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Iris Bloom Season - week 5
Posted on Nov 4, 2017 6:32 PM

My seedling is nearly open...
Thumb of 2017-11-01/Totally_Amazing/6a9f68

Danger Money (Blyth 2009). One beard is never enough.
Thumb of 2017-11-01/Totally_Amazing/a4b751

Black Suited (Sterling Innerst 1999). This iris is my closest to black.

Absolute Treasure is putting on a show
Thumb of 2017-10-28/Totally_Amazing/9d98e8
(with My Tasha and Strawberry Swirl)

My seedling has bloomed. I have been calling it Mr Ugly but now that I have seen it, I am calling it Mr Ordinary.
Thumb of 2017-11-01/Totally_Amazing/2eb181
Thumb of 2017-11-01/Totally_Amazing/6d85b5
Thumb of 2017-11-01/Totally_Amazing/fa67b9 There is a darker line running down the middle of the falls
Thumb of 2017-11-01/Totally_Amazing/bd337a There is a small white dart near the beard
Thumb of 2017-11-01/Totally_Amazing/54821d

This seedling (above) is Birthday Surprise x Set To Music

This cross was made because all of the crosses I wanted to make failed and I didn't want to wait another year so I crossed my last two blooms. I just wanted to try out the process. Since then, I have looked into the ancestry of both parents and if I am extremely optimistic, the best flower I could hope for will have stripes. "Set To Music" is a child of "Crazy For You" and "Birthday Surprise" is a grandchild of "Queen In Calico".

I have named my seedling Surprise Symphony.

Why settle for three falls when you can have five. This is Danger Money.
Thumb of 2017-11-02/Totally_Amazing/aa6b41 Thumb of 2017-11-05/Totally_Amazing/2f4eb9

I purchased Hysteria (Blyth 2008) from Tempo Two's closing down sale and I don't know why I hadn't bought it before. I love the stripes.

The later blooms on Dancing on Air are not as blue as the first blooms I posted.

My mid season blooms are finishing and I only have 2 more irises to bloom this year.

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Iris Bloom Season - week 4 (part 2)
Posted on Oct 29, 2017 9:06 PM

Last year I placed my first order with Rainbow Ridge. I fell in love with My Tasha (John Charles Taylor 2014). The images in the catalog are a lot brighter than the actual colour and I wasn't sure how dark this one would be and whether the beards really are red.

This is the image on their website:

It is beautiful soon after it blooms:

but it fades quite a lot
Thumb of 2017-10-27/Totally_Amazing/99e123
The beards are reddish and contrast beautifully. I wish it was a bit darker but I still love it.

This is Hint of Danger (Blyth 2009) in the sun and shade:
Thumb of 2017-10-27/Totally_Amazing/ad2b6d Thumb of 2017-10-27/Totally_Amazing/b2d168

My bloom season has now passed it peak and some of my later blooms are starting to emerge..

The first iris I ever bought was Kevin's Theme (Frederick Kerr 1993)
Thumb of 2017-10-30/Totally_Amazing/5c75cf

I've posted photos of Broken Record in the past, so I have decided to share a garden photo this time
Thumb of 2017-10-30/Totally_Amazing/1887e9
(front) Chickasaw Sue, Ibiza, Broken Pattern, Momentum, Set To Music
(back) Hint of Danger, Anything Goes, Popstar, Rippling River

Set To Music (Blyth 2000). The falls are quite long. The standards are slightly purple and sometimes have a touch of lemon.

Birthday Surprise (William Maryott 1991)

Set To Music and Birthday Surprise are the parents of the first cross I ever made 4 years ago. This year I have my first and only bud from that cross. It's been a long 4 years and I was hoping for more of my seedlings to bud but at least I finally have one. The colour doesn't excite me and I am expecting an ugly duckling from this bud. It's only redeeming feature will be if those veins are visible on the other side.

Thumb of 2017-10-30/Totally_Amazing/0c59cd Thumb of 2017-10-30/Totally_Amazing/719cc7

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Iris Bloom Season - week 4 (part 1)
Posted on Oct 24, 2017 11:02 PM

Popstar (Blyth 2003) is flowering in my garden for the first time ever. I love the colour

It's coincidental that the "Top Ten Most Wanted List..." thread has been revived at the same time my only acquisition from my list has bloomed. Absolute Treasure (Tasco 2005) was on my "hope someone imports it into Australia" list. I was doing the happy dance when I stumbled across it on ebay. Now it has bloomed and I can't make up my mind how much I like it.

