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80's Today it's Gonna Feel like Summer
Posted on Apr 11, 2017 6:06 AM

So our wacky weather continues. Yesterday was like mid 70's today's gonna be like 81 degrees. After we had a cold time last week...

Anyway it's been a whole since I last posted somethings are still alive some aren't (like my lilac cuttings)

Thumb of 2017-04-11/Zella/d225b4

Thumb of 2017-04-11/Zella/e30aca
This is the decapitated "scarlet o'hara" morning glory as you can see its still alive it has roots coming out the bottom of the little pot... no pics of that cause I get nervous picking it up thinking I'll crush the poor roots!

Thumb of 2017-04-11/Zella/97af6e

Thumb of 2017-04-11/Zella/5a652d

Thumb of 2017-04-11/Zella/a278b1

This is my badly over crowded "learning experience" morning glory pot... crowded or not it's growing for now. Even the 4 o'clock I stuck in the middle of them is growing (finally) I don't know if you can tell but there are a lot of buds growing on this gal! Can't wait til some grow more and open! Who will win 1st opening I wonder?! So excited to see, so hard to wait!

Thumb of 2017-04-11/Zella/cab172

Thumb of 2017-04-11/Zella/139dcd

My own polka dot plants, cuttings I took from my mom. I had them in water and then moved them to soil they are doing well as you can see! <3

Thumb of 2017-04-11/Zella/4f6ace

Thumb of 2017-04-11/Zella/83c66f

I think these are hibiscus? I grew them from my "neighbors" seeds (the bush's seeds pods were calling to me! I know it's not nice to take seeds with out asking my bad!)

Thumb of 2017-04-11/Zella/f9258f

Shasta daisys... still small...

Thumb of 2017-04-11/Zella/2ed792
Daylily from the side of my house

Thumb of 2017-04-11/Zella/dec5ed

Thumb of 2017-04-11/Zella/2cb43a
A naughty morning glory I forget which kind maybe "milky way" or "grandpa ott"? It's climbing up a strain of plastic burlap.... lol

I think that's it for my guys and gals. My mom's plants are alive too (somehow) the bamboo may die though not gonna lie...

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Still have Snow on the Ground...
Posted on Mar 19, 2017 10:33 AM

So the 14th (last Tuesday) we had another nor'easter. There is still snow on the ground. I'm sick of seeing it to be honest :/

I wonder if at this year's Daffodil Festival will there even be daffodils? Last year most of them were already dead like 95% of 600,000 flowers that's a lot already gone.

My flowers that are indoors don't even seem to like the cold. Or the heat kicking on and drying out their poor pots.

Hopefully this is the last of the snow Connecticut will see.

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Weather, Please Pick a Degree and Stick with It!
Posted on Mar 6, 2017 5:39 AM

The weather outside is varying greatly. Today is gonna be in the 40s vs 9 degrees at night 2 nights ago... this Wednesday it's gonna be 60... this can't be good for the daffodils, day lilies, and crocus already sprouting :/

Anyway, my morning glories pot is doing well (if over crowded)
Thumb of 2017-03-06/Zella/0899d1
I should of just did 4 (one of each kind instead of two) in this is grandpa ott, scarlet o'hara, milky way, moonflower, and just cause I had no where else to put it at the time a 4 o'clock in the center.
Thumb of 2017-03-06/Zella/ba2ad5
I have a few tendrils starting to twine around so excited about that!

My decapitated morning glory (a scarlet o'hara) did grow at least one root
Thumb of 2017-03-06/Zella/05f9aa
It's also growing more leaves
Thumb of 2017-03-06/Zella/37f9b0
So proud of it for not dying! Totally terrified of if I'll need to transplant it...

That's it for now. I did a little work on the lilac cuttings but I'll update about that later

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So Nice Outside!
Posted on Feb 24, 2017 9:12 AM

Today the temp is supposed to reach 65/66 right now it's 56 and it feels so good I feel like opening a window! My mom would probably kill me cause the heat will kick on if indoors goes under 66 :/ I wonder if I can figure out how to turn off the heat? Fresh air is important for everyone's health.

Speaking of health:
Thumb of 2017-02-24/Zella/e70868

Thumb of 2017-02-24/Zella/9d9f9e
My decapitated scarlet o'hara morning glory is still doing well. I think it was good I kept the starter leaves from touching the soil by proping it up with twist ties (you know the kind you get for garbage bags?) It kept the leaves from staying wet and rotting I think.

Thumb of 2017-02-24/Zella/c189c3
This is a picture of my polka-dot plant cutting. I think these are roots. I curious if they are good enough roots for me to put it in soil? :/ I don't know...

Thumb of 2017-02-24/Zella/d36ac3

Thumb of 2017-02-24/Zella/2e1b24

Thumb of 2017-02-24/Zella/50e2f6
As you can see from the lid of this container these are lilac cuttings. I think the right term is hardwood? I took them a week ago on the 17th (also on the lid)
I'm using an old pretzel container to house it so it gets a lot of humidity. From what I read light right now isn't too important, just keeping it warm is.
I wish I took a photo when I first did this. The leaves weren't opening and honestly I didn't think they would... at least not this fast. I guess I created a mini spring season for the sticks?
When I first put them in I dipped them in powdered root hormone so fingers crossed they root. But I am thinking the nods below where the leaves were at the base may grow since they weren't really there I didn't break them/cut them out... maybe I'll let lucky and since they are under the soil and coated with root hormone they will just turn into roots and not leaves... who knows this is just attempt 1. Like in the movie "Meet the Robinsons" keep moving forward!

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Posted on Feb 22, 2017 4:41 PM

Thumb of 2017-02-22/Zella/8c7e07
It's a leaf! On the morning glory I uh-uhm decapitated... but yay! It looks like it's still alive! Maybe it won't die fingers seriously crossed.

Thumb of 2017-02-22/Zella/cbdb2f

Thumb of 2017-02-22/Zella/99ba09

Thumb of 2017-02-22/Zella/025cb5

Thumb of 2017-02-22/Zella/e89d6f
These are my other morning glories <3 doing so well, I'm so happy.
Actually leaves on most of them! Except the transplanted scarlet o'hara... maybe soon? It kinda looks like it's trying to grow one so... maybe! (That last photo is of it by the way)

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