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My daffodil blooms 2021
Posted on Oct 26, 2021 4:16 PM

My new daffodils that bloomed for the first time are:

1. Boobook 2 Y-YYO[ Large-Cupped]
Boobook is a lovely mid bloomer but I wish the petals would align more neatly.
Thumb of 2021-10-26/Totally_Amazing/5ce18a

2. (maybe) Greg's Favourite 1 Y-Y[ Trumpet Long-Cupped ]
Greg's Favourite is listed as a mid bloomer but mine bloomed very early. I need to confirm if the correct daffodil was sent to me.
Thumb of 2021-10-26/Totally_Amazing/965913
It is similar to Welcome but has a longer, narrower and less flared trumpet. Welcome is in the daffodil in the foreground.
Thumb of 2021-10-26/Totally_Amazing/6d7268
Thumb of 2021-10-26/Totally_Amazing/98b5cb

3. Serendipity Lace 4 W-P[ Double ]
This daffodil was a standout for me. It was lemon and orange when it opened and matured to a more pinky orange.
Thumb of 2021-10-26/Totally_Amazing/d7341f
Thumb of 2021-10-26/Totally_Amazing/82af99

4. NoID.
This late blooming daffodil was very pretty. The trumpet opened lemon and matured to pink except for the yellow rim. The closest match I can find is Salome 2 W-PPY[ Large-Cupped ].
Thumb of 2021-10-26/Totally_Amazing/d43172
Thumb of 2021-10-26/Totally_Amazing/f95743
Thumb of 2021-10-26/Totally_Amazing/6c951f

5. NoID
This NoID bloomed very early. I love the flared trumpet. It might be a daffodil called Sunstruck 2 Y-O[ Large-Cupped] in the Hancocks brochure which is different to the Sunstruck daffodils in daffseek.
Thumb of 2021-10-26/Totally_Amazing/9ac27a
Thumb of 2021-10-26/Totally_Amazing/e61044

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Robin's seedlings3
Posted on Oct 26, 2021 3:04 PM

The last cross I made in 2015 was between Silver Streak and Dark Passion. This time I used Silver Streak as the pod parent


Nine seedlings bloomed this year.
Dark Passion 1 Thumb of 2020-11-10/Totally_Amazing/9b09a4 Thumb of 2020-11-10/Totally_Amazing/4ed194 has weak stems :(
Dark Passion 2 Thumb of 2020-11-10/Totally_Amazing/41a4cd Thumb of 2020-11-10/Totally_Amazing/fc1e15 Thumb of 2020-11-10/Totally_Amazing/660abe
Dark Passion 3 Thumb of 2020-11-10/Totally_Amazing/76302d Thumb of 2020-11-10/Totally_Amazing/2091af Thumb of 2020-11-10/Totally_Amazing/beb4e0 The top buds bloomed sideways and close together
Dark Passion 5 Thumb of 2020-11-10/Totally_Amazing/4ba8ee Thumb of 2020-11-10/Totally_Amazing/d23162
Dark Passion 7 Thumb of 2020-11-10/Totally_Amazing/5bcbb8 Thumb of 2020-11-10/Totally_Amazing/55bb96 bloomed low in the foliage
Dark Passion 18 Thumb of 2020-11-11/Totally_Amazing/c2d896 Thumb of 2020-11-11/Totally_Amazing/eda18b
Dark Passion 19 Thumb of 2020-11-11/Totally_Amazing/7e54fc Thumb of 2020-11-11/Totally_Amazing/1516ea Thumb of 2020-11-11/Totally_Amazing/58a5cd The underside of the falls is mostly white.
Dark Passion 20 Thumb of 2020-11-11/Totally_Amazing/70b010 Thumb of 2020-11-11/Totally_Amazing/fb9d78 Thumb of 2020-11-11/Totally_Amazing/eb5b7a
Dark Passion 25 Thumb of 2020-11-10/Totally_Amazing/35ba3d Thumb of 2020-11-10/Totally_Amazing/9fc5a2

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Robin's seedlings2
Posted on Oct 26, 2021 3:03 PM

Have you ever wondered what happens if you cross a tall bearded iris with an intermediate? Back in 2015 I crossed Devil May Care with Silver Streak hoping to create a purple broken pattern iris.

My chances of getting a broken pattern are low because Devil May Care is not a plicata but it has a great grandparent which is. I have 7 seedlings from this cross and only 2 of them bloomed this year. One was trouble free, the other was nothing but trouble.

Devil May Care 4 was doing well until the top part of the bloom stalk broke off. I put it in a jar of water but it died of rot and I didn't see it bloom. About a week later I noticed there was another bud still on the plant in the ground. This bud produced a chimera with 3 falls and one standard. The bloom is about the same size as Neon Blue, another intermediate.
Thumb of 2020-11-04/Totally_Amazing/173c3f Thumb of 2020-11-04/Totally_Amazing/a344f9 Thumb of 2020-11-04/Totally_Amazing/0064ee

Nearly 2 weeks later another bloom emerged. This one had 4 falls. I didn't spray anything to stop the bugs because I have heard that chemicals can affect the blooms and this seedling had enough problems already.
Thumb of 2020-11-04/Totally_Amazing/04fbb7

About 10 days after that I finally got a bloom with 3 standards and 3 falls but the bugs go to it before the bud opened.
Thumb of 2020-11-04/Totally_Amazing/9be428

I am hoping it will bloom normally next year without any chimeras. I don't know if these problems are a consequence of crossing a tall iris with an intermediate.
Would you call this iris a broken pattern? There are streaks sometimes.

