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The Year - 2019 January through June
Posted on Sep 9, 2019 2:51 PM

Thumb of 2019-09-09/PeggyC/023517 January .. a Plume across the street

Thumb of 2019-09-09/PeggyC/8aa065 February .. The Ladies Daff

Thumb of 2019-09-09/PeggyC/f7848d.. March .. Flowering Almond

Thumb of 2019-09-09/PeggyC/3d5a0b .. April Flurries ???

Thumb of 2019-09-09/PeggyC/d3767f.. April .. Dogwood
Thumb of 2019-09-09/PeggyC/b437e2
Thumb of 2019-09-09/PeggyC/dc9edf.. Mock Orange
Thumb of 2019-09-09/PeggyC/57ea55.. concert in the Dogwood
Thumb of 2019-09-09/PeggyC/013c4c.. Clematis
Thumb of 2019-09-09/PeggyC/decf14.. Red Admiral
Thumb of 2019-09-09/PeggyC/566452..May beauties
Thumb of 2019-09-09/PeggyC/c3b8a9 ..Azalea
Thumb of 2019-09-09/PeggyC/520f42.. snack for the gardener [Chives]
Thumb of 2019-09-09/PeggyC/a1afec.. Purple !
Thumb of 2019-09-09/PeggyC/39f72f.. Carolina Primrose
Thumb of 2019-09-09/PeggyC/a311b5.. Geometry in Nature

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Countdown ..
Posted on Jan 19, 2019 9:00 AM

As of today - 19 Jan 2019 ..

60 days until Spring !

Thumb of 2019-01-19/PeggyC/99449d
Taken down the road in a City Park ... here come the Daff Gals !

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A year of Fluttering Beauties ..
Posted on Oct 23, 2018 11:49 AM

2018 has been [ for my area ] visited by more butterflies than since we moved here [2013].
Have no Milkweed [it died]; no Lantana; no Cone Flowers ..
But -
My neighbor has a Buddleja; I have Cosmos - Petunias - False Sunflowers - Obedient Plant - Creeping Phlox - Arrowroot - Korean Spice Ginger- and some I probably don't know the names ..

But, it has been a very interesting year!

Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/de45e3 Question Mark - First of the Year/A Lifer, also[April]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/7d0664Skipper [May]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/3fbfbdHummingbird Clearwing Moth [a relative :)] [June]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/c801fbEastern Tiger Swallowtail [June]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/a4c996Eastern Tiger Swallowtail [July]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/e50788American Lady [July]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/7d8e0bSkipper and American Lady [July]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/404cafAmerican Lady [July]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/8f7282Skipper [July]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/36b224Crescent [July]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/601f79Silver-spotted Skipper [July]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/6dd5e9Common Buckeye [July]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/2b3a66Variegated Fritillary [July]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/9887b1Common Buckeye [July]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/e68122Variegated Fritillary [July]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/958fbfHorace's Duskywing Skipper-A Lifer [July]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/1a2d48Pearl Crescent [July]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/9f9f66Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (f) [July]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/1f2c21Eastern Tiger Swallowtail [July]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/4e2a4cEastern Tiger Swallowtail (m) [July]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/ad2d38 4 on the same day in July
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/56617dCrescent [July]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/8937c2Hairstreak [July]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/59d41cHairstreak [July]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/948e49American Lady [Aug]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/4ad15eEastern Tiger Swallowtail [Aug]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/cfa30eSwallowtail [Aug]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/85d7aeCommon Buckeye [Aug]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/9da2c3Eastern Tiger Swallowtail ... 2 of them [Aug]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/d39909Monarch (m) Early arrival [Aug]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/0e5f05Skipper [Aug]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/8fad91Eastern Tiger Swallowtail [Aug]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/1926b6Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (f) [Aug]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/07722dEastern Tiger Swallowtail (f) [Aug]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/fd1959Silver-spotted Skipper- tattered [Aug]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/998f23Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (m) [Aug]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/89a662Common Buckeye [Sept]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/5b727aViceroy [Sept]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/0ad7cbBeautiful to see after Hurricane Flo came through [Sept]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/385062Hackberry Emperor - A Lifer - [Sept]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/29b129Monarch (m) [Sept]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/f1aecaSkipper [Sept]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/f8e29cSwallowtail [Oct]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/2dcd81Monarch (m) [Oct]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/7def81Skipper [Oct]
Thumb of 2018-10-23/PeggyC/304526Monarch (m) [Oct]

As the days are getting cooler, fewer butterflies come through. Even the Skippers seem to have moved on.
It has been a wonderful Year of Butterflies !

(no, do not know the names of all the Skippers; someone told me "oh, you'll learn them" - there are so many kinds that I don't see that happening anytime soon !)

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Somebody has been eating in my yard ...
Posted on Jun 18, 2018 6:38 PM

Thumb of 2018-06-19/PeggyC/a50228

The beautiful mound of green leaves [ wild Violet family ] ----- has been selectively chomped on.

Had this happen to Day Lily scapes a few years ago , but the scapes are much taller than these leaves.
And, why only eat some of them? Do rabbits carry scissors around with them ...

This just puzzles me .. any answers will be most welcome.


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Is it Spring ?
Posted on Mar 10, 2018 10:12 AM

The Daffodils are blooming like mad - Crocus just finished ..
Now, the Flowering Almond, covered with little packages of beauty to be, are opening.

Keep telling them "it is still March - it will probably snow on you" -- but, they have one thing in mind - Bloom!
Oh my, discovered a Tulip in the Garden of Surprises !
Moved here in 2013 - no Tulips at all - none.
Until now --- hope it blooms so I can show you what she looks like .. had no idea they could be dormant for so many years. Learn something new everyday I go to take photos in the Gardens and see if anyone new has arrived !

Thumb of 2018-03-10/PeggyC/b5bf13 Daffodils

Thumb of 2018-03-10/PeggyC/9aed1a Daffodil

Thumb of 2018-03-10/PeggyC/52a92d Creeping Phlox

Thumb of 2018-03-10/PeggyC/5d8dad Daffodils

Thumb of 2018-03-10/PeggyC/23d756 More Daffs

Thumb of 2018-03-10/PeggyC/f93ad8 A Tulip Surprise !

Thumb of 2018-03-10/PeggyC/e187ff Flowering Almond

When the rain stops, I'll go out and see what is new !

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