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Making Progress by the Arbor!!
Posted on Jun 12, 2021 7:44 PM

On Thursday (6.10.21), I weeded and got the plantings in to the right of the arbor! Hurray! Two daylilies are transplants from other areas where they weren't getting enough sun: 'Flycatcher' x 'Heavenly Curls', a cross from a seller on the LA, Kim Klarner, and 'Thumbthing Special'. Those daylilies join these daylilies: 'Helix', 'Dragon Fang', 'Wild and Wonderful', 'Final Touch', and 'Get Jiggy' directly within that garden, and in the adjacent garden: 'Helix', and 'Brazilian Flamingo'. I want to add some sort of a focal point, but that's going to have to wait for another time. The new clematis, that was gifted to me for Mother's Day, this year, is planted directly beside the right arbor panel, and I planted three Lantana amongst the daylilies for instant color. Green Grin! Two of them you can see, but the third is behind a daylily from this angle. There is also a ('Blue Angel' (?)) hosta, Coral Honeysuckle, Niobe Clematis, 'Cheyenne Spirit' Coneflower, and Purple Liatris in that garden. I plan to add a hosta by the front corner of the right and left legs of the arbor, I just have to figure out which cultivar. Smiling Then the border bricks can be reinstalled, mulch added, and that garden will be done. Hurray! Hurray! I'm very pleased with how this area is coming together!! Smiling Smiling

The new clematis.....
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I'm considering hosta 'June' for my DMIL's name. She was a true blessing. Lovey dubby This hosta can grow in a more sunny spot than other hosta cultivars. (Image courtesy of Green Mountain Hosta )
Thumb of 2021-06-13/bloominholes2fill/8fa722

Thumb of 2021-06-13/bloominholes2fill/f09ee9

After, so far:
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The Arbor and New Fencing
Posted on Jun 12, 2021 6:44 PM

Catching up on the goings on in the gardens.....

On June 5th We shored up the arbor, and I installed the gate and a few fence panels, and I'm pretty happy with the results. Of course there's plenty more to do. 😏

Thumb of 2021-06-06/bloominholes2fill/92cc5d

It was really hot out there, so that's all I could get done, but it does check one thing off my to-do list! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! So this sets up the install for the rest of the fencing to keep Jerkwaad's dog out of the gardens. I will get a few more decorative panels to link to the panels in the photo, a matching gate for between the kennel and the Dinette, and then, unfortunately, chicken wire will finish off the rest of the fencing that will install tight against the back of the living fence, all the way down to the back of the yard and garden.

The nosey neighbor across the street sat in her lawn chair, in her driveway, and watched me work. Angry Last week, we chatted with that nosey neighbor and she kept asking over and over why I have the arbor. Uh, because? I don't know what she was fishing for (she's totally self-serving Glare ), but I'm sure I disappointed her with little to no information. 🤷 😏 Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing

The back view of the living fence. Another decorative fence panel will connect to the one by the hosta and terminate at the kennel......
Thumb of 2021-06-13/bloominholes2fill/a9fcf4

The second gate will install from the closest corner of the Dinette wall to the kennel.......
Thumb of 2021-06-13/bloominholes2fill/12a3c8

Front side of the living fence and the back garden.......
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Things are Shaping Up!
Posted on Jun 1, 2021 10:16 PM

Better photos of the old tree garden after mulching.
Thumb of 2021-06-02/bloominholes2fill/e8cc6d
(The bricks will eventually get their due attention. Hilarious! )

.....and my teeny tiny veggie garden in the background. Hilarious! Hilarious! Rolling my eyes.
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Hey, being the only person in the family who likes uncooked tomatoes, my veggie garden efforts are on a small scale. (....and I don't do canning, although I might be forced to can this year Hilarious! Hilarious! )

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Happy Me!!!
Posted on May 31, 2021 3:42 PM

Yesterday, I finally got the landscape fabric put down in the veggie garden and the veggies planted!! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Big Grin

The old tree garden is now complete after adding ten plants, 6 lavender, 3 purple liatris divisions (they've got transplant shock going on, right now Sad ), and the Starry Starry Night hibiscus. Hurray! The lavender and liatris flower colors will anchor the varied colors of the daylilies, for a sense of consistency. The liatris will lend a vertical element to this garden. All the foliage from these plants will offset the foliage of the daylilies in color and/or texture, not to mention that the hibiscus foliage is really dark! These plants will also extend the blooming season along with some daylilies in this garden. I just love to see purple, pink, and blue colors offset the Fall colors! Green Grin! Green Grin!
Thumb of 2021-05-31/bloominholes2fill/bba795
Thumb of 2021-05-31/bloominholes2fill/c4393d
Thumb of 2021-05-31/bloominholes2fill/b7dabc
So, after 4 years of thinking and rethinking this garden, it has finally come together to my satisfaction!!! Hurray! Hurray!

This garden is gonna get two waterings a day for a while, and hopefully mulched next weekend. Crossing Fingers! Crossing Fingers!

Got scapes popping up!! Hurray! Hurray!

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Veggies Are Going In the Ground!!!
Posted on May 30, 2021 11:49 AM

After a few days of rain, I can finally plant the veggies!! Hurray! Hurray!

We had a grand total of 1.75 inches of rain last week, and I can't be more thankful!

I'm planning to remove the fencing from the veggie garden, and reusing it in a section of the living fence garden to keep Jerkwaad's dog out. The fencing is only 2 ft tall, and I'm hoping that Jerkwaad's dog will not jump over it. Crossing Fingers! Crossing Fingers!

I've been having issues with a clematis in the SE corner of the kennel. Up until last year, it was thriving, but last year it was dead as a doornail! (or so it seemed) This year, it started growing beautifully again, but then suddenly it "died". I think that Jerkwaad's dog has been peeing on it!! Angry

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