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In a World of Variegated Plants...
Posted on Jul 27, 2017 7:34 PM

...I actually managed to find and purchase an unvariegated spiderplant (for what I thought was a steep price, at $13)!

I'm infinitely pleased with my new chlorophytum comosum, and I love him to bits. He was a bit damaged when I bought him, possibly by over-fertilizing (my maternal grandmother's spideys had similar issues and marks on them, and I'm relatively sure that hers were over-fertilized), but he was green and happy enough to have several long shoots cascading down from his hanging pot.

The reason I chose the plant I chose was due to the amount of baby spideys it had attached to it. If, for some reason, the plant itself doesn't make it, I should have a good dozen plants started, possibly within the month. Gosh darn it, I will get my $13 out of this guy, and then some!

I want to be patient with my new spidey, though, and let him do his thing without too much poking, prodding, or interference from me. Usually, when my spideys have shoots, I pick away at many of the potential pups, discarding them and leaving more spacing between each pup. It seems to have its intended affect (in that the pups left thrive and grow faster), but it means far fewer pups than if I just left it alone.

In other news, I have an opportunity to have a plant hanger or so taken off my hands, which I believe I mentioned in my last blog post. To facilitate this, I've gone ahead and put together all the simple macramé plant hangers that I have, which are not in use. I will also be bringing at least four plants with me on Sunday, with the intent to be rid of them (ehem, deliver them into new hands, rather). One will be a spiderplant, most certainly, as one has been requested, and I have two arrowhead philodendrons ready to go, too. I kind of want to bring specimens of both my variegations of spidey (I need Bonnie variations, still), so I might go with the two arrowheads and two spideys, or three spideys if I feel particularly enterprising. Two vittatum (because I have more of them) and one variegatum.

I really like giving plants to friends and family. There's something about giving someone else's house some green that just... pleases me. Especially when their face kind of lights up? It's very rewarding. Sharing is caring, right?

In less "green" thumb news: my Medusa's Head airplant ended up with a case of rot in its center (which is almost certainly my fault, no matter how it's sliced), and ended up passing off into the Great Garden. This makes my kill count a few spidey pups which did not make it, 3 argentea thin leaf, 1.5 succulents (the other might come back, depending how I treat her remains, haha), 1 aloe plant, and 1 poor medusiae. I like to think I'm learning from my mistakes.

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Current Wishlist:
*Heartleaf Philodendron
*Tillandsia Xenographica
*Tillandsia Argentea Thin (3)
*Tillandsia Medusiae
*Bonnie Spiderplant
*Variegated Bonnie Spiderplant

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Four Cacti and a Young Spiderplant Walk Into a Church...
Posted on Jul 23, 2017 12:09 PM

...and All Find New Homes!

It was a productive Sunday, for me. I'm down a third of my Easter Cacti, and gave a wee spidey to a friend, since I had meant to give one to someone in the family.

I also got a pseudo commission for a spidey and macramé hanger, which I will fill next Sunday, or the one after that.

I'm thinking about bringing in a Syngonium to give with the spidey, since the person who requested a spidey 1. told me they had a sad lack of plants and a surpluss of places to hang plants, and 2. insisted on paying me for the spidey, even though it helps me when macramé hangers and spidey pups are taken off my hands.

Not to mention, it's pretty great to share part of your passion with someone. I love giving plants to friends and family!

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I Don't Even Really Like These...
Posted on Jul 22, 2017 9:13 PM

...Christmas and Easter Cacti Enough to Own a Bazillion of Them

A few weeks ago (probably more around a couple months), I planted a total of twelve Easter Cacti cuttings. Having heard the trouble that Easter Cacti can give people, in terms of taking to their new soil homes, I thought that maybe, just maybe, a few of them would die off before they'd all settled in. I was badly mistaken.

After ages of neglect and sparse watering, my Easter Cacti plant pups are thriving in their containers, and all but one of them have signs of new growth (from one to four leaves, each). This means I have, to date, 1 rehomed Easter Cactus, 12 planted Easter Cacti, 1 planted Christmas Cacti, a handful of Christmas Cacti cuttings, and several handfuls of Easter Cacti cuttings. The Christmas Cacti cuttings already want their starter homes, but have to wait until I get my hands on another bag of cactus soil, the Easter Cacti cuttings are getting there, too, but I'm deluding myself into thinking they don't quite need planting, yet, because I already have Easter Cacti out my ears (and spiderplants out my ears, and syngonium out my ears, and cape ivy out my ears . . .).

Tomorrow is a Sunday, and I'll be headed to a local church. One of my cacti has a home waiting for it, in the form of a person I alerted to the existence of these cacti before they were planted. I wanted to wait and see how well they rooted in the soil before passing any on, so I don't know if they're expecting their green friend, tomorrow. I'm also bringing a giftplant spiderplant, for a family I had been meaning to give one for awhile, and three other Easter Cacti I'm hoping to have off my hands before I leave the church building.

If I plant anymore Syngonium, I'm going to have to put a few of them up for adoption, too. For now, all the planted Syngonium (and my pothos plants) all fit on one, wide shelftop. Once the Syngonium completely take over my shelftop, it's probably time to say goodbye to a few.

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Current Plant Wishlist:
*Heartleaf Philodendron
*Tillandsia Xenographica
*Bonnie Spiderplant
*Variegated Bonnie Spiderplant
*Hawaiian Spiderplant

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