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Posted on Oct 10, 2018 10:29 AM

I have always been interested in beautiful flowers and gardening. I never knew the vast variety of plants and flowers that you could and couldn't grow. I grew up seeing my family members amazing gardens and was inspired to try some gardening of my own. My mother always brought me to the local tool supply shop to purchase seed starting kits and some seeds. I tried my hand at marrigolds, sunflowers, morning glories, and moon flowers. The only flowers I was ever successful with were the morning glories and mood flowers. I thought it was so cool to see the different viability of the two similar looking plants.

Once I graduated high school I really took a deeper interested and took it upon myself to tear our bushes from a garden bed along side my parents deck. A perfect caticorner plot. I planted climbing roses, asiatic Lillie's, tulips, hyacinth, lavender, creeping phlox, daylillies, primrose, and morning glories. I had no rhyme or reason to my garden other than I thought each flower was pretty. I did zero research and went for it. The roses never climbed and still haven't reached their potential. But as for all of the other plants, they're still coming back each year.
The garden has its share of hummingbirds, butterflies, and raccoons, who eat the bloomed tulips, and dogs who run through it. It's been a little over 8 years since I've planted this small garden and I haven't touched it since I first planted it. The morning glories continue to bloom too!

Since moving on with life, I've taken a deeper interest in gardening and have explored many types of gardening. I've started multiple garden beds of my own at my own house. I'm visiting my parents for an extended week and decided to do a little cleaning up and thinning and adding in the garden bed. Some snow lady daisies that have been in the front of the house have decided to randomly revive themselves and bloom in full force and there are a ton of them! So I divided them and transplanted some to this garden bed. I also bought some new tulips and daffodils to add to the garden. I then divided up the sorry looking ungroomed blobs of creeping phlox and spread them out a little more around the boarder of the garden. My aunt gave me some Stella D'oro daylillies when I started this garden but I planted them along the shed. They were covered by weeds and not getting enough sunlight, so I moved them to the garden bed as well. I pulled some weeds and collected the dead stems from the Daylillies. You can't tell much of a difference now, but I'm hoping to come back to it by spring time and end of spring to add some annuals and new perennials. My mom enjoys seeing the blooms and I wanted to add some more for her. 🤗

She also had a 3 seasons porch built on her deck so I planted a butterfly bush to grow along side of the patio. This way she can watch the hummingbirds and butterflies from both the couch and table outside ☺️ I think it's missing some bird feeders and other key things for a thriving garden but it's getting there.

I'm super proud to see my first garden thrive with independence for many years! Super rewarding.

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