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July 2018 Gardens and Blooms V
Posted on Jul 16, 2018 5:42 PM

Today I finally got out there early enough to plant my seedlings from Winter sowing, on the pathway side of the kennel garden. Asclepias and Blue Sea Holly. My first success story in growing ANYTHING from seed, and they're living to tell the tale in this "Kodak moment"!! Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing ....and the far right Asclepias, in the first photo, actually has buds on it!! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/9db05c
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/78cadc

Purple Liatris with a friend Lovey dubby .....a bit blurry, but I'm just happy I managed these photos unharmed bc I was warned a couple times that this was HIS territory Angry Angry , and close behind me was our car D'Oh! D'Oh!
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/8e4108
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/287833
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/584abc

White allium garlic.....also part of my first ever Winter sowing program. Other allium seed did not germinate though.
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/98635d

Daylily photos from today.....

'Gus Townsend' FFE
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/36677a

'El Nino' 4 petals and 3 is he a poly wannabe? Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/5d0100

Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/000c20

'Sincere Prayer' FFO
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/0014cb

'Venetian Royalty'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/0e2caf

'Stargate Portal'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/123b55

'Mountain Lifestyles'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/fb78df

'War Horse'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/e546d0

'Moroccan Sapphire'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/fe4b0d

'Asheville Social Butterfly'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/353d2a
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/67e151
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/8a73c2

'Asheville Pink Lady'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/8ab139

'Two Sues'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/c62f5d

'Lilac Moonchild'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/074ebe

'Coral Majority'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/64046f

'Plum Tuckered'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/e1bdaa

'Thumbthing Special'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/e126f2

'Meerkat Manor'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/406c49

'Mystic Pizza'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/26dbb6

'Arachnidan Trap'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/ec51cb

'Flycatcher' x 'Heavenly Curls' Kim Klarner, hybridizer
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/a58933

'Don't Leave Empty-Handed'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/de7956

'Lily Munster'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/9e079b

'Spock's Ears'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/0d4b4d
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/88ce16

Who needs garden gnomes when Jasper's around? nodding nodding Lovey dubby Lovey dubby Lovey dubby
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/ff415f
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/838b31
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/8e78b9
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/c280e0

Red Hydrangea....from our church's altar. Our pastor gave them away on Mother's Day 2017....this year's photos Smiling Honestly, I thought I'd killed it D'Oh! , but there must have been some Divine Intervention going on, during the past year!! Hilarious! Hilarious! Hilarious!
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/a54866
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/a502ad
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/21bce9

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July 2018 Gardens and Blooms IV
Posted on Jul 11, 2018 9:45 AM

Corner of Kennel garden with 'Cheyenne Spirit' Coneflower and 'Helix' Daylily
Thumb of 2018-07-11/bloominholes2fill/a4a636

East Family Garden view from balcony.
Thumb of 2018-07-11/bloominholes2fill/d886c4

Yucca 'Color Guard' replaced hardy hibiscus 'Midnight Marvel' as the focal point of the Family Garden, bc the yucca is much more drought tolerant. Got it as a plug 4 years ago, and it hasn't bloomed yet. Hopefully next year! Crossing Fingers! Crossing Fingers!
Thumb of 2018-07-11/bloominholes2fill/874e8b

Back yard view from balcony.
Thumb of 2018-07-11/bloominholes2fill/30c1e0

A pair of favorite frogs I bought years ago. I had sealed them when I first got them, but they eventually faded.....
Thumb of 2018-07-11/bloominholes2fill/350b5e I repainted and sealed them! Smiling
Thumb of 2018-07-11/bloominholes2fill/f324bc

I'm in desparate need of a garden project to really sink my teeth in to, but it's too hot out there to start one, so I'll be repainting more garden deco favorites that have been looking tired, in the next couple months, just to keep myself occupied. Whistling Hilarious! Hilarious!

Blooms from yesterday and Monday:
'Zoro's Blade' SFO, in a shunning mood....
Thumb of 2018-07-11/bloominholes2fill/c5c957
....made me work to get this shot
Thumb of 2018-07-11/bloominholes2fill/f47932

'Night Wings' FFE, also in shunning mood, but this photo is better than.....
Thumb of 2018-07-11/bloominholes2fill/9808bf attempt at a shot of it's beautiful face! Glare Sighing!
Thumb of 2018-07-11/bloominholes2fill/d1100e

'Mystic Pizza' shunning me too.....I can take a hint! Glare Hilarious! Hilarious!
Thumb of 2018-07-11/bloominholes2fill/9ce556

'Coral Majority' FFO Love that diamond dusting!
Thumb of 2018-07-11/bloominholes2fill/498910

'Asheville Social Butterfly' this is it's first year of blooms, and I'm just realizing it has diamond dusting too! Hurray!
Thumb of 2018-07-11/bloominholes2fill/ed6835

Little Bumble Bee
Thumb of 2018-07-11/bloominholes2fill/ac6fac
Thumb of 2018-07-11/bloominholes2fill/c24544

'Spock's Ears'
Thumb of 2018-07-11/bloominholes2fill/f56d13
Thumb of 2018-07-11/bloominholes2fill/d4c6fe

'Venetian Royalty'
Thumb of 2018-07-11/bloominholes2fill/8ba882

'Stargate Portal' not sure it's in such a good location....
Thumb of 2018-07-11/bloominholes2fill/2000f8

'Meerkat Manor' FFE
Thumb of 2018-07-11/bloominholes2fill/67a7c3

'Asheville Twilight Time'
Thumb of 2018-07-11/bloominholes2fill/1f19f0

'Bat Flight'
Thumb of 2018-07-11/bloominholes2fill/970c9b

Smiling Smiling

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July 2018 Gardens and Blooms III
Posted on Jul 9, 2018 12:13 AM

Yesterday's new blooms. I didn't realize that blooms fade significantly by early evening! Blinking D'Oh! I did miss several FFE's in the past few days bc of my condition. I had to force myself to get out there, yesterday evening, but I'm glad I did! Smiling I tend to get in to a gardening slump at this point in the growing season. Don't know why, but I've got to snap out of it! Sighing! Okay, pity party over....

