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Dwarf Bearded Iris Blooming
Posted on May 15, 2016 7:34 AM

I was excited to see the Iris 'Miss Meredith' that I planted quite a few years ago decided to bloom. I moved it from the corner of my front walkway garden where it was getting partial shade. Now it is over in my pool fence area getting blasted with sun all day and it is on a slight slope. Apparently it likes this better. I had ordered a new one last year and planted it in the same vicinity but didn't know what was what when I was moving the old Iris, I plan on marking everything as it blooms so I can remember what is what. The tags got misplaced a while back.
I am trying to move all my Iris that were in that partially shady spot and also got a bloom from 'Spiderbaby' in it's new location, and also one that I am not sure what it is. I think it was sent to me by accident with an order either from Shreiners or Rainbow Iris Farm. It is very pretty, apricot with a light blue beard. If I ever happen across my old invoices from them I will be able to check and see whether it was a bonus or a hitchhiker.
Thumb of 2016-05-15/Meredith79/a71e72

No ID Dwarf Apricot with Light Blue Beard
Thumb of 2016-05-15/Meredith79/0534d5

Thumb of 2016-05-15/Meredith79/3016fe

'Miss Meredith'
Thumb of 2016-05-15/Meredith79/25e1ca

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Daffodil 'Pink Charm'
Posted on Apr 29, 2016 10:05 PM

I was looking through my photos and I noticed the difference in Pink Charm from the time it opened until now. They are very white with a pronounced pink rim now that they have been sunbleached. It is very long lasting especially considering we had an April snow this year.
Thumb of 2016-04-30/Meredith79/2fa637
It had already budded when the snow fell so I was worried but it did just fine.
4/11/16 Pink Charm
Thumb of 2016-04-30/Meredith79/1af7ec
4/13/16 Pink Charm
Thumb of 2016-04-30/Meredith79/a5f07f
Thumb of 2016-04-30/Meredith79/197a32
4/19/16 Pink Charm
Thumb of 2016-04-30/Meredith79/d2bfdb
Thumb of 2016-04-30/Meredith79/450b0b

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Mums From Bluestones
Posted on Dec 28, 2015 5:57 PM

Thumb of 2015-12-28/Meredith79/43179c

4 CORAL CAVALIER MUMS Football Mum (Chrysanthemum 'Coral Cavalier')
Height: Tall 36" (Plant 16" apart.)
Flower / Accent: Pink / Orange
Bluestone's Image
Thumb of 2015-04-19/Meredith79/fded39
Image I took in my yard.
Thumb of 2015-12-28/Meredith79/7d21bb
One to left in picture.
Thumb of 2015-12-28/Meredith79/c0cf8d
Large flowers of varying shades make Football Mum Coral Cavalier astonishing in its presentation. Gigantic corsage-type flowers on tall sturdy plants. The equal of florist Mums. - See more at: http://www.bluestoneperennials...

CHERISH MUM Garden Mum (Chrysanthemum 'Cherish')
Height: Medium 24-36" (Plant 16" apart.)
Flower / Accent: Pink / Orange
This large garden Mum Cherish has beautiful dusky magenta petals with shades of apricot. Superb flowers. Provides a display for six to eight weeks in the fall. - See more at: http://www.bluestoneperennials...
Bluestone's Image
Thumb of 2015-04-19/Meredith79/7b52c0
Image I took in my yard.
Thumb of 2015-12-28/Meredith79/af9a6f

WHIPPOORWILL'S MUM (Cushion Chrysanthemum)
Height: Medium 16-24" (Plant 16" apart.)
Flower / Accent: Copper / Red
Mum Whippoorwill's flowers display peach tones transitioning to dusky rose. The finest "bushel-basket" Mums. Low growing mounds of color. - See more at: http://www.bluestoneperennials...
Bluestone's Image
Thumb of 2015-04-19/Meredith79/cff244
Image I took in my yard upon first blooming.
Thumb of 2015-12-28/Meredith79/9e89e5
Thumb of 2015-12-28/Meredith79/d224aa

HOMECOMING MUM Football Mum (Chrysanthemum 'Homecoming')
Height: Tall 36" (Plant 16" apart.)
Flower / Accent: Orange / Yellow
Thumb of 2015-04-19/Meredith79/88776a
Images taken in my yard
Thumb of 2015-12-28/Meredith79/e81fef Thumb of 2015-12-28/Meredith79/3f7b12
Football Mum Homecoming progress from burnished salmon to soft peach ending with creamy yellow. Gigantic corsage-type flowers on tall sturdy plants. The equal of florist Mums. - See more at: http://www.bluestoneperennials...

Here are some that I got at a local food store and they are the exact color I wanted!

Thumb of 2015-12-29/Meredith79/3d40dc

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Posted on Oct 24, 2015 9:33 AM

I ordered some Dahlias from Swan's Dahlias Summer Sale late in June. I was worried it may be too late for my zone 5 garden to wait for them to be shipped and then get them planted and still have time to get blooms.
Here is a timeline for the results.
July 14, 2015
First signs of life
Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/c4b892

September 02, 2015
First open flower from Semi Cactus Dahlia (Dahlia 'Touche')
Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/9d0abd Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/114d99

September 04, 2015
Same flower after a couple days.
Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/89090a Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/0f5bd5 Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/7b5e73

September 09, 2015
First flower on Dahlia 'Jitterbug'
Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/e9070c Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/25d99b
Shots of Semi Cactus Dahlia (Dahlia 'Touche')
Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/e60a08

