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Jan 25th
Posted on Jan 25, 2016 5:07 PM

While the eastern part of the US is experiencing terrible winter storms this week, we've been quite warm here- up to 70 today!
You can bet that we are taking advantage of this beautiful weather!!

Dave and some helpers finished the greenhouse. We don't expect this weather to last, and even if it does, night-time temps are still below freezing.
Thumb of 2016-01-25/Trish/05d01b
Thumb of 2016-01-25/Trish/3364c8

Katie's rabbits are multiplying like...well, rabbits!
Thumb of 2016-01-25/Trish/326694

These sweet little daffs are always the first ones up every year. More varieties are breaking ground (no picture of that, sorry!)
Thumb of 2016-01-25/Trish/39796d

Finally, the peppers and eggplants are starting to make their appearance- Whooo-hooo!
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Farm Update- Jan 18th, 2016
Posted on Jan 18, 2016 10:52 AM

With a goal of sharing our fun farm adventures once a week with thousands of my closest friends, I hereby declare that I intend to blog once per week in 2016. Since I'm already several weeks behind, have high hopes, but low expectations!

Our favorite milk cow, Elsie gave birth to a beautiful heifer 2 weeks ago, and we are flowing with milk (and honey too, actually, but not from the cow!).
Thumb of 2016-01-18/Trish/0a232c

Dave and several helpers have been working on rebuilding our greenhouse as time allows. We hope to have it done very soon.
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Tomato, peppers, and eggplants have been started, but no germination yet. These are for our own use as well as for our plant sales this spring.

The weather has been so nice in the last week! Since we anticipate a very busy spring season, we've all agreed to try to get as much done in the winter as we possibly can, so weeding and applying a heavy layer of wood mulch is being done slowly now instead of in the spring. This garden is ready to go. This spot is one of our tropical beds. It will be full of bananas, elephant ears, caladiums and various other tropical- type plants in late spring (they are slower to show up). Meanwhile, it is a perfect place to plant garlic! The garlic will be harvested when other plants will start to compete for space.
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Around the Farm- 03/19/13
Posted on Mar 19, 2013 4:23 PM

Planted tomato and pepper plants.



Carrots are popping up everywhere. Radishes look nice and healthy.


So are cannas, and lillies

2013-03-19/Trish/9cc982 2013-03-19/Trish/dbe453 2013-03-19/Trish/b6a400

All of my wintersown seeds are getting potted up and moved out.

2013-03-19/Trish/c5baff 2013-03-19/Trish/1e2477

Things sure are looking like spring!


A blanket of hay mulch!


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Forcing bulbs
Posted on Mar 19, 2013 3:58 PM

Remember those bulbs I was talking about in our February podcast?

I had gotten these from Mary's Garden Patch. They grew great- I just kept forgetting to updateeveryone!


Here they are in all of their glory. You'll notice that I tied them with a ribbon. Paperwhites tend to flop over without some support.




They are lovely flowers. I will warn you- Paperwhites are listed as "malodorous" for a reason. I kept checking to see who needed a diaper change every time I walked by them! They ended up outside by the time they were in full bloom. While the flower is beautiful, and a welcome addition in the middle of the cold season, Paperwhites are outdoor only flowers for me!


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Around the farm- 1/23/13
Posted on Jan 22, 2013 4:15 PM

Setting out onions:


Starting a few trays of seeds:


My little lettuce and spinach patch. I am doing succession planting in this bed.


The Pac Choy in the herb spiral looks great for late January!


New beds going in for 2013. These beds are located behind the herb spiral.


Garlic planted in between the roses.


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