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Iris Bloom Season 2020 Final Week
Posted on Nov 23, 2020 5:29 PM

Black Suited
Thumb of 2020-11-17/Totally_Amazing/4890b2

Codicil bloomed one stalk at a time. It is planted with Colours of the Wind (Sirocco Mist in the background)
Thumb of 2020-11-17/Totally_Amazing/19a0b7 Thumb of 2020-11-17/Totally_Amazing/eee1c1 Thumb of 2020-11-17/Totally_Amazing/983ed0

Ring Around Rosie
Thumb of 2020-11-17/Totally_Amazing/23d44b

This is the end of my bloom season. My aggies and pokers are starting to bloom and I have buds on my daylilies.
Thumb of 2020-11-17/Totally_Amazing/ff8ba1

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Iris Bloom Season 2020 - Week 6
Posted on Nov 23, 2020 5:26 PM

My last newbie to bloom this year is Oh James (Barry Blyth 1995). I planted it with Puccini thinking they would look nice together but Puccini had nearly finished blooming by the time Oh James started.

Thumb of 2020-10-26/Totally_Amazing/e1cc55 Thumb of 2020-10-26/Totally_Amazing/d64c4d
Thumb of 2020-10-26/Totally_Amazing/c63e36 with Puccini and Forever Blowing Bubbles

Forever Blowing Bubbles (Ghio 2006) Lovey dubby
Thumb of 2020-10-26/Totally_Amazing/ae3a49 Thumb of 2020-10-26/Totally_Amazing/b1a9b9 Top down view of the ruffles
Thumb of 2020-10-26/Totally_Amazing/c68be3

More blooms...
Thumb of 2020-10-26/Totally_Amazing/7b37ee Thumb of 2020-10-26/Totally_Amazing/2020ac Hint of Danger
Thumb of 2020-10-26/Totally_Amazing/ba518e Thumb of 2020-10-26/Totally_Amazing/3064c7 Rippling River
Thumb of 2020-10-26/Totally_Amazing/9bba97 Thumb of 2020-10-26/Totally_Amazing/7f25f7 Blenheim Royal. A lovely purple but the blooms are often on an angle
Thumb of 2020-10-26/Totally_Amazing/22253d Anything Goes
Thumb of 2020-10-26/Totally_Amazing/92d453 Thumb of 2020-10-26/Totally_Amazing/6914ea Going My Way
Thumb of 2020-10-31/Totally_Amazing/8ce9ec Thumb of 2020-10-31/Totally_Amazing/80800e Thumb of 2020-10-31/Totally_Amazing/57a644 Broken Pattern
Thumb of 2020-10-31/Totally_Amazing/f8c28d Thumb of 2020-10-31/Totally_Amazing/b73622 Thumb of 2020-10-31/Totally_Amazing/838b5a A couple of twisted Circus Stripes with Anything Goes
Thumb of 2020-10-31/Totally_Amazing/bc8957 Thumb of 2020-10-31/Totally_Amazing/744cad Devil May Care

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Iris Bloom Season 2020 - Week 5 (Part 2)
Posted on Nov 23, 2020 5:18 PM

Mer Du Sud (Cayeux 1997) is the bluest iris I grow in the medium to dark blue tones. It isn't as blue as my camera is capturing but it isn't far from it. I remember adjusting the colour to be closer to reality when I added photos to our database. I like the paler patch on the falls just under the beards.

Thumb of 2020-10-23/Totally_Amazing/7fe991

Also blooming...
Thumb of 2020-10-24/Totally_Amazing/ba288e Thumb of 2020-10-24/Totally_Amazing/0f3f18 Set To Music (has a gold flash on the standards)
Thumb of 2020-10-24/Totally_Amazing/a1a6d3 Thumb of 2020-10-24/Totally_Amazing/408086 Words and Music
Thumb of 2020-10-24/Totally_Amazing/fdbe8a Tiger Shark
Thumb of 2020-10-24/Totally_Amazing/14a3ed Thumb of 2020-10-24/Totally_Amazing/7044d3 Thunderstick

Squid Squirt (Kasperek 2002) is one of my favourite irises Lovey dubby The stem snapped but remained connected. I was surprised that every bud flowered normally.
Thumb of 2020-10-24/Totally_Amazing/78d4d4 Thumb of 2020-10-24/Totally_Amazing/7b8222
Thumb of 2020-10-24/Totally_Amazing/2aaab0 Thumb of 2020-10-24/Totally_Amazing/cc6d8e

More blooms...
Thumb of 2020-10-24/Totally_Amazing/297915 Chickasaw Sue
Thumb of 2020-10-24/Totally_Amazing/a54b73 Danger Money
Thumb of 2020-10-24/Totally_Amazing/0ba588 Feudalism
Thumb of 2020-10-24/Totally_Amazing/341f19 Stygian Night

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Iris Bloom Season 2020 - Week 5 (Part 1)
Posted on Nov 23, 2020 5:14 PM

Some more photos of My Tasha...
The beards are orange and pink except for the tip which is cream and pink. They look more orange than pink.
Thumb of 2020-10-19/Totally_Amazing/9f2f19 Thumb of 2020-10-19/Totally_Amazing/2f2d78

This photo shows the branching. There are 2 separate rhizomes planted together with a stalk each.
Thumb of 2020-10-20/Totally_Amazing/22041b

The blooms are quite large and well spaced
Thumb of 2020-10-19/Totally_Amazing/25d143

I have 2 more irises from the same nursery as My Tasha that bloomed for the first time this year. Diamond Necklace (John Charles Taylor 2013) is a bit more pink when the flower first opens and then fades to peach.