September 15, 2015
I was having a hard time figuring out whether this Dahlia was 'Gabrielle Marie' or 'Touche'. I determined it was 'Touche' because there was only a single bloom on 'Gabrielle Marie' to first open, whose picture follows.
Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/ce4e27
This is Dahlia 'Jitterbug' the same day.
Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/bf8939
Again was doubting whether this was 'Touche' or 'Gabrielle Marie's first bloom. I determined from the order of the pictures this is the first bloom of Gabrielle Marie partly because Jitterbug is in the middle and I probably did that thinking it would help me remember which was which. Also in the later pictures that I am sure is Gabrielle Marie there is only one flower blooming so it was a single flower that first opened not two like the first picture from September 15th above.
Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/11e7f5 Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/b77f01 Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/254f95

September 19, 2015
I know this is Gabrielle Marie because it is near my Rose (Rosa 'Lady of Shalott')
Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/58cc76
Closer up
Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/b487fe

Picture from iPhone on September 21, 2015
Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/52aa74

September 24, 2015
Another one I wasn't immediately sure on whether it's 'Touche' or 'Gabrielle Marie' however
I determined it is Dahlia 'Gabrielle Marie' because I remembered that Touche had been knocked over and when I tried to salvage it by re staking it, it never recovered fully and most of the flowers died immediately.
Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/32e8aa
First bloom on Cactus Dahlia (Dahlia 'Tutti Frutti') is open enough for a decent shot.
Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/e30276

October 07, 2015
This is definitely Dahlia 'Gabrielle Marie' I can see 'Lady of Shalott' behind it in the first shot.
Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/14fb96 Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/f21020 Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/690c7a
Dahlia 'Jitterbug' the same day with some fluffy chicken bottoms in the background.
Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/20fc46

A few days after trying to salvage the toppled over 'Touche' and seeing most of the flowers didn't survive I cut the last one that looked alive and some from the others for bringing inside.
You can see the size difference of 'Touche' Next to 'Gabrielle Marie' in this shot.
Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/13f907 It is the lightest pink down on the lower left side.
Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/3555c1 Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/0b17a8 Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/40ca3b

October 10, 2015
First bloom finally open enough for a shot on Dahlia 'Brookside Cheri'
Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/79a41d Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/18dbed Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/ad5beb
Dahlia 'Jitterbug'
Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/ef40e9
Cactus Dahlia (Dahlia 'Tutti Frutti')
Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/cd6462
Dahlia 'Gabrielle Marie'
Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/70e933

October 12, 2015
Cactus Dahlia (Dahlia 'Tutti Frutti')
Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/8ff698
Dahlia 'Brookside Cheri'
Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/a974b0 Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/fe5415 Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/ad6ec9

October 15, 2015
Dahlia 'Brookside Cheri'
Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/c12426 Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/8bf279 Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/43226a Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/8cec19
Cactus Dahlia (Dahlia 'Tutti Frutti')
Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/ecea82 Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/4dfd45
Dahlia 'Jitterbug'
Thumb of 2015-10-24/Meredith79/718eaa

First frost is forecast and the Dahlias are killed by frost on October 18, 2015.

On October 21, 2015 I cut the Dahlias stalks to allow to form eyes, except Touche because it was in my way of planting Daffodils. I dug it right away. Then the next day Jitterbug was in my way so I pulled it out. I don't think this one is worth saving over. I prefer to keep space for larger more peach colored Dahlias.

I would definitely try and plant Dahlias earlier here if you would like to have more than just a few blooms on them.
Although 'Jitterbug' did bloom quite a bit and 'Touche' probably would have if it hadn't fallen over and been ruined. These two were also in spots that get shaded latest in the day. The shade starts in the back about 4:30 pm where 'Brookside Cheri' was and makes it way towards 'Gabrielle Marie', 'Tutti Fruiti', followed by 'Touche' then 'Jitterbug' by 6:00 pm.

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Posted on May 19, 2015 11:51 AM

It was a misty day with an occasional sprinkle. I had planned on taking a break from the yard today but I ended up out there doing some back breaking weeding! There were some baby trees trying to grow in my butterfly garden with roots to China! Then I moved on to tackle some of the tough weeds in my pool garden. There were Goldenrod that had rooted right under the huge rocks and they were very tough to get out. Nothing was as bad as trying to dig out the Joe Pye Weed that had self seeded itself along the rock wall. I tried transplanting it to one of the spots the Goldenrod had been growing. I like it, it just chose a spot that I prefer it not be. I left it there too long or it would have been much easier!

Behind the pool has dirt we brought in from someone else's yard and it is like a weed haven out there. I am really regretting not managing the weeds sooner. My husband kept telling me he liked the plants that were growing there and against my better judgment I allowed a few to go. Now I am dealing with the aftermath of that decision.

Here are some of my main problem weeds

#1 Worst Ground Ivy (Creeping Charlie)
Ground ivy is an aggressive, low-growing, perennial invader of lawns, vegetable gardens, and flower beds. Ground ivy roots at each joint whenever it touches the soil, thus making it difficult to hand pull. The small flowers are funnel shaped and bluish-purple in color

Preemergence herbicides do not control ground ivy; accordingly, we are left with post emergence controls. The most effective control comes with the use of combination herbicides that contain the product dicamba. The best time to achieve good control is in the fall, from mid-September to early November. The next best time to control ground ivy is when it is just beginning to flower. Two herbicide applications, spaced 10 to 14 days apart are usually necessary to achieve good control.

Ground ivy, though difficult, can be successfully removed. Once you've gone through the work of eliminating it, good mowing, fertilization, and cultural practices will help keep it out of the lawn. In flower and vegetable gardens, keep a plant-free zone at the edge of the garden to allow for easy control of invasive weeds before they spread into desirable plantings.
Read more:

#2 Butter and Eggs (Toadflax) - Linaria vulgaris
#3 Wild Violets - Viola papilionacea
#4 Wild Carrot - Queene Anne's Lace
#5 Curly Dock - Rumex crispus

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