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Iris Bloom Season 2018 - Week 8
Posted on Nov 16, 2018 11:56 PM

Full Figured [Thomas Johnson 2005] bloomed for the first time ever this year. It is another freebie that hasn't excited me very much.
It has a slight gold rim on the style crests which can be seen when the photo is enlarged
Thumb of 2018-11-17/Totally_Amazing/03de61 Thumb of 2018-11-17/Totally_Amazing/652040

Circus Stripes [Gordon Plough 1975] has been flowering for 3 weeks now. I love the stripes but the weak stems are annoying. They twist and bend a lot and sometimes when the flowers bloom, the extra weight makes the stems bend downward
Thumb of 2018-11-17/Totally_Amazing/2ab4ee Thumb of 2018-11-17/Totally_Amazing/4dc4e6

It is very pretty when the flowers are pointing the right way
Thumb of 2018-11-17/Totally_Amazing/8ca541

My last iris to flower is Ring Around Rosie [Ernst 2000].
Thumb of 2018-11-17/Totally_Amazing/b780be

That's the end of the Robin show. I will conclude with a photo of my cat Oscar
Thumb of 2018-11-17/Totally_Amazing/1c1a80

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Iris Bloom Season 2018 - Week 7
Posted on Nov 13, 2018 2:32 AM

Anything Goes [Ben Hager 1995] is long overdue for dividing and blooms every year
Thumb of 2018-11-06/Totally_Amazing/ce197d Thumb of 2018-11-06/Totally_Amazing/b029b5

Broken Pattern [Paul Black 2003] looks beautiful with Senecio Blue Chalk Sticks (and a leaning stalk of Surprise Symphony 2 and Ibiza in the background)
Thumb of 2018-11-06/Totally_Amazing/741648

Devil May Care [Paul Black 2000] is one of my favourites Lovey dubby Lovey dubby
Thumb of 2018-11-06/Totally_Amazing/12a07a

Silver Streak [Michael Sutton 2005] looks beautiful with Star Appeal
Thumb of 2018-11-06/Totally_Amazing/e85ea6

In October I placed an order for Chardonnay and Ice expecting it to be posted to me at the end of the bloom season. It arrived a couple of weeks of later with a bud on it. I planted it straight away.
25th October
Thumb of 2018-10-24/Totally_Amazing/2c463b Thumb of 2018-10-24/Totally_Amazing/7fba62

A couple of days later the bud started to droop less
Thumb of 2018-11-10/Totally_Amazing/c35c48

By the 31st of October I had a bud pointing up to the sky
Thumb of 2018-11-10/Totally_Amazing/490acd

On the 6th of November it bloomed. The flower was smaller and the stem was shorter. There was only one bloom and no branching.
Thumb of 2018-11-10/Totally_Amazing/48ad90 Thumb of 2018-11-10/Totally_Amazing/35aaf9

I love the stripes on this one and would love to cross it with something Lovey dubby

Navy Chant [Walter Luihn 1981] bloomed this year after taking a break last year. It looks purple to me but is more blueish than most purples. The falls are a blend of dark purples. It has been very slow to increase.

It is registered as 36 inches tall but blooms shorter for me. This is Navy Chant with Thunderstick which is registered as 37 inches tall. The top 2 blooms are thunderstick
Thumb of 2018-11-10/Totally_Amazing/a86726

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Iris Bloom Season 2018 - Week 6 (part 2)
Posted on Nov 5, 2018 11:17 PM

Three years ago I purchased Codicil [Sterling Innerst 1984] on ebay. I received 2 small rhizomes that fit through the slot in my letterbox and I knew I would have to wait a long time to see it flower. Finally, it has bloomed Green Grin!
Thumb of 2018-11-03/Totally_Amazing/9e290b Thumb of 2018-11-03/Totally_Amazing/446212

Sirocco Mist [Blyth 2005] always looks beautiful even after the flowers fade
Thumb of 2018-11-03/Totally_Amazing/2f1d48 Thumb of 2018-11-03/Totally_Amazing/81d498

Thumb of 2018-11-03/Totally_Amazing/e555b8 Thumb of 2018-11-03/Totally_Amazing/cf967c

The background colour of the standards on my Surprise Symphony 2 seedlings is varying from when the flower opens to the end of its life.
Thumb of 2018-11-03/Totally_Amazing/88cdf2
(it's not the same flower in every photo)

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Iris Bloom Season 2018 - Week 6 (part 1)
Posted on Nov 5, 2018 11:06 PM

