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Iris Bloom Season 2019 - Weeks 7 and 8
Posted on Dec 10, 2019 4:35 PM

My last new iris to bloom this year is border bearded iris Benedictine [Marky Smith 2015]. I love dark irises with bright coloured beards Lovey dubby .
I love the prominent purple based foliage
Thumb of 2019-11-12/Totally_Amazing/26b909

It was a silly mistake to plant it on top of a dutch iris D'Oh!
Thumb of 2019-11-12/Totally_Amazing/620d6d

Luckily for me it bloomed. The beards have a touch of orange in the throat.
Thumb of 2019-11-12/Totally_Amazing/017bc6 Thumb of 2019-11-12/Totally_Amazing/2845e1 Thumb of 2019-11-12/Totally_Amazing/6aa97c

Most of my blooms have finished and only my late bloomers are flowering
Electric Candy [Blyth 2010] looked stunning today
Thumb of 2019-11-20/Totally_Amazing/de28c1

Asian Treasure [Ernst 2007] is another one of my favourites Lovey dubby . I didn't notice the spider until I uploaded the photos.
Thumb of 2019-11-20/Totally_Amazing/aa90c1 Thumb of 2019-11-20/Totally_Amazing/e06b0d

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Iris Bloom Season 2019 - Week 6 (Part 2)
Posted on Dec 10, 2019 4:31 PM

In 2015 I crossed the pale Silver Streak (described in my previous post) with Ibiza.

Thumb of 2019-03-17/Totally_Amazing/bbe841 x

I wanted to create a pink version of Silver Streak. In the meantime I have learnt that the broken pattern gene is recessive and I have discovered and purchased Squid Squirt but I kept my seedlings just in case there is something nice among them.

One of them bloomed this year. It seems to have some purple from Silver Streak and pink from Ibiza.
Thumb of 2019-11-07/Totally_Amazing/79fcdb Thumb of 2019-11-07/Totally_Amazing/998964

Thumb of 2019-11-07/Totally_Amazing/9a539e Thumb of 2019-11-07/Totally_Amazing/ea2aed

I don't know if this seedling offers any insight into the mystery of the identification of its parent.

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Iris Bloom Season 2019 - Week 6 (Part 1)
Posted on Dec 10, 2019 4:29 PM

I purchased Silver Streak in 2015 and received two large healthy rhizomes which were planted directly in the ground in mid March (early autumn). They both bloomed 7 months later but one bloom was taller and didn't look like Silver Steak.
Thumb of 2019-03-17/Totally_Amazing/130345 Thumb of 2019-03-17/Totally_Amazing/ff1d68
Thumb of 2019-03-17/Totally_Amazing/bbe841 Thumb of 2019-03-17/Totally_Amazing/d81eaf

I asked Tempo Two what the other flower is and was advised that there are variations in the flower patterns and that they think both rhizomes are Silver Streak. The pale rhizome did not produce any increases until months after the blooms had finished and I have been waiting 4 years now to see if the blooms would look normal in the future. This year's blooms look pale like the blooms in 2015 and the height of the stem was shorter (about 52cm compared with 62 to 82cm for the normal Silver Streak stems).

Thumb of 2019-11-06/Totally_Amazing/606df6 Thumb of 2019-11-06/Totally_Amazing/389ee7 Thumb of 2019-11-06/Totally_Amazing/58e200

I wish I could conclude that the pale bloom will not revert back to looking normal but there is one factor that may have affected this year's bloom. In September this year when the bud was forming in the base of the foliage, the pale Silver Streak foliage was covered in bugs and I sprayed it with soapy water. I noticed that the base of the foliage lost some of its green colour a few days after I sprayed it. This is a recent photo of the foliage which still looks unwell.
Thumb of 2019-11-07/Totally_Amazing/a7c59e
I have also moved the rhizome once since 2015 and it's current spot has become quite shady. This may have contributed to the shorter stem.

Does anyone have any thoughts on whether this pale version of Silver Streak is Silver Streak or something else? Could it be a sport of Silver Streak or a seedling of Silver Streak?

Edit: I forgot to mention that this year one of my Silver Streak blooms had splotches like the pale Silver Streak but not as pale.

