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Garden themed fabric collages
Posted on Jun 14, 2022 1:30 PM

I just posted this in another thread and decided to add it to my blog as well.
I've been quilting since 2016 but a couple of years ago I made a fabric collage of a clementine tree for a wall hanging, I still need to quilt the pieces down and add a hanger. It's 20" x 32".
Thumb of 2022-06-14/Calif_Sue/94e1f7

Thumb of 2022-06-14/Calif_Sue/b32aab

A month ago I started a new collage project (from same pattern designer) It's a garden quilt with 12 individual collage blocks, 6 flowers and 6 critters/bugs. The collages each get fixed to fabric squares and eventually get all sewn together. Here's what I have so far, I get a new surprise pattern each Monday until complete. Just got a poppy yesterday, I'll make mine orange of course for a California version. Green Grin!
Thumb of 2022-06-14/Calif_Sue/f899c3

Thumb of 2022-06-14/Calif_Sue/d4d43d

Thumb of 2022-06-14/Calif_Sue/aae733

Thumb of 2022-06-14/Calif_Sue/ce2532

Thumb of 2022-06-14/Calif_Sue/5db883

Found this butterfly photo online so decided I will make it different from original, almost done with that. The photo has an fascinating background, it's a bred variety of a common buckeye, see link below.
Thumb of 2022-06-14/Calif_Sue/6440f3

And I also just made this separate mushroom wall hanging, I plan to make more as mushrooms seem to be a popular trend!
All these still need to be quilted down. It's a fun hobby, one I especially enjoy as it's garden related. Green Grin!

Thumb of 2022-06-14/Calif_Sue/7ca327

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New trellis
Posted on May 13, 2022 1:09 PM

Thumb of 2022-05-13/Calif_Sue/13a57d
Above was a progress shot of the new back fence and trellis taken a few days ago. Hubby finished the new fence section and trellis yesterday (hubby's photos below from both sides, I copied them off Instagram) He also built an enclosure for the garbage and recycling bins on the right side. My pretty rose Crepuscule used to be on the outside of the fence on the left side by the brick. He put the fence on this side of the driveway so she's now part of the backyard. Now to train her onto the trellis. (She's almost done with her first flush bloom)

Thumb of 2022-05-13/Calif_Sue/d61fc0
Thumb of 2022-05-13/Calif_Sue/ab62da

Thumb of 2022-05-13/Calif_Sue/27eeb4

Thumb of 2022-05-13/Calif_Sue/ac2840

From 2017

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Keeping busy
Posted on Dec 10, 2021 2:04 AM

I have been meaning to add something here, I used to blog more often, life gets busy.

Still enjoying the distractions of gardening and sewing, gets my mind off the worrisome pandemic news. Sure didn't think it would go on this long, now I'm pretty much resolved to the notion that it's somewhat here to stay in whatever form and capacity and we just need to keep up and learn the best way to live with it.

Sharing some of the favorite blooms I enjoyed this past year and some of my sewing projects as well. I'm afraid I've actually been doing more sewing than gardening but I love the creative side of quilting, just need to find a balance I think so the weeds don't get so far ahead. 😉

My Mom and I both decided to buy more dahlias this year beyond the few single flowered ones I have grown the past few years. We can't grow them directly in the ground here because of gophers so hubby built me 2 raised bed boxes in the back part of the garden with hardware cloth at the bottom and that worked out well. Photo upon completion of beds. I didn't get a shot of the filled boxes, they were planted with support netting, nothing showy as the dahlia blooms were intended for cut flowers.

Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/29707a

Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/537083 Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/020e72
Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/ee0fba

And a few more garden shots.
Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/595c73 Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/946bec
Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/ea5608 Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/5103ae
Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/e18e05 Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/ac5ce3
Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/1c00ef Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/adb53c

And some of the quilts finished this year, some have already sold, I would love to keep them all!
Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/d6efc8 Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/72bd4b
Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/96b64b Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/232703
Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/9296c8 Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/85b76e

All vintage sheets
Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/deb7c3 Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/77e37e Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/8e6e1e

Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/eeab9a Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/b7599e
Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/5f62d0

Two baby quilts , one girls and one boys version
Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/f79c90 Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/7d6d5b