My Surprise Symphony seedlings ....
Surprise Symphony 2
The standards are a bit more pink when the flower opens
Thumb of 2018-10-30/Totally_Amazing/d2c2e0 Thumb of 2018-10-30/Totally_Amazing/d37258 Thumb of 2018-10-30/Totally_Amazing/8dde52
Surprise Symphony 2 is a similar colour and pattern to Feudalism. I don't think I need both of them
Thumb of 2018-10-30/Totally_Amazing/899a2e

Surprise Symphony 6 is my favourite of the two seedlings.
Surprise Symphony 6
Thumb of 2018-10-30/Totally_Amazing/35d423
It is a similar colour and pattern to Ibiza.
with Ibiza (right) and its daddy Set To Music is the red and white iris in the background
Thumb of 2018-10-30/Totally_Amazing/f42909
with Ibiza (left)
Thumb of 2018-10-30/Totally_Amazing/b1c203

I think the two Surprise Symphony siblings look nice together
Thumb of 2018-10-30/Totally_Amazing/c20622

Ibiza [Kevin Nilsen 1995]
Thumb of 2018-10-30/Totally_Amazing/c233ab

Set To Music [Blyth 2000] the pollen parent of my seedlings. The pod parent is Birthday Surprise [William Maryott], which didn't flower this year.
Thumb of 2018-10-30/Totally_Amazing/efd96a

Cross Dresser [Thomas Johnson 2011] has made me wait 2 years to see its maiden bloom. There a few irises that look similar to this one. I chose Cross Dresser because its hafts and banding are more brown and less yellow. It is as beautiful as it looked in the catalogs Lovey dubby
Hurry up and open...
Thumb of 2018-10-31/Totally_Amazing/765c53

Winner's Circle [Gordon Plough 1971] also made me wait 2 years for its maiden bloom. I love the stripes on this one Lovey dubby
Thumb of 2018-10-31/Totally_Amazing/818c21
A few days after its initial bloom I noticed some white spots on it. They looked like some type of eggs and I have been spraying it with soapy water every day. The tiny white dots started spreading to neighbouring irises and agapanthus. It has been driving me crazy. When I was taking photos of it yesterday, I noticed white specks falling from the tree above. Thank goodness they aren't eggs!

Thumb of 2018-10-31/Totally_Amazing/076c3f Thumb of 2018-10-31/Totally_Amazing/76e0cc

Cross Dresser and Winner's Circle with Toucan Tango, My Tasha, Squid Squirt and Absolute Treasure
Thumb of 2018-10-31/Totally_Amazing/0d85ea

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Iris Blooms 2018 - Week 5 (part 2)
Posted on Oct 28, 2018 2:44 PM

Last year I had a couple of first time bloomers that didn't behave like I expected.

The first one is My Tasha [John Charles Taylor 2013]. The blooms opened a nice shade of purple and faded. They faded again this year, but I still love it. I think its the stripes that I love about it Lovey dubby
This is a freshly opening bloom
Thumb of 2018-10-27/Totally_Amazing/6e5ba7 Thumb of 2018-10-27/Totally_Amazing/85d66e
This is the same stem of blooms taken 2 days later. The flower above is the lowest one in this photo
Thumb of 2018-10-27/Totally_Amazing/f7f9e7

The other bloom that was different to what I was expecting last year was Strawberry Swirl [Chet Thompkins 1993]. Last year the falls took about 3 days to fall after they separated from the standards and on the first few flowers they didn't open completely.
Thumb of 2018-10-27/Totally_Amazing/edf1e8

This year the falls opened normally Smiling This is the best dark pink colour out of the irises I grow.
Thumb of 2018-10-27/Totally_Amazing/8dfbbd Thumb of 2018-10-27/Totally_Amazing/f9fe83

I have several blues flowering at the moment. I love all of my blue irises Lovey dubby
Yaquina Blue [Schreiner 1992] is a newbie for me. I love the colour of this one.
Thumb of 2018-10-27/Totally_Amazing/b38e57

Rippling River [Schreiner 1995] is a beautiful ruffled dark blue.
Thumb of 2018-10-27/Totally_Amazing/145521

Mer Du Sud [Richard Cayeux 1997] is the bluest of these three.
Thumb of 2018-10-27/Totally_Amazing/72331d

This is a garden shot with all three blues. Rippling River is on the left, Yaquina Blue in the middle and Mer Du Sud in the background. Also in the background is Thunderstick, Hell's Fire, Who's Your Daddy, Going My Way and Celestial Explosion

Thumb of 2018-10-27/Totally_Amazing/fc34bd

My Absolute Treasure [Tasco 2005] is looking beautiful. It's well spaced light blue flowers are gorgeous. Lovey dubby
Thumb of 2018-10-27/Totally_Amazing/348f91

This is Absolute Treasure with My Tasha and Strawberry Swirl.
Thumb of 2018-10-27/Totally_Amazing/bdc77f

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