Devil May Care 5 was the trouble free seedling. I think this bloom is the size of an intermediate too. It has rather long falls like its pod parent.
Thumb of 2020-11-04/Totally_Amazing/c7f0e4 Thumb of 2020-11-04/Totally_Amazing/215ad6

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Seedlings 2020
Posted on Oct 26, 2021 3:00 PM

I am a year behind on updating this blog and I have a lot to catch up on.
Last year (2020) some of my seedlings from crosses I made in 2015 bloomed for the first time. I am a novice hybridizer and these are the first crosses I made after my initial trial run a couple years earlier where I just crossed the last 2 hybrids that bloomed. There is nothing special among them. I am just sharing some photos for anyone who is interested in seeing some examples of what blooms are created from various parents.

The first cross I made was Ibiza x Silver Streak.

I wanted to create a pink broken pattern iris. Since then I have acquired a pink broken pattern iris and I have learned that the broken pattern and plicata traits are recessive and that my chances of getting them is low unless both parent irises have this trait. The pod parent of Ibiza has some plicatas in its ancestry but is not a plicata. I have 15 seedlings from this cross that have bloomed and a bud on another one.

I must apologise for the snail damage on my blooms. I didn't want to introduce any chemicals to the blooms and I didn't want to use pellets because I have a cat.

Most of my seedlings are bitones.
Ibiza 2 Thumb of 2020-10-25/Totally_Amazing/404caf Thumb of 2020-11-02/Totally_Amazing/e0abac has one white streak on one bloom only

Ibiza 3 Thumb of 2020-11-02/Totally_Amazing/3dae7a Thumb of 2020-11-02/Totally_Amazing/36a60c Thumb of 2020-11-02/Totally_Amazing/9f482c has flowers of varying colours on one stem. This is what these blooms looked like the first day they opened. I have been expecting the darker one to fade but 3 days on it still looks the same.

Ibiza 6 Thumb of 2020-10-28/Totally_Amazing/368ebf Thumb of 2020-11-02/Totally_Amazing/11c964 Thumb of 2020-11-02/Totally_Amazing/f47e9d

Ibiza 8 Thumb of 2020-10-25/Totally_Amazing/6ef36c Thumb of 2020-10-25/Totally_Amazing/90eb24 Thumb of 2020-10-28/Totally_Amazing/7532e1 This is the reddest seedling

Ibiza 10 Thumb of 2020-10-25/Totally_Amazing/93fe71 Thumb of 2020-10-25/Totally_Amazing/800636 Thumb of 2020-10-25/Totally_Amazing/13ceef bloomed last year

Ibiza 11Thumb of 2020-11-02/Totally_Amazing/1a8cb0 Thumb of 2020-11-02/Totally_Amazing/e655ee

Ibiza 12 Thumb of 2020-10-25/Totally_Amazing/433271 Thumb of 2020-11-02/Totally_Amazing/ba0ef2

Ibiza 14 Thumb of 2020-10-25/Totally_Amazing/3b1f91 One bloom only low in the foliage

Ibiza 15 Thumb of 2020-11-02/Totally_Amazing/e81f31 Thumb of 2020-11-02/Totally_Amazing/4bdb0c

Ibiza 19 Thumb of 2020-10-25/Totally_Amazing/ede386 Thumb of 2020-11-02/Totally_Amazing/b0bf8b Thumb of 2020-10-25/Totally_Amazing/8b3839 with Ibiza 12. One bloom on Ibiza 19 went flat

Ibiza 22 Thumb of 2020-10-25/Totally_Amazing/630c1a Thumb of 2020-11-02/Totally_Amazing/72d35f

Ibiza 28 Thumb of 2020-10-28/Totally_Amazing/e02e58 Thumb of 2020-11-02/Totally_Amazing/f14e0a Thumb of 2020-11-02/Totally_Amazing/488cdd

Ibiza 32 Thumb of 2020-10-25/Totally_Amazing/605157

I was excited to see a couple of plicatas in the mix, but no broken patterns.
Ibiza 4 Thumb of 2020-10-25/Totally_Amazing/2f3489 Thumb of 2020-11-02/Totally_Amazing/24b0b1 Thumb of 2020-10-25/Totally_Amazing/935f36 The falls have a hint of beige
Ibiza 18 Thumb of 2020-11-02/Totally_Amazing/414993 Thumb of 2020-11-02/Totally_Amazing/c161c9 Thumb of 2020-10-25/Totally_Amazing/3414d5

Out of these 15 Ibiza seedlings 13 are bitones, 2 are plicatas and 3 are space ages.

These are a couple of group photos. The dark purple bloom is from a different cross.
Thumb of 2020-11-02/Totally_Amazing/c53b4e Thumb of 2020-11-02/Totally_Amazing/e6048b

I am keeping an eye on Ibiza 3 and its varying colour blooms. All of my seedling blog entries can be found in a thread in the iris forum
The thread "Robin's Seedlings 2020" in Irises forum

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Iris Bloom Season 2020 Final Week
Posted on Nov 23, 2020 5:29 PM

Black Suited
Thumb of 2020-11-17/Totally_Amazing/4890b2

Codicil bloomed one stalk at a time. It is planted with Colours of the Wind (Sirocco Mist in the background)
Thumb of 2020-11-17/Totally_Amazing/19a0b7 Thumb of 2020-11-17/Totally_Amazing/eee1c1 Thumb of 2020-11-17/Totally_Amazing/983ed0

Ring Around Rosie
Thumb of 2020-11-17/Totally_Amazing/23d44b

This is the end of my bloom season. My aggies and pokers are starting to bloom and I have buds on my daylilies.
Thumb of 2020-11-17/Totally_Amazing/ff8ba1

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