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Daylily 'Marilyn Grua'
Posted on Aug 31, 2013 11:26 PM

This is my very favorite Daylily!

This one is named for me, Marilyn Beth Grua and it is a wonderful Daylily!

I love, love, love this Daylily! It is very beautiful! It's a "spidery" tall one!  I love the chartreuse throat! Love the contrast between the purple and the chartreuse colors! Love the way the petals and sepals twist and turn! I'm always excited to see it in bloom every year!

I'm very honored that Dan Bachman of Lebanon, OH wanted to name a Daylily after me! He gave me 4 or 5 choices in 2004 to pick from to have my name on it and as I looked at all the choices in his field, I kept going back to this one. It is stunningly beautiful! Very memorable!

Thanks so much Dan!

Here's some pics of it that I took at Dan & Jackie Bachman's home and at my home.  The fourth one shows all the buds on an established plant.


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'North Wind Dancer' Daylily
Posted on Aug 30, 2013 10:07 PM

'North Wind Dancer' is one of my very favorite Daylilies!

I got it in 2001 when it was introduced.  It has gorgeous blooms, every single time it flowers, year after year!

These photos are taken in my garden...



A couple of years ago, it won the Stout Medal, the higest medal a Daylily can win by the American Hemerocallis Society. 

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Helmet flower (Scutellaria integrifolia) NOT
Posted on Aug 20, 2013 11:39 PM


These are the pics of the plant I thought was Scutellaria integrifolia.  The plant came with a colored, 2 sided plant tag that I still have.  I bought this plant at a local garden center in 2005 or 2006 and love to see the flowers bloom every year!

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Salvia 'Scarlet Spires'
Posted on Sep 24, 2012 11:22 PM

I love Salvia 'Scarlet Spires'!  It's an introduction from High Country Gardens and I've planted it as an annual since its introduction into containers.  I'm zone 6a and every year, I've thought about planting it in the ground.  Next year, I might make space for it and do it!

The Hummers love it also!  I've it in two containers (one overwintered our unusually mild Winter) on the driveway and when I'm there deadheading the flowers, I've seen Hummers come up to those flowers for nectar more often than the other Salvias and flowers.  They seem to make a 'beeline' for SS!  For 2013, since the Hummers are very attracted to it, I'm going to pot up two of SS in containers and/or pot up at least one & plant one into the ground.  Maybe at least three to four plants of it in my yard!


It's a beautiful color and a stunning flower!  I already have one of the parents, Salvia x 'Raspberry Delight' (three plants) in the ground and I've planted as an annual in containers, Salvia darcyi.  HCG says "A must for hummingbirds, 'Scarlet Spires' blooms all summer with tall spikes of screaming scarlet flowers."  That's for sure!

A special Salvia for Hummingbirds!



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Salvia 'Forest Fire'
Posted on Sep 17, 2012 11:16 PM

2012: While I was talking to Mom & Dad (who live in Lebanon, OH) last night, Mom was so excited about seeing a lot of Hummingbirds that were attracted to the Salvia 'Forest Fire' flowers (container I made for her for Mother's Day)!  She has it on the patio and she and my Dad can see the Hummers from inside looking out the sliding glass door or while sitting on the patio. 

Mom always wanted a container from me with Salvia 'Lady in Red' for Mom's Day, but this year I wasn't able to find it and got 'FF' instead.

They've moved from their house to a ground level condo in 2006 and the area doesn't have much, if anything, in the way of Hummingbird plants, including their patio.  All the condos are ground level and have privacy fences around the patios.  I think the Salvia I always pot up is the only plant she has every year that attracts Hummers (Mom always has a container that has big flowered Geraniums).  The container sits low and in one of the corners.   She said she never saw so many Hummers before! (even when they lived at their house for many years).  They are so excited!  They saw the Hummers chasing each other and saw a couple at a time, as well as, working each and every flower every day!  I'm so happy for them!

I told Mom I'd be getting the 'Forest Fire' Salvia for all the future Mother's Day and for me also!  The Hummers seem to be attracted more to it than the 'LIR' Salvia!  This is my first year, as well, for 'FF'.  I was able to find it locally here this year, but I may just start ordering it just to make sure I have it for her and me.

I have two containers of 'FF', one on my driveway and one on the patio.  I've a lot of flowers attractive to Hummers.  I try and plant more each year for the Hummers!  I also have two feeders for the Hummers, one in the front and one in the back.


It overwinters!  The following year of 2013, I noticed that some of my containers that had Forest Fire had reseeded and/or survived our Winter!

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