Vintage barkcloth with kittens inspired this one
Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/18717d Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/3859e8
Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/e78baa Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/cb1a51

Another baby one
Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/e2fd24 Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/eee6ae
Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/d1ce92

And these three should be completed soon, I have a dozen completed tops that just need the quilting and binding. Lots of garden floral ones in my head but trying not to start new ones until I catch up…and maybe do some winter garden cleanup!
Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/9fa33f Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/986ae7
Thumb of 2021-12-10/Calif_Sue/b128bb

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Posted on Apr 20, 2020 12:51 AM

The arrival of spring always makes me appreciate my garden, despite being behind on weeding, things are flourishing and new blooms are appearing daily. Just going out every morning, sometimes with coffee in hand and my cell phone, visiting with the chickens wandering in the yard, looking closely at new growth and emerging buds, even taking 10 minutes to pull weeds, is a calming distraction from the current pandemic upheaval, I almost forget the grim sadness on the daily news. So thankful for my garden, like my family and friends, always there for me to bring normalcy and quiet the mind.

Lily enjoying a dust bath where I should be planting veggies.
Thumb of 2020-04-20/Calif_Sue/b1510b

And cell phone shots of new blooms
Thumb of 2020-04-20/Calif_Sue/202322 Thumb of 2020-04-20/Calif_Sue/ba4824

Thumb of 2020-04-20/Calif_Sue/a70195 Thumb of 2020-04-20/Calif_Sue/c26c24

Thumb of 2020-04-20/Calif_Sue/610a8f Thumb of 2020-04-20/Calif_Sue/babaa4

Thumb of 2020-04-20/Calif_Sue/62d457 Thumb of 2020-04-20/Calif_Sue/954432

Thumb of 2020-04-20/Calif_Sue/224f97 Thumb of 2020-04-20/Calif_Sue/afe434

And I'm still doing a lot of sewing, this week I'm planning on finishing up this bright and happy garden quilt commissioned for a friend, it's cheerful to work on it! Any sewing with flowers is always something I enjoy.
Thumb of 2020-04-20/Calif_Sue/500638 Thumb of 2020-04-20/Calif_Sue/4ab3a3

I did take a break from the quilt to make face masks, as of a couple of days ago, our county made it mandatory to wear them when going out. I made almost 60 for family and friends and then just kept cutting and sewing to add some to my little shop. I certainly had enough fabric scraps, mostly vintage pieces and I got pretty good with this nice contoured design with a nose wire and I also added cotton knit ties for the ear loops rather than elastic after reading discomfort with elastic after a long day wearing them. They are a little more work than the popular pleated scrub mask style but I like them better. If you have to wear them, might as well add a little fashion to them.

My pretty daughter with one of the first ones I made.

Thumb of 2020-04-20/Calif_Sue/448557

They don't quite bring me joy in making them, mostly because of the reason they are needed and I'm getting a little burned out with them. Maybe I'll take a break and make oven mitts since so many are home cooking and baking! 😂 Yes, I'm off to hunt for pretty fruit, veggie and flower prints for mitts! Another good distraction.

Pile of masks

Thumb of 2020-04-20/Calif_Sue/aa0c2b

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Chickens and Garden Quilts
Posted on Dec 14, 2019 3:46 PM

Garden has slowed for the winter, so just a few shots of new chickens we got end of May, three of them just started laying. Our last two remaining hens slowed egg production so they went to their retirement home nearby where they joined a small flock with a rooster. These new girls all have flower names again, Lily #2, Petunia, Daisy, Jasmine and Buttercup.
Thumb of 2019-12-14/Calif_Sue/21609a Thumb of 2019-12-14/Calif_Sue/6ca5d4

Thumb of 2019-12-14/Calif_Sue/c27dec Thumb of 2019-12-14/Calif_Sue/304555

Many know that I've taken up quilting, I just listed three garden themed quilts in the Classified Forum, The thread "Garden themed Handmade Quilts" in Classifieds and Group Buys forum
I just can't keep them all no matter how much I love them!

Thumb of 2019-12-14/Calif_Sue/c01230

Thumb of 2019-12-14/Calif_Sue/1e932f

Thumb of 2019-12-14/Calif_Sue/37c76f

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