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Spring Garden It's What's Going On Today :)
Posted on May 7, 2016 11:13 PM

Yeah spent the afternoon at one of my favorite places picking up a few plants like I need them at Pinecones & Perennials in New Bern, picked up a couple hanging plants for my mom she is just all about the bloom and color, no names or lists like me, oh and they need to match. My husband bought me a beauty a Sun ParasolĀ® Crimson Mandevilla for Mother's Day he is quite showy I like Smiling I also had to pick up 2 Balloon Flowers, not that I don't have oodles. Then I spent Mother's day eve how I enjoy it most outside I planted the Glass gem corn seeds Keith P sent me in my garden at least 30 ft away from my heirloom Red painted corn so hopefully no crossing. I planted 3 of my White pumpkin starts in my garden, not sure where all the other pumpkin starts are going yet. This year is an experiment as we have lots of Oak trees and a lot of shade, we have the sunniest areas tilled right now but not sure it will be enough to produce a decent little crop, we shall see. I also started some more seeds Hollyhock Summer Carnival Rosy Red, Cup & Saucer Vine, Marigold Court Jester, and 2 additional seeds that Keith P mailed me generously the Coleus & Hibiscus Dasycalyx. I re potted some dwarf yellow french marigolds, and saved some seed from them. I took photos of what was blooming in my garden, and around my yard. I reassessed all the plants I had winter sown, and the seeds started on 4/25. Attached are a few of the photos I took didn't want to photo bomb too much, photography is another one of my hobbies Smiling Happy Mother's day and planting to everyone this weekend!
Thumb of 2016-05-08/KimKing/ff621d
Thumb of 2016-05-08/KimKing/afef40
Thumb of 2016-05-08/KimKing/666f30
Thumb of 2016-05-08/KimKing/2b21de
Thumb of 2016-05-08/KimKing/bb6cfa
Thumb of 2016-05-08/KimKing/f7ae16

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Houston we have Lift Off
Posted on Jan 24, 2016 11:34 PM

Houston we have lift off, my Impatiens are up exciting. Starting more seeds this weekend. I love seeing the seeds pop up, they weren't there last night and ahhhha there they were this afternoon, love it. These are of course the Impatiens I planted 1-18-16 inside. Excited to get some more planted this week trying to decide what to plant next?
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Winter Sowing
Posted on Jan 23, 2016 9:29 PM

Experimenting to see which method works best here in Coastal NC for annuals and Perennials or maybe by type we shall see. So I started daylilies 'Set the Style' 1-18-16 inside a recycled milk jug with potting mix and I also started the same seeds using the recycled milk jug with potting mix and set them outside. I also sowed on 1-18-16 Impatiens balsimina the same way to see which way produces the better starts. Both were seeds I received from trades on the Gardenweb. It has been 5 days and no signs of germination inside as of yet. I am hopeful and excited at the possibilities of having some lovely seedlings, and plants soon Smiling I need more milk jugs for seed starting.
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