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Last Baby shower update :)
Posted on May 12, 2012 10:14 AM

I think I'm all set for the arrival of our new bundle!

Dave and I always pick out a special stuff animal made by Gund for our babies, and this time we ordered a monkey. He's very cute!



Thanks to you all, after we bought our 3 figs (which are doing wonderfully!), we puchased a car seat (Little Man will still use his for several more years). This one will last from birth until he's big enough not to need another one- Yeah!

I wasn't completely sure what to do with the rest of the funds, until I was garage "sailing" with my oldest last weekend and we found these:



I've wanted a bassinetsince we were pregnant with our oldest, but was always too cheap (or poor *grin*) to buy one, and our swing was broken when we took it out of storage for Little Man, and I didn't want to pay for a new one then. I got both of these for $50- what a score! I couldn't get them out to my vehicle fast enough! Yesterday, I double washed the covers and bedding, and scrubbed them down. I'm thrilled :)

Thank you so much again! You've all been so kind and generous to us!!!

For all of you mothers- Happy Mother's Day!! May you get told a million times how wonderful you are, how much you are appreciated, and may your love tank be filled and overflowing!


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How do you.....?
Posted on Apr 25, 2012 4:04 PM

I'm sure you can imagine that I get asked a lot of "how do you" questions.

When Dave took this picture of me, he said "and this is how you garden when you are pregnant". Yup- that about sums it up.






Sitting onthe ground (no bending!) (I do squat until I get tired, though.)


Reaching over the Bump.



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Posted on Apr 17, 2012 6:03 PM

Between homeschooling and having one's own business, the sheer amount of paper that can accumulate is astonishing. I wish we were paperless, but the reality is that while we have been able to reduce our paper needs, paper is still a very real part of our lives.

Yes, we could recycle (well, we could if our tiny town had a recycling center), but what we do use it for is sheet mulching. At ileast once, and often twice per year, I shovel the composted goodness, put down new paper or cardboard, and remulch with whatever material is available at the moment. I did my shovel work back in Jan, but never got around to the mulch part. Last Friday was the day.

Normally we don't get the newspaper, but Dave's Dad purchased a year subscription to the Wall Steet Journal, which has been very nice for the children to be exposed to, and perfect for mulch! However, most of that got used as part of the new beds around the herb spiral. I did use the rest of what we had, and then pulled out the 2 boxes of school work that the children had done but that I didn't need to save and proceeded to line the pathways.2012-04-17/Trish/c0d176


I then emptied the bags of leaves that we picked up from the side of the road. We have plenty of woods to gather from, but I'd hate to deprive the poor woods of it's mulch when someone so nicely bagged up leaves for me. (Besides, the trash collector won't collect the leaves, so someone has to get them). 


In a few minutes time, about 8 months of worksheets, handwriting, math, and junk mail is on it's way to this fall's composted mulch! It's one of the ways the we reuse and recycle here on the little homestead.

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Store update
Posted on Apr 8, 2012 12:33 PM

Whew- another item(s) off my todo list, but this time it is fun stuff for me!

You see, the heat and I don't get along very well these days, so by 10am or so, I'm inside. After school is finished, I'm always ready for a brain break, so it's up to my craft room I go!

In anticipation of shipping shirts next week, as well as selling at our annual plant sale, I've added a few things to my little store.

The mint/comfrey soap is ready to go. You'll love it!

Gardener's Hand Salve is wonderful, and don't miss our family's favorite- BooBooBalm (say it real fast to sound like a Whitinger).

I also completed casserole covers, clothes pin bags, purses, and aprons.

Just to move things along, I also decreased the price on the recycled aprons :)

We ship out shirts as fast as we can, so you'll have to let us know if there is an order from my store to be included so you only pay shipping once.


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Baby Shower update!
Posted on Apr 2, 2012 7:27 PM

3 healthy fig trees have been purchased and installed thanks to all of you!!

Yummm- I can hardly wait!



Also, I have ordered these swaddle blankets. I would have rather had a gender neutral, but that wasn't available in the 2 pack. I first heard about these about 3 years ago, and I was too frugal to buy them with Little Man, but I used your shower money this time. I really look forward to seeing if they are as good as others say they are!! Thank you!!

Still on my list is a car seat, and I still need to assess the summer cothing needs, so I'll keep you up to date!

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