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Doe with her cheeks puffed out full of Bread!
Posted on Jul 9, 2019 12:08 PM

Yesterday we put fresh bread out in the pan on the stump about 5 pm.

The mother doe is expecting again and she came along with her two young
bucks and one of the families little female doe..

She was delighted to find soft bread for her
in the pan!

She stuffed her cheeks with bread and looked at me where I stood
with the camera in the window..

to show me how much she was
enjoying that we were thoughtful to have her bread out for her to dine
that will be the last picture on this post...

Then the raccoon came and as you would guess it took a swim in the clean pan of fresh
cool it was 106 heat index.

That water will have to be changed today and wash
out the container...

Here is the raccoon eating among the buck and doe shelled corn.

The same deer will come for years and no matter what animal comes I never get tired of seeing
them and always enjoy a laugh while photographing them.

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Visitors who brought a smile to my face on a hot summer afternoon!
Posted on Jun 29, 2019 5:15 PM

We have had such dry weather but very hot ...and humid...

Today I cut up some apples and placed in the pan on the stump
where I feed the deer, squirrels , racoon and at times a rare fox.

I had not seen the fox in a few weeks but the apple scent must
have drifted on the air because she came and made 8 trips to the
pan and loved the apples!

The butterfly was feasting on Black Knight one of my butterfly bushes today.

The deer , we have 2 little bucks with the prettiest velvet horns and their sister
and an older pregnant doe that come dine and drink...

I have had as many as eleven does and bucks coming every day through the years
all I feel are related...its now down to 4 deer...So sad to lose the ones you grow close
to and photograph and talk to them when taking them their shelled corn and
giving them fresh water...

The squirrel amused me by leaning over to drink fresh water with its rear in the air
and notice those cute little squirrel feet hanging on to the water container!

The racoon went swimming in the same water before dark.

The water tray has to be changed daily and filled with well water..

Thumb of 2019-06-29/Sheridragonfly/ba6e45

Thumb of 2019-06-29/Sheridragonfly/b67b4d

Thumb of 2019-06-29/Sheridragonfly/2e8747

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Quite a lot of excitement in Sheris healing flower garden the last two days!
Posted on May 26, 2019 2:20 PM

Yesterday afternoon it was 105 degrees with heat index and I was hand watering 150 perennials in that heat.
I stepped on the freshly cut green grass as I moved down the daylily bed and with water wand in hand
putting deep watering down at each daylily hill base...there looking at me with tail swinging and raised up
eye to eye was a black racer snake, angry with the heat and angry at me.

We looked at each other for a few seconds and I lightly sprayed the snake with cold water to cool it off and thinking
that it would be less tempermental...WELL the snake lunged at me and chased me across the yard running
both of us..and it raised up at high speed!

this morning I was photographing the day lilys
and guess who stuck its eye ball out of its hole
about 4 foot from me?

My black racer snake..
Beautiful glossy skin and eyes..

Then a frog comes by its hole and I just stepped over
and put my foot over the snakes head and hole
and let the frog pass by safely..

Stupid frog
went right by the snake and it would have eaten it!

Later the snake rises up to see where I was and I had left the yard and was photographing it from 50 foot away
with the camera..

Here are the pictures..

Thumb of 2019-05-26/Sheridragonfly/7461e0

Thumb of 2019-05-26/Sheridragonfly/bc8c11

Thumb of 2019-05-26/Sheridragonfly/c29eed

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Sheridragonfly with Clematis 'Comtesse de Bouchaud'
Posted on May 12, 2019 1:36 PM

Thumb of 2019-05-12/Sheridragonfly/440da1

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Sheris healing flower garden!
Posted on May 12, 2019 1:27 PM

The month of May always brings such joy to me in viewing my flower garden!

The month of Feb and first week of March is spent pruning, cleaning out leaves,
weeding and then putting out cypress mulch.

Each year I say I will be giving up
Sheris healing flower garden

because I am not going to endure the physical pain
of keeping it maintained from February to November each year.

Then May arrives and its as if every bloom is my child and every bird or butterfly or dragonfly that visits
I want to caress them all...the flowers and the visitors to the flower garden.

My flowers have to know they are loved as I am always speaking to them of how beautiful they are
and how much I love them for the joy they bring me every day!

Here is the flower garden in May!


Thumb of 2019-05-12/Sheridragonfly/933efa

Thumb of 2019-05-12/Sheridragonfly/694a8b

Thumb of 2019-05-12/Sheridragonfly/5da4c5

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Thumb of 2019-05-12/Sheridragonfly/ce6a3e

Thumb of 2019-05-12/Sheridragonfly/bf8678

Thumb of 2019-05-12/Sheridragonfly/9344b5

Thumb of 2019-05-12/Sheridragonfly/f7abdf

Thumb of 2019-05-12/Sheridragonfly/ee0410

Thumb of 2019-05-12/Sheridragonfly/2b5e08

Thumb of 2019-05-12/Sheridragonfly/d37342

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