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New quilt in progress
Posted on May 29, 2023 8:30 AM

I should be weeding and pruning in the garden, instead I've been playing with these leaves from Parkway Leaves Quilt.
I finished assembling all 80 individual maple leaves over the last few weeks, making 2-3 a day.

Layout of entire quilt currently on floor as my design wall is occupied, as usual. Still need to cut 45+ cornerstones. It has a couple of vintage gingham prints, the orange and yellow. It is such a fun quilt, it made me so happy picking and sewing all these prints. I definitely love the bright cheerful colors, they are a mood lifter! It doesn't fit my house colors (just my garden colors!) so I'll be selling it when done.
Thumb of 2023-05-28/Calif_Sue/e54884

Thumb of 2023-05-28/Calif_Sue/07b59e

Thumb of 2023-05-28/Calif_Sue/772f01

Thumb of 2023-05-28/Calif_Sue/fd7ca9

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Steve's Leaves order
Posted on May 24, 2023 2:27 PM

First time ordering from Steve's Leaves. They have an extensive online foliage and houseplant collection, especially a great begonia selection. I got an order of 6 plants that were in transit 4 days but so expertly packed, not a single leaf was damaged and all the soil was intact. They looked as if I had just carried them home from their greenhouse. All were well rooted in 4" pots, several with blooms. Highly recommend this mail order company!
Thumb of 2023-05-23/Calif_Sue/f38f30

Thumb of 2023-05-23/Calif_Sue/7458f9

Thumb of 2023-05-23/Calif_Sue/d00441

Thumb of 2023-05-23/Calif_Sue/62c621

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May 24, 2023
Posted on May 24, 2023 2:15 PM

A few cell phone shots from this morning

Brothers Grimm just starting it's bright glow
Thumb of 2023-05-24/Calif_Sue/a47fc9

Cooler weather and overcast mornings really make Cafe colors gorgeous! Backdrop is a huge red cestrum, a purple Romanika clematis just beginning to bloom, and a scattering of a yellow abutilon blooms.
Thumb of 2023-05-24/Calif_Sue/9d2588
Thumb of 2023-05-24/Calif_Sue/2faad6

Lady Emma Hamilton
Thumb of 2023-05-24/Calif_Sue/9e1dee

Crepuscule is winding down.
Thumb of 2023-05-24/Calif_Sue/72bd41

Helen Hayes and Vesper
Thumb of 2023-05-24/Calif_Sue/4f2a74

David Austin's Grace
Thumb of 2023-05-24/Calif_Sue/79fe82
Thumb of 2023-05-24/Calif_Sue/c4e1f2

So happy I planted Tradescant between a gold leafed Choisya and a Physocarpus 'Coppertina'!
Thumb of 2023-05-24/Calif_Sue/7d181a
Thumb of 2023-05-24/Calif_Sue/baab42
Thumb of 2023-05-24/Calif_Sue/9dd79f

Sunrise is just glowing!
Thumb of 2023-05-24/Calif_Sue/d96eb2
Thumb of 2023-05-24/Calif_Sue/8dd14f

Rosarium Uetersen AKA Seminole Wind
Thumb of 2023-05-24/Calif_Sue/760698

Polka blooms are huge!
Thumb of 2023-05-24/Calif_Sue/e8186a

I have to tame some of the canes of Teasing Georgia so they follow the shape of the trellis better.
Thumb of 2023-05-24/Calif_Sue/055910

Wild Blue Yonder with Sunrise behind it
Thumb of 2023-05-24/Calif_Sue/6d4a99

Bouquet Parfait doing its pink and white thing
Thumb of 2023-05-24/Calif_Sue/8905d0
Thumb of 2023-05-24/Calif_Sue/5c8e2f

Geranium 'Rozanne'
Thumb of 2023-05-24/Calif_Sue/05b339

Aloe maculata just starting to bloom
Thumb of 2023-05-24/Calif_Sue/17119f

Mescalero Chief
Thumb of 2023-05-24/Calif_Sue/98c11e

New grape leaf
Thumb of 2023-05-24/Calif_Sue/ba8ebb

Found this abandoned nest on the ground along the fence line, teeny tiny eggs. Guess momma bird figured out it wasn't the best location to raise them.
Thumb of 2023-05-24/Calif_Sue/6a39da

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May 16 2023
Posted on May 24, 2023 2:05 PM

May is always my favorite month in the garden because all the roses start to bloom. This year they were a bit delayed because of the winter of unprecedented rains. The roses loved it, so did the weeds.
I posted in the Rose forum but needed to revive this blog so I will copy the posts over here as well.