This is what I was expecting
Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Absolute Treasure')

The first few flowers to open were almost white.
Thumb of /2017-10-23/Totally_Amazing/45c9ba
A few very pale blue flowers were next to emerge
Thumb of 2017-10-23/Totally_Amazing/f469da
Finally I have a flower about to open that looks as blue as I was expecting.
Thumb of 2017-10-23/Totally_Amazing/55312c

A couple of garden shots...
Thumb of 2017-10-23/Totally_Amazing/ec7c78
Neon Blue, He Man, Thunderstick, Who's Your Daddy and Going My Way

Thumb of 2017-10-23/Totally_Amazing/b1f592
Momentum, Toucan Tango, Ballet Performance and Absolute Treasure

Dancing on Air (Duane Meek 2004) bloomed for the first time ever in my garden. I purchased it less than 3 months ago from Yahl Irises and wasn't expecting it to flower this season. I seem to have a lot more purple on my falls than all of the other photos I've seen of it. I like the blending of the colours.

Ibiza (Kevin Nilsen 1995) is my favourite dark pink.

Rippling River (Schreiner 1995) has lots of ruffles. It's a bit darker and more ruffled than Mer Du Sud.
Thumb of 2017-10-25/Totally_Amazing/63c635 Thumb of 2017-10-25/Totally_Amazing/44f9aa

Another newbie for me this year is Strawberry Swirl (Chet Tompkins 1993). The falls took about 3 days to fall after they separated from the standards and on the first few flowers they didn't open completely.
Thumb of 2017-10-25/Totally_Amazing/52279e
It eventually produced a bloom that was good enough to add to the database.

The colour is gorgeous but I don't know if I will persist with it if the flowers don't open properly next year. I chose Strawberry Swirl over Avenue of Dreams which in hindsight would have been a better choice.

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Iris Bloom Season - week 3
Posted on Oct 22, 2017 4:23 AM

After seeing Val's photo of Ballet Performance (Thomas Johnson 2007) in the cubits forum I ordered one. I love plicatas and this one is gorgeous.

Toucan Tango (Brad Kasperek 1999) is another newbie in flower at the moment. I love the way it has the banding of a plicata and the broken pattern streaks. .
The beard is mauve and mustard and matches perfectly.

Going My Way (James Gibson 1971)

Who's Your Daddy (Blyth 2000)

One of my Tempo Two freebies I received last year was Colours of the Wind (Blyth 2014). The first bloom to open was pale and I wasn't sure how much I like it but the following blooms are gorgeous

My He Man (Blyth 1988) has successfully bloomed after my DH stood on it and broke the foliage a couple of months ago. This is my first ever bloom for this one too. I have seen some very ordinary photos of it where it didn't look very nice, but it is much nicer.

My Silver Streak decided to produce flounces (or spoons - someone can identify them for me) this year.

I bought Impulsive last year and it bloomed for the first time. I hadn't noticed the slight speckles of red at the tip of the falls before. This is a pretty shade of orange which was lacking in my garden. The irises in the background are Absolute Treasure and Momentum.

This is Mer Du Sud. I adjusted the photo slightly to make it more purple and closer to the actual colour. The iris in the background is Thunderstick.

Chickasaw Sue is making a nice clump at the moment

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Iris Bloom Season - week 2
Posted on Oct 15, 2017 7:01 PM

IB Party Boy (Blyth 2012) opened for the first time ever in my garden. The falls had a reddish blend on them for a few hours and then became brown.
This is Party Boy immediately after opening. The beard is purple tipped brown.

This is Party Boy later in the afternoon when the falls had relaxed.

The standards are a bit more lemon than I was expecting. I like this one.

I love Hells Fire (S.Roberts 1976) when the sun shines through it.
Thumb of 2017-10-16/Totally_Amazing/9f9ccb
This is what Hell's Fire normally looks like.
Thumb of 2017-10-16/Totally_Amazing/2458b4

Momentum (Mary Dunn 1984) is also in flower at the moment
Thumb of 2017-10-16/Totally_Amazing/381326

My third and last sdb to bloom this year is Star of India (Thomas Johnson 2011). This was a Tempo Two freebie last year and it bloomed for the first time.
Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris (Iris 'Star of India')

The beard is white with yellow tips

This is IB Safari Sunrise (Keppel 2010). The colour is very rich and yummy

This is IB Blue Flirt (Blyth 2002). I planted it in a spot that doesn't get much sunlight to see if an iris could flower there. It didn't flower for a couple of years until now and the flowers are smaller than usual. The flowers fade to white.

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