Thumb of 2019-11-07/Totally_Amazing/bef327 Thumb of 2019-11-07/Totally_Amazing/d6d1d2

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Iris Bloom Season 2019 - Week 5
Posted on Nov 6, 2019 10:43 PM

One of my favourite irises bloomed this year after taking a holiday for a couple of years. Tiger Shark [Maryott 1984] has beautiful veins and colour variation down the length of the falls Lovey dubby .
Thumb of 2019-10-30/Totally_Amazing/6c820c Thumb of 2019-10-30/Totally_Amazing/927dc8

Society Page [Ghio 1999] also bloomed for the first time in a few years. Both of these irises are in a spot where the topsoil seems to have washed away. I purchased Society Page after seeing some dreamy photos like

, but in my garden the pink flush on the standards fades. I have decided to part ways with it.
Thumb of 2019-10-30/Totally_Amazing/60ebbc Thumb of 2019-10-30/Totally_Amazing/e19b8e

A few more irises in bloom this year...

Colours of the Wind [Barry Blyth 2014]
Thumb of 2019-10-30/Totally_Amazing/dac4c9 Thumb of 2019-10-30/Totally_Amazing/b61574

Safari Sunrise [Keppel 2010]
Thumb of 2019-10-30/Totally_Amazing/2b8ba5

Hint of Danger [Barry Blyth 2007]
Thumb of 2019-10-30/Totally_Amazing/39a002

One more of my Surprise Symphony seedlings (Birthday Surprise x Set To Music) bloomed this year and this one is as ordinary as the others. This is Surprise Symphony 3
It's very photogenic when the bloom first opens
Thumb of 2019-11-01/Totally_Amazing/7c50db
Otherwise it is very ordinary
Thumb of 2019-11-01/Totally_Amazing/9443fb
You can see some veining in strong sunlight
Thumb of 2019-11-01/Totally_Amazing/90526a

I like rim on the falls, but that's about all I like about it. There are still 5 more siblings that have not bloomed yet and this cross was made in 2013. I think I need to replant them in yummy soil this year to give them a wriggle on.

These are the parents

Winner's Circle [Plough 1971] is one my favourites Lovey dubby .
Thumb of 2019-11-01/Totally_Amazing/f926dd
Winner's Circle with Impulsive and My Tasha
Thumb of 2019-11-01/Totally_Amazing/4c6715
Thumb of 2019-11-01/Totally_Amazing/b735de

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Iris Bloom Season 2019 - Weeks 3 and 4 (Part 2)
Posted on Nov 6, 2019 10:37 PM

My mother-in-law has a pretty yellow and white dutch iris that I admire every year. I think it is Apollo.

Earlier this year I received an offer from a mail order nursery for free postage so I went searching through their dutch irises and purchased Silvery Beauty which is just like Apollo but blue instead of yellow. My dutch irises flower with my daffodils and I figured I had enough yellow. To my surprise Silvery Beauty flowered later than expected when my daffodils have finished and I have several blue irises in flower.
Thumb of 2019-10-23/Totally_Amazing/7ca98d Thumb of 2019-10-23/Totally_Amazing/9c909f

I love how the different flower shape adds some variety to the garden.
Thumb of 2019-10-23/Totally_Amazing/6ed8ea Thumb of 2019-10-23/Totally_Amazing/74a3bb

The last sdb I wish to share with everyone is sdb Zaftig [Black 2009]. I ordered it after seeing Kent's photo of it. It's a pretty little iris with nice diamond dusting. I wasn't expecting the touch of yellow on the end of the beards. The sunshine photos show the colour more accurately. It isn't as blue as it looks in the clump photo.

Thumb of 2019-10-25/Totally_Amazing/271529 Thumb of 2019-10-25/Totally_Amazing/95b338
Thumb of 2019-10-25/Totally_Amazing/cee5a8 Thumb of 2019-10-25/Totally_Amazing/174ed8

This is the second year Forever Blowing Bubbles [Ghio 2006] has bloomed. It bloomed very late the first time and was attacked by thrips which are attracted to bright whites and are prevalent in the summer. It was nice to see some blooms not covered in thrips. The flowers are large and the buds have a slight purple tinge.

Thumb of 2019-10-25/Totally_Amazing/2dccf6 Thumb of 2019-10-25/Totally_Amazing/d0f9d8
Thumb of 2019-10-25/Totally_Amazing/3f3f8b Thumb of 2019-10-25/Totally_Amazing/fda49e

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