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More of my plants on November, plus some spider plant babies
Posted on Nov 7, 2017 12:08 PM

I found some Chlorophytum Comosum babies attached to their Mom plant and I got some home.
Potted in a ceramic pot, with a mix of soil containing also pumice for good drainage. I hope that is a fact, the good drainage I mean!
The guys are looking great already, they were obviously lacking proper watering where they were, in an abandoned planter on a pavement.
I am taking care of them, the only thing that scares me is the overwatering, since their roots are so small still, I wouldn't want them to
stay soaked, moist yes, soaked is a no no.
Their leaves are starting to look so much freshier today, poor babes.

Thumb of 2017-11-07/Faridat/d8bdf5

And just as an experiment, I placed the bigger one in a cup with some water, to see if it makes better than the others in the soil.

Thumb of 2017-11-07/Faridat/93ef52

My Calatheas are doing great, here are some of their new leaves, so tender.

Thumb of 2017-11-07/Faridat/e3dfcf

Thumb of 2017-11-07/Faridat/c2e637

Thumb of 2017-11-07/Faridat/5cdb49

One of my Corn plants (Dracaena fragrans), these are my smaller one's top leaves.

Thumb of 2017-11-07/Faridat/d3352a

The Ficus benjamina is stabilized, I had a problem with this one, but I guess it was the adjustment
to the different conditions in his environment. He shed a lot of leaves, but he looks healthy now.
I cleaned most of his leaves from whatever stuff had remained of the treatment it got in the nursery.

Thumb of 2017-11-07/Faridat/48e8bb

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Update on my plants in November-how they are doing
Posted on Nov 7, 2017 8:41 AM

All of them, except a miniature Hedera helix, are doing very well and I'm so glad!
My two Golden Pothos plants are giving new shoots already, one is doing better than the other, cannot figure out why exactly.
The one doing best is planted on a bigger pot than the other. Soil is the same, a combo of potting soil with perlite in a 50/50 analogy.

Thumb of 2017-11-07/Faridat/955041

Thumb of 2017-11-07/Faridat/e46d20

Dracaenas have some new crown growth, first and second Dracaena marginata.

Thumb of 2017-11-07/Faridat/cfe56b

Thumb of 2017-11-07/Faridat/792232

I finally decided to cut off the other old crooked stem of the Schefflera arboricola, I didn't like the way it
was growing and it had become so heavy with the years. Now it looks like that and I hope the new leaves and stems
will be strong and healthy! I took some cuttings from the cut branch and have put them in water, hope they root for me.

Thumb of 2017-11-07/Faridat/6def2a

The Asparagus fern is a slow grower anyway, but it has given out two new leaves, they look so delicate and adorable!
I spray her every day and hope she withstands during the winter and the flunctuations of the weather.

Thumb of 2017-11-07/Faridat/fa32e9

Thumb of 2017-11-07/Faridat/b920f2

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Some of my new plantbabes
Posted on Nov 1, 2017 4:28 AM

I got myself a plain trailing ivy in a hanging basket. I've been wanting so long to have hanging baskets at home.
I am surely going to get myself some more, there is plenty of space to accomodate more hanging from the curtain pole above the kitchen window
and door. They will also get some good quality light there.
I got an uber cute still not tall plant, which the greenhouse owner said it is a type of monstera, a variegated Ficus Elastica, a Zamioculcas Zamiifolia and a Philodendron Cordatum "Brasil". I got a huge bag of potting soil but I won't attempt to repot now, will leave it for much later, maybe in spring. I will only repot the Brasil philodendron, which I am sure is root bound for that small pot it is in.
I am in love with the beautiful leaves of the Ficus! I have put it in front of the southern window in the living room, it needs bright indirect light.
I saw a Caryota palm, which I fell in love with, but I'm not sure I am ready to purchase this beauty. Even the plant nursery owner said he doesn't know much about his
behavior yet and he gets to see how he's going.
Anyway, my living room is starting to look like a small urban jungle and that is what I was aiming for actually. Gradually I hope I can green all the rooms in the house,
of course with plants suitable for the windows, the light is so important to consider.
My Zamioculcas will be fine in the bedroom, as well as my Dieffenbachias I think, those are plants that can live in lower light conditions. But most of the plants
I'm getting seem to like a lot of indirect light, even the ferns don't like the bedroom!