Cell shots taken May 16th of only a few roses (with an overcast sky so not as vibrant as they should be), most roses are at peak, as are the tall grass weeds! Both benefited from the record rains we had over the winter. Most roses were not pruned in winter so are extra large. I'm slowly working my way through the weeding part.

Autumn Sunset
Thumb of 2023-05-17/Calif_Sue/c72366
Thumb of 2023-05-17/Calif_Sue/f26533

Teasing Georgia
Thumb of 2023-05-17/Calif_Sue/a05666
Thumb of 2023-05-17/Calif_Sue/6681fc

Graham Thomas, I need to tie up the long front cane to the satellite dish pergola, I'm just not a fan of ladders and heights so I procrastinated.
Thumb of 2023-05-17/Calif_Sue/c3943c
GT with Buff Beauty in back on an arch
Thumb of 2023-05-17/Calif_Sue/784b21


Thumb of 2023-05-17/Calif_Sue/3819ba

South Africa (with its weedy grass skirt)
Thumb of 2023-05-17/Calif_Sue/a4f499

Jacob's Robe
Thumb of 2023-05-17/Calif_Sue/28a7ae

Brothers Grimm
Thumb of 2023-05-17/Calif_Sue/298fbb

Grace is just starting its flush
Thumb of 2023-05-17/Calif_Sue/344321

Thumb of 2023-05-17/Calif_Sue/090b52

Perle d'Or
Thumb of 2023-05-17/Calif_Sue/5e491d

Aloha Hawaii with Roguchi clematis
Thumb of 2023-05-17/Calif_Sue/3855f3
Thumb of 2023-05-17/Calif_Sue/baadde
Thumb of 2023-05-17/Calif_Sue/23f8b7

Thumb of 2023-05-17/Calif_Sue/6e46b5

Thumb of 2023-05-17/Calif_Sue/eb1480

Best ever yellow rose, Julia Child
Thumb of 2023-05-17/Calif_Sue/a2937b
Thumb of 2023-05-17/Calif_Sue/120b7a

So many yellows are prone to blackspot and Julia Child is a noticeably clean plant, I rarely see any leaf damage. Even without blooms it's a good looking plant with it's upright vase shaped form.

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Garden themed fabric collages
Posted on Jun 14, 2022 1:30 PM

I just posted this in another thread and decided to add it to my blog as well.
I've been quilting since 2016 but a couple of years ago I made a fabric collage of a clementine tree for a wall hanging, I still need to quilt the pieces down and add a hanger. It's 20" x 32".
Thumb of 2022-06-14/Calif_Sue/94e1f7

Thumb of 2022-06-14/Calif_Sue/b32aab

A month ago I started a new collage project (from same pattern designer) It's a garden quilt with 12 individual collage blocks, 6 flowers and 6 critters/bugs. The collages each get fixed to fabric squares and eventually get all sewn together. Here's what I have so far, I get a new surprise pattern each Monday until complete. Just got a poppy yesterday, I'll make mine orange of course for a California version. Green Grin!
Thumb of 2022-06-14/Calif_Sue/f899c3

Thumb of 2022-06-14/Calif_Sue/d4d43d

Thumb of 2022-06-14/Calif_Sue/aae733

Thumb of 2022-06-14/Calif_Sue/ce2532

Thumb of 2022-06-14/Calif_Sue/5db883

Found this butterfly photo online so decided I will make it different from original, almost done with that. The photo has an fascinating background, it's a bred variety of a common buckeye, see link below.
Thumb of 2022-06-14/Calif_Sue/6440f3

And I also just made this separate mushroom wall hanging, I plan to make more as mushrooms seem to be a popular trend! Thumbs up
All these still need to be quilted down. It's a fun hobby, one I especially enjoy as it's garden related. Green Grin!

Thumb of 2022-06-14/Calif_Sue/7ca327

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