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Holy Moly, they're Alive!
Posted on Feb 7, 2017 6:06 PM

So a while back (Jan 29th) I planted some hibiscus seeds and 4 o'clock seeds (both after soaking)
It was the 2nd attempt with the hibiscus seeds and 1st with the 4 o'clock's.

I thought they just rotted in the soil and therefore weren't going to sprout. Well I was 1/2 right. One of the two 4 o'clock's was struggling to get out of its shell but was definitely sprouting the other was rotted and very mulch like. The hibiscus was growing but seemed to get lost on which way was up. Honestly surprised it still grew even if under the soil and sideways. The other hibiscus seed was much like the 4 o'clock - mulch-like...

Thumb of 2017-02-08/Zella/f1142a
Left is the 4 o'clock - Right is the hibiscus
I moved them to this container cause it gets great light and hold the warm in well, good luck guys!
Here is to those of us that are survivors! Not to be underestimated! ROAR!

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Fingers Crossed!
Posted on Feb 6, 2017 5:35 PM

So I soaked another set of 4 o'clock seeds (4 this time) and they still felt like the seed shell was very hard and not soft or cracked at all. So I tried my luck with scraping a bit off with a knife.

I was very very nervous but this post https://garden.org/thread/view... gave me the courage to try.

I cut at the um not pointy end of the 4 o'clock seeds then peeled some of the brown shell off. I figured nothing lost if nothing gained since they probably wouldn't of germinated as I had them. *shrugs*

I also started some morning glory "milky way" seeds (6) and moonflower "gaint white" seeds (4) most of those looked good. Though one moonflower seed looked the same as when I first put it in the water. Hopefully the 3 other sprout <3

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Posted on Feb 5, 2017 7:26 AM

Thumb of 2017-02-05/Zella/9adbaa
So these are 5 of the 6 Grandpa Ott's morning glories seeds I planted a few days ago! Wowzah! They couldn't wait to sprout huh?!

Thumb of 2017-02-05/Zella/12fef9
These are the morning glories I transplanted yesterday. The two front ones are Grandpa Ott's and the back one is Scarlet O'Hara <3 grow strong and happy guys!

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Posted on Feb 4, 2017 5:01 AM

Thumb of 2017-02-04/Zella/8a0eea
Oh! I forgot! I planted 6 Grandpa Ott's Morning Glories in this small container and 3 are sprouting with one really really ready to show itself!

Also between the last post and this one I transplanted the 3 other morning glories into larger pots (though still small ones, like normal small though not plastic shot glasses) - pictures to come tomorrow (hopefully!)

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Rise and shine
Posted on Feb 4, 2017 4:03 AM

Thumb of 2017-02-04/Zella/2ae659
My two Grandpa Ott's Morning Glories (puple cup) and one Scarlet O'Hara (pink cup) Morning Glory <3

It's still cold by the window at night so I have them in a ziplock bag to keep the draft off them.

My other Scarlet O'Hara and 4 O'clock's haven't come up yet. :/ I still have hope though

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