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New plants in the house
Posted on Oct 30, 2017 3:53 AM

Some plants came in from the house a relative was renting and he is now moving out from.
There is a poor looking Chamaedora, a huge pot of a Tradescantia Silamontana (White Velvet), a withered lemon tree
and a Draceana Sanderiana. He also had a mistreated Hoya carnata, which I only kept some cuttings off, I don't even know
if this plant can be propagated like that, but I will give it a try.
I cut much of the Tradescantia Silamontana off, it was "empty" on one side of the pot while the other was flourishing
and maybe it can grow in some better condition now.
I have no idea what is wrong with the Chamaedora, but it had many brown leaves and the others had got thick and hardened
by the exposure to different conditions than it needed actually. I'm surprised it survived, my relative has no idea of plants
and destroyed pretty much all he had purchased. They were just put in a verandah and watered way much more than
necessary. Then forgotten again and then excess watering. So, I think all that survived must be some kind of hero plants!
The pots are very big, but I will not even try to repot anything. All that is to be done, except the trimming down I did to brown
leaves, etc, is going to be put off until spring. I hope they survive their moving in to my house and all the changes to
their conditions.

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Faridat's green sanctuary
Posted on Oct 24, 2017 3:10 AM

My beloved plants! I am planning on filling the rooms with plants. Dreaming of it actually!
I can envision corners full of lime and dark emerald foliage, glass displays stacked with happy succulents,
wooden tables that can hold two or three small ceramic pots with tiny cacti collections!
I have a big table that I hardly ever use and it can certainly be a good place to start a nice succulent display in all sorts of
interesting pots. I would like a cornucopia of different succulents on that table surface!
In December we will have the living room window changed, so that more light can get in.
All the uninteresting sight can leave now to get some more light for the plants.
I am thinking of doing the same for the bouffet. It can hold some plants also. I am getting introduced to an addiction again,
I can tell, ha ha.
No worries though, since it's an addiction to beauty, she is welcome in this house!

My ferns seem to be doing well after I repotted them. I've been spraying them regularly, as for some days
my Sword Ferns had begun to look like they were needing some humidity. Edges of leaves were turning brown
and some of the sprouts even began to dry out.
Now they are in a better condition and some new babies they have are also doing great!
The Boston Ferns are in great shape.

My Ficus Benjamina is doing alright after I repotted with the correct mixture of soil and perlite.
I also let him dry out for some days, I believe it was a soil issue after all. Shops do not give you
information as to what you should do with the soil you get, so it's all up to the buyer to learn,
either by trial and error or by just asking questions, like it's done in the forum.

My Cordyline Australis which I like so much seems in some kind of problem also.
Someone mentioned that the spots on her copper leaves could be sunburns, so I moved her to a dappled shade place.
I hope she does alright!

My Calatheas (I have 5 varieties, some latin names of which I have been searching but not found yet but I will I hope),
are fine. They seem to take their repotting well. I love the one with the velvety, furry kind of underleaf surface.
All of them are light responding plants and their way of changing the direction of their leaves is fabulous!

The Spathiphyllum Wassilii is doing great alright also. I think that moist loving plants must be kept in smaller pots actually,
too much soil around the roots would instead of helping may lead to root rot, or drowning them as otherwise said.

My Chamaedoreas S.Elegans, are doing fine. I spray them each morning and have grouped them with other humidity lovin'
plants. I've read that this is a way of group help actually.

The Fittonia Verschaffeltii are beautiful and thriving.
So are all of the Dracaenas, the Corn ones are in the best condition.
I cannot repot since they are huge now, but I changed the soil on top and they seem to love it.
They are also getting more light these days.

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