Little Bumble Bee - New to the gardens this year. There were three blooms and this was the best. The other two looked like crepe paper by the time I got around to snapping the photos Glare A mini dwarf, not registered, and I'm smitten! Lovey dubby Lovey dubby
Thumb of 2018-07-09/bloominholes2fill/9b58e3

'Moroccan Sapphire' FFE and a poly! Hurray!
High noon shot
Thumb of 2018-07-09/bloominholes2fill/fb8b3b
Evening shot
Thumb of 2018-07-09/bloominholes2fill/f0b3c1

'Don't Leave Empty-Handed' FFO - couldn't get a good angle, and not the best bloom specimen, either. Sighing!
Thumb of 2018-07-09/bloominholes2fill/199f75

Seedling by Kim Klarner: 'Flycatcher' x 'Heavenly Curls' - This seedling increases like crazy! Hurray!
Thumb of 2018-07-09/bloominholes2fill/96b8fd

'Asheville Social Butterfly' FFE
Thumb of 2018-07-09/bloominholes2fill/a9230b

'Spock's Ears' looking very washed out Sighing!
Thumb of 2018-07-09/bloominholes2fill/ef7c84
Thumb of 2018-07-09/bloominholes2fill/1129cb
Thumb of 2018-07-09/bloominholes2fill/90c9f1

'Mystic Pizza' FFE
Thumb of 2018-07-09/bloominholes2fill/dc5b1e

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July Gardens and Blooms 2018 II
Posted on Jul 5, 2018 8:08 PM

The gardens are showing me some love this year!! Lovey dubby Lovey dubby

Edna Selman first flower completely open ever. Hurray! Hurray! Third time's the charm, Edna! Hilarious! This is her first year in my gardens.
Thumb of 2018-07-05/bloominholes2fill/aa0e51

Lilac Moonchild SFO, with Edna attempting a photo bomb! Hilarious!
Thumb of 2018-07-05/bloominholes2fill/88871e

Honkytonk Barbie FFO
Thumb of 2018-07-05/bloominholes2fill/32cf73

My Heart Belongs To Daddy group shot, looking better with each flush of blooms! Lovey dubby
Thumb of 2018-07-05/bloominholes2fill/9db8a3

Venetian Royalty FFE, but not the best looking bloom...
Thumb of 2018-07-05/bloominholes2fill/bc5183

Bat Flight SF(s)E. This is it's first year in the gardens
Thumb of 2018-07-05/bloominholes2fill/2415ea

Arachnidan Trap SFO
Thumb of 2018-07-05/bloominholes2fill/64af14

Lily Munster group
Thumb of 2018-07-05/bloominholes2fill/0b4087

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July 2018 Gardens and Blooms I
Posted on Jul 2, 2018 8:25 PM

A couple new ones today....

'War Horse' FFE
Thumb of 2018-07-03/bloominholes2fill/1b8277

'Stargate Portal' FFE
Thumb of 2018-07-03/bloominholes2fill/1c29d1

Familiar faces....

I was considering waiting until early evening to take today's photos, and thankfully I didn't, bc we got a gullywasher, early this afternoon! Blinking Blinking

I was quite bummed to see what the rains did to 'Velvet Onyx' Sad

Before the rain...
Thumb of 2018-07-03/bloominholes2fill/df7361
Thumb of 2018-07-03/bloominholes2fill/a3a510
Thumb of 2018-07-03/bloominholes2fill/61dbcb

After the rain (this very grainy photo shows the color on the purple side, when they actually turned brown Sad Sad )
Thumb of 2018-07-03/bloominholes2fill/cc884a

'Edna Selman' refuses to bloom fully. Sad
Thumb of 2018-07-03/bloominholes2fill/7352a0

'My Heart Belongs to Daddy'
Thumb of 2018-07-03/bloominholes2fill/8d23ac

'Asheville Twilight Time'
Thumb of 2018-07-03/bloominholes2fill/c5c2a3

Yesterday, was hotter than Hades, and our room was at 91 degrees by bed time. Blinking Blinking Today was hot, but it was mostly cloudy, so our room was only 86 degrees at bed time! Hurray! Hurray!

I'm concerned for our elderly cat, K.C., as this heat seems to be stressing her more than ever, and she seems to not be eating.... Sad Sad She's been sleeping on the bathroom floor, which obviously is cooler, but she never seems to leave the second floor. We're keeping a table fan on in the Bathroom, that is directed toward the floor, in addition to leaving the door from the Bathroom out to the balcony open at all times (except when we have to use the Bathroom, of course Hilarious! Hilarious! ) The pet food and two water bowls are located in the Kitchen, on the first floor. We also have two water bowls and a second litter pan upstairs. Keeping an eye on her. My poor baby. Crying Crying

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