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Somebody has been eating in my yard ...
Posted on Jun 18, 2018 6:38 PM

Thumb of 2018-06-19/PeggyC/a50228

The beautiful mound of green leaves [ wild Violet family ] ----- has been selectively chomped on.

Had this happen to Day Lily scapes a few years ago , but the scapes are much taller than these leaves.
And, why only eat some of them? Do rabbits carry scissors around with them ...

This just puzzles me .. any answers will be most welcome.


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Is it Spring ?
Posted on Mar 10, 2018 10:12 AM

The Daffodils are blooming like mad - Crocus just finished ..
Now, the Flowering Almond, covered with little packages of beauty to be, are opening.

Keep telling them "it is still March - it will probably snow on you" -- but, they have one thing in mind - Bloom!
Oh my, discovered a Tulip in the Garden of Surprises !
Moved here in 2013 - no Tulips at all - none.
Until now --- hope it blooms so I can show you what she looks like .. had no idea they could be dormant for so many years. Learn something new everyday I go to take photos in the Gardens and see if anyone new has arrived !

Thumb of 2018-03-10/PeggyC/b5bf13 Daffodils

Thumb of 2018-03-10/PeggyC/9aed1a Daffodil

Thumb of 2018-03-10/PeggyC/52a92d Creeping Phlox

Thumb of 2018-03-10/PeggyC/5d8dad Daffodils

Thumb of 2018-03-10/PeggyC/23d756 More Daffs

Thumb of 2018-03-10/PeggyC/f93ad8 A Tulip Surprise !

Thumb of 2018-03-10/PeggyC/e187ff Flowering Almond

When the rain stops, I'll go out and see what is new !

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Re-Bloomer !
Posted on Jul 27, 2016 9:28 AM

This is the 1st Day Lily to re-bloom -- think I'm in shock.

Thumb of 2016-07-27/PeggyC/0e087e

Thumb of 2016-07-27/PeggyC/8853a4

Thumb of 2016-07-27/PeggyC/5e1c84

Had researched in NGA on how / why they re-bloom. Go ahead and read all the posts from Gardeners more plant-savy than me. They explain it better.
I'm still at the stage of '' what is / how do I find out a cultivar '' so I can post a photo in the Plant Database and it will make sense to y'all.

Happy digging,

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aphids, I think ..
Posted on Apr 26, 2016 11:25 AM

just sprayed with soapy water, cayenne and salad oil ...

sent a pic out to OK, my Friend said ..''yep ... aphids ''

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Need bug ID, please
Posted on Apr 26, 2016 10:13 AM

Just found these on the White Iris buds and on some leaves.
Method to get rid of them ?

Thumb of 2016-04-26/PeggyC/531d46

Thumb of 2016-04-26/PeggyC/cbf778

North Carolina -zone 7

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