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Posted on Feb 19, 2017 2:38 PM

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So this was my "mystery vine" that turned out to be a rose (of some sort) vine.
As you can see its just growing out of our junk pile...

I think I have said before it's part of out landlord's planted rose from the backyard that got *uh-um* mowed over last summer. As you can see its green and still growing (these cut off parts) my theory is it magically rooted itself from the cuttings even though we threw it to the junk pile...

Over the nor'easter storm I had it covered to protect it from the cold cold wind and the snow directly on it. I just uncovered it from the junk grill cover and am happy to see its still looking good.

We are supposed to be having warmer weather so I am hoping that and the sun will be good for this strange little guy. It's behind the house and our house faces east so it will be getting the setting of the sun's sunlight.

It's also under a 2nd floor deck so it's does have to wait for sun for most of the day...

My uncle suggested I dig it up and move it to join the rest of its self... but I worry it will just get run over again by my mom's moron bf...

I'd like to buy some of that cute white thin lattice fencing to put around it or maybe just in a C shape in the back and brick stuff in the front? Something that easily shows "a plant is here, don't run it over!"

All in all I'm not sure what I am gonna do yet. I still have time (I think) to consider my options.

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Warming Up
Posted on Feb 19, 2017 10:02 AM

So the weather is finally warming up about time if you ask me!

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Here are some photo of my morning glory pot. And yes I meant for it to be crowded. What I forgot was a lot of plants means lots of water needs. (Well at least for morning glories)

In this pot is 2 grandpa ott, 2 scarlet o'hara, 2 milky way, 2 moonflower, and 1 4 o'clock in the center. I keep my plants indoors so I am hoping they cross pollinate and I get random seeds.

When I made the bamboo arch thingy I accidentally pinched one of the scarlet o'hara when I brought the pot down from my room to the living room. I swapped it out and put in a different scarlet o'hara in. But I made the mistake of dipping the healthy scarlet o'hara's roots in root growth hormone thinking it would grow better as it settles into its new home.
WELL I think that was dumb. Either it definitely didn't need it or the stuff was too strong too much and burnt the roots. It's leaves started to curl in and for a while its stalk was wilty now the stalk is nice and firm up but the leaves are still iffy making me wonder if it will survive. Worse I think when I watered it some of the hormone drifted to two other plants my milky way and grandpa ott. Though the grandpa ott's leaves I think got some damage from the cold too... not sure. And the milky way had trouble getting the shell off its leaves so I think it hurt the leaves a little.

It's good to say though with all this planty drama that finally I am seeing sprouts of the real leaves growing. Maybe you can see them too in the above photos?

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THIS is the morning glory that got pinched. That was on the 12th of this month. Today is the 19th.
I cut the leaves and tiny bit of stem about where I hurt it and dipped it also in the hormone root growth stuff. I also did it to the cut end of the stem and tucked both into soil. Somehow both are still alive... not 100% sure HOW but if new leaves sprout from the starter leaves I'll be happy. I'm not 100% sure what I was thinking for the stem. But I'll let both grow for as long as they can and see what (if anything) happens.

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Sick of the Snow
Posted on Feb 12, 2017 4:19 PM

Today was more snow... I'm not a snow person. Nope, not at all...

By next Sunday (the 19th) it should be in or near the 50's. We just need the weather to stay on the climb to warmth and no more snow.

I always say February is the worst month in Connecticut no one ever believes me :/

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Even as the snow falls we can catch some rays
Posted on Feb 9, 2017 1:36 PM

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So I have this mini green house thing from oceanstate joblot it was like 20 dollars and I got it last year and put brown plastic burlap on the shelves to look like ground.
I bought it with the intention of using it to grow some small easy cute flowers and make it look like a fairy garden for my daughter.
Unfortunately it went unused last year but I left the plastic burlap on it in hopes that I could use it this year.

Though it's not being used for the reason I intended I am using it for its purpose.

I took the morning glory pots out and put them on a chair just so they could get better sun while letting the others get their sun too.

When the morning glories grow a bit I'm gonna have to put up something for them to climb and wind around. I'm looking forward to it! <3

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Posted on Feb 9, 2017 6:43 AM

Connecticut is in the mist of a nor'easter storm. Yup the snow already is falling and is supposed to continue til tonight around 5 :/ boo... weather is never "normal" anymore. Yesterday was like 55 degrees (warm for February).

It's New England so I am used to changing weather (I've lived here my whole life, ya know?) but even then there was a more normal pattern to it.

At least my plants are indoors. Though I do worry about the landlords rose vine in the back yard and the cutting (miraculously) growing from it (the rose vine got "a bit" mowed over last year those vines got thrown under the 2nd floor's deck/back porch and somehow rooted themselves with out human help and started growing and are still alive!)
I have a old grill cover covering it to keep the snow from touching it directly but it'll still feel the cold as the snow settles on the grill cover. :/

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