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well I see how long I didn't do this. I just never remember. Maybe one day I will get my act together and truly get this going and update as I go along in a timely manner,
Posted on Feb 5, 2012 10:52 AM

Guess I didn't too well keeping this going.  I never even got it wholly started. I don't know where my mind wanders but suffice to say it never goes to Oh didn't I start a blog somewhere?


Well It is February 2012.  It has been a very mild winter so far; hope it doesn't turn around and bite us in the butt for it.


Have put together plant orders, have gotten all my seeds, soil, containers, lights and heat mats together to start sowing my seeds that I invariably will let crash, being before they are planted out or after I put them in the ground and forget to keep well watered till established.  Too many gardens, too many things I should get done and usually it all needs to be done all at the same time.  It is so easy for me to be intimidated by what I myself started all by myself because I said, it will be FUN.  There is a lot and I do mean alot of work involved in these matters.  It isn't just tilling, planting and reaping all the wonderful blooms and smells.  Its the weeding, the feeding, the pest controls, the rabbits and squirrels, Watering and pulling of more and more weeds.  Deadheading and pruning and cutting back or cutting down.



I'm exhausted and need to take a nap.  See?  And this is just talking about it. 





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The Coogan gardens
Posted on Aug 8, 2011 6:27 AM

I don't know how long I will manage to maintain a blog.  Never have tried on before.  I just love my gardens and my plants.  Even if I just keep my favorite pics of favorite plants here I will be very happy.


So I will get things going and see what I can see.

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