelbarrow.  Gary suggested I buy myself a good breathable rain-jacket of some sort.  I should also buy and learn to use a hoe. 

Ready to tackle fall clean-up. 

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Posted on Sep 27, 2013 11:14 AM

This is an early September walk-about starting with the driveway entrance and ending with the view down the hill.  I tried to capture the big picture, and plan to address each bed/section individually, with before and after photos.  Not really sure how the blog will evolve, but this is certainly a good representative of the present out-of-control status.  I'm also still learning how the blog itself works, so that will be another work-in-progress, and will hopefully improve as I become more familiar with the formatting.  I'm looking forward to a successful year!

 2013-09-27/Bonehead/fbcb2c  2013-09-27/Bonehead/1e9097  2013-09-27/Bonehead/53181d
 2013-09-27/Bonehead/7c421a  2013-09-27/Bonehead/06a8e6  2013-09-27/Bonehead/b2b7ae
 2013-09-27/Bonehead/793355  2013-09-27/Bonehead/debb8a  2013-09-27/Bonehead/b2e413
 2013-09-27/Bonehead/963502  2013-09-27/Bonehead/2bbec4  

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My Magical Year of Gardening
Posted on Aug 30, 2013 3:39 PM

As the countdown begins to full retirement, I am planning to embark on a one year journey of focusing on my gardens with little distraction.  I don't mean to work in the yard 8 hours per day, but I do intend to get out there on a daily basis even if it's just for a walk-about in the rain.  This past summer I've been vacillating about hanging up my keyboard or not, which tended to rather paralyze me.  If I was out in the yard, I felt guilty about not working.  If I was at the computer, I didn't feel like working and instead just wasted time surfing the net, making lists, and whatever else I could do to procrastinate.  Looking longingly out the window at the yard becoming more and more neglected.

I finally decided and advised my remaining attorneys that I would no longer be available for freelance work after my 60th birthday (Sept 26).  Linda took it well, was expecting it, but was hoping I would hang in until the end of the year.  Both Shane and Tony were already on notice, but I was still doing small projects for them.  Just making and voicing the decision lightened the load on my shoulders immensely.  In reality, my income has been on a steady decline all year, to the point that it is rather insignificant. 

I'm not going to pin an exact start date to my Magical Year, but starting up this blog is certainly one of my first steps.  After the Labor Day weekend, I plan to walk around the yard and take some brutally honest photos showing the dismal state everything is in at the moment.  August is typically a rather non-showy month for me, but this year things are really looking ragged.  So be it.  Gives me that much more room for improvement.

Fall is my favorite season, and strangely brings fresh hope to me much as spring does.  I look forward to beginning this transformation, and getting the hang of how this blog works is my order of business.


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