Thumb of 2020-10-20/Totally_Amazing/ef2bd2 Thumb of 2020-10-20/Totally_Amazing/90b757
Thumb of 2020-10-20/Totally_Amazing/d3c930

When I purchased Diamond Necklace, I received June Brazier (Graeme Grosvenor 2000) as a gift. I started getting excited when I saw how many buds were on the stems. June Brazier is a beautiful gentle blue bloom that fades as the bloom ages. I love it and I have been photographing it everyday Lovey dubby It has 6 branches plus the bloom at the top and most of the sockets are doubles. I was gifted 2 rhizomes which have both bloomed.

Thumb of 2020-10-20/Totally_Amazing/570a5e Thumb of 2020-10-20/Totally_Amazing/e5bf85
Thumb of 2020-10-20/Totally_Amazing/4c6923 Thumb of 2020-10-20/Totally_Amazing/fcdd55 with Blenheim Royal and the buds on one of the stems circled.

It's the first iris I notice when I walk out my front door
Thumb of 2020-10-20/Totally_Amazing/3e1535 with Tiger Shark and Blenheim Royal

Some more blooms...
Thumb of 2020-10-22/Totally_Amazing/33abb9 Thumb of 2020-10-22/Totally_Amazing/b9c93f Popstar
Thumb of 2020-10-22/Totally_Amazing/62e689 Puccini
Thumb of 2020-10-22/Totally_Amazing/497ae9 Thumb of 2020-10-22/Totally_Amazing/d48245 Sirocco Mist (Mer Du Sud in background)
Thumb of 2020-10-22/Totally_Amazing/04b496 Toucan Tango
Thumb of 2020-10-22/Totally_Amazing/3ecb35 Ibiza

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Iris Bloom Season 2020 - Weeks 3 and 4
Posted on Nov 23, 2020 4:59 PM

My next sdb to bloom this year is Iris Happy Easter (Gene Gaddie 1984). I love the fat contrasting beards on this one. It's a pity the bugs like it too.

Thumb of 2020-10-04/Totally_Amazing/1254dc

Honey Dripper (Barry Blyth 2009) is also flowering at the moment.
Thumb of 2020-10-04/Totally_Amazing/d67cac with Momentum

Storm Song (Barry Blyth 2003) has just finished flowering. It is in a spot that floods occasionally. I am going to move it and see if I can get whole clump blooming next year.
Thumb of 2020-10-04/Totally_Amazing/97360a

I have been looking forward to seeing sdb Terse Verse (Barry Blyth 2000) for the first time. It's maiden bloom in my garden was a very sad looking bloom at the base of the foliage. I hope it gives me better blooms next year.
Thumb of 2020-10-13/Totally_Amazing/cdfaef Thumb of 2020-10-13/Totally_Amazing/c9ec03

This is what is should look like

Ballet Performance (Thomas Johnson 2007) is putting on a show
Thumb of 2020-10-13/Totally_Amazing/0fb119

Sdb Buttered (Barry Blyth 2012)
Thumb of 2020-10-13/Totally_Amazing/b2f28e

Colours of the Wind (Barry Blyth 2014)
Thumb of 2020-10-13/Totally_Amazing/5e6ece Thumb of 2020-10-13/Totally_Amazing/fa6441 Thumb of 2020-10-13/Totally_Amazing/dd1c7d

My last sdb to bloom this year was Forfun (Barry Blyth 1993). The falls on Forfun are quite long and narrow and the base colour is lemon.

It is similar to sdb Razoo by Barry Blyth in the same year. They share the same pollen parent which is sdb Chanted.

Also blooming at the moment...
Thumb of 2020-10-17/Totally_Amazing/65610a Momentum (Mary Dunn 1986)
Thumb of 2020-10-17/Totally_Amazing/83977e My Tasha (John Charles Taylor 2014)
Thumb of 2020-10-17/Totally_Amazing/76cdd1 Winners Circle (Gordon Plough 1972)
Thumb of 2020-10-17/Totally_Amazing/5aeda6 Impulsive (Ghio 2001)

These 4 are planted together in the foreground of this photo with Honey Dripper and Ballet Performance
Thumb of 2020-10-17/Totally_Amazing/a9338e

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