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Waiting Out The Rain
Posted on Mar 16, 2013 9:31 AM

One of those dreary Saturdays....

If we get rained out from Hiking we'll head up to the Graveyard and get some more 'Stone' shots.
One of my new Winter hobbies/passions is entering data and shooting/posting photos to Find A Grave.


It's a way of helping Genealogists and Families who are too distant to physically search graveyards for tips and information.
After joining, which is free, you can then elect to receive requests for shots from cemeteries near you.
These are ID'd by location and show how far away they are.
I GUARANTEE you will find out about ones near you you never dreamed were there.

Many times though I just 'mow a row'.
That is start at one end of a row and shoot every grave in it.
Move to the next, etc....
Then look up the Cemetery, Person and start working.
If they are not listed you create a Memorial then, me anyway, flesh it out w/ a small biography found in my Genealogy sources.
It's a way of paying back previous Genealogists who's data has helped me.

A wealth of data can be found in Cemeteries besides dates.
Just by walking the grounds you can discover Family ties, Nicknames, Maiden Names, Children who died in infancy, to name a few.

PLUS every once and a while you run into a stone that is just Neat!
There are many examples of showing off wealth, status, etc...
Sometimes though one pops up that says a lot about the actual character of the deceased.



How Cool were these two!

Sometimes they show you just how much you DON'T know about the English Language....


W/o looking them up what do Consort and Relict mean....lol!

Oops Sun is out and we're off.
Look into Find A Grave....you might find your Family...
living and dead.
(I am now in contact w/ many didtant cousins I never knew about!)
One Never Knows!

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Long Day!
Posted on Mar 12, 2013 6:39 PM

Long day at work today so just a few shots......


Suddenly there came a Tapping.......



Oak Leaf..




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Breaking Free of Winter
Posted on Mar 11, 2013 6:18 PM

Sharon Brown suggested that I start a Blog as to better way to present my photos. Sounds like a doable deal so here goes.

A bit about me....but just a bit...
In school I studied Music, Biology, Religion and History and am mostly self taught in Photography, Natural History, Construction and anything else that catches my fancy.
And as my mind works a bit oddly,as those who know me are well aware, A LOT catches my fancy.
LOVE Music, Reading and the Camera which I am rarely w/o.

My Photo content is variable w/ the Seasons or just my mood.

Spring through Late Fall (or Autumn if you are not from the USA) mainly outdoor Plants, Insects and other Wildlife.
I'll try to get location shots to put them in context.
Most will be shot in the Ohio River Valley Region.

Winter is GH shots(we have two), Arboretum and Pets (we have 4 aging Cats and a 2 year old American Akita). Also Graves... I take a lot of tombstone shots for use on Find A Grave
We hike year round so those shots can pop up at ANY time of year.

And yes I know I capitalize too much but it's what I do.
My grammar gets a bit odd also but hey.....

So Photos....yep I didn't forget....

After last year's 'Year w/o Winter' we are almost back to having normal seasons.

This is Wednesday, March 6, 2013 shot bby my Partner, Robyn.



This is on Sunday, March 10th (My Birthday BTW)


These are naturalized Winter Aconite, Daffs and Snowdrops at the Cincinnati Nature Center (CNC) http://www.cincynature.org/


In later pages you will become familiar w/ the CNC and the Parks system in SW Ohio.


Heading out for Dinner....








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