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......And So It Begins
Posted on Mar 12, 2018 6:09 PM

So, in late February, I started winter sowing some of my seeds from the Fall trade Hurray! Hurray! My brother and his family have been saving milk jugs for me. A couple are mine, although we don't drink milk fast enough, since DD#1 is not living at home. Rolling my eyes. I still need about 10 more milk jugs, and I'm afraid it'll be too late to winter sow in jugs, by the time I get enough D'Oh! D'Oh! Glare so I'll probably direct winter sow many of the remaining seeds, in the gardens bc I'm way too impatient to wait an entire year to sow these perennials Whistling Whistling and I have a brown thumb when growing from seed the normal way D'Oh! Rolling my eyes. *Blush* Hopefully this method works. It's the first time I've ever tried winter sowing! Crossing Fingers! Crossing Fingers!

Winter sown seeds in jugs...
Thumb of 2018-03-12/bloominholes2fill/4dc148

Gotta open them up occasionally for moisture. We'll be getting snow starting tonight through Thursday, then a melt Friday through Sunday, so that should be enough moisture for a while Smiling
Thumb of 2018-03-12/bloominholes2fill/1c47a9

I did sow seeds directly in the gardens today. (Brrr! It was cold, and my new garden gloves haven't arrived yet so, yeah, no gloves out there today Glare ) Direct winter sowing was the plan for those particular seeds all along.

Direct sown Blue Sea Holly seeds under overturned wire baskets, secured with landscape fabric staples, to protect them from birds and the old tree garden Smiling
Thumb of 2018-03-12/bloominholes2fill/950c53

Direct sown PowWow Wildberry Coneflower in the kennel border (far left and right)...Cheyenne Spirit Coneflower is planted in the center (curved area)....
Thumb of 2018-03-12/bloominholes2fill/74e582

It's looking like I'll have to get some more small wire baskets to protect more direct sown seeds, but I'm very excited to be trying this method! Hurray! Hurray!

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2018, New Year, New Perspective!!
Posted on Feb 8, 2018 1:11 AM

All I can do in the Winter months is dream, dream, dream daylilies and reworking the landscaping a bit to expand and add more gardens! It seems that my original vision for the gardens is changing, due to one tree is gone, and the second will have to come down this year. I'll have more of a "clean slate" to work with, and reworking the entire idea without reworking too much will hopefully keep the peace in our household. The DH is not one for change..... AT ALL! Whistling Rolling my eyes. Rolling my eyes.

Thumb of 2018-02-08/bloominholes2fill/ff7b7a

These trees should have come down nearly 28 years ago, but I was in denial. I just couldn't do without trees in our back yard. Sad Now they've become a hazard. Time to go. Glare On the upside, I'll finally be able to plant pine trees that I've been pining for, since we moved here! (How about that for a pun?? Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing ) Also I'd like to plant a pink dogwood, in honor of my Dad, and a deep plum Japanese Maple. I've been dreaming of having these two trees for years, as well! Gonna be an expensive one this year. Whistling Whistling Rolling my eyes.

I recently discovered a very inexpensive landscape CAD program, that is the most comprehensive I've seen for the price! It's simply called, "Garden Planner". Surprisingly, it includes quite an extensive library of plants, structures, etc. to work with. I'm one who prefers to know what I'm working with, and this program allows me to start out with the actual shape of the property and include the actual structures, instead of guessing and trying to visualize from a limited number of predetermined templates, such as what BH&G's program offers. Although a little disjointed and rough around the edges, for the price, I can't complain!! Hurray! Hurray!

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Interesting 2017 Season!!
Posted on Aug 24, 2017 7:57 AM

Most interesting 2017 growing season, here in Canton, OH! Not only for the daylilies and perennials, but for trees and critters! Smiling

Bunny rabbit scared stiff, in a garden, when I let the dogs out, one Spring day:
Thumb of 2017-08-24/bloominholes2fill/dd151a

Two families of House Wrens (I think? Not a bird watcher...) took up residence in our bird house:
Family #1, Papa helping to build the nest:
Thumb of 2017-08-24/bloominholes2fill/b49089
Family #1, Hungry babes:
Thumb of 2017-08-24/bloominholes2fill/c55ea5
Apparently, all I have is a video clip of Family #2, which I can't download!😕

Litter of kittens found in our hollow tree, while it was being cut down, after a huge branch came down from 60mph wind gusts in March. Their mama took off, sensing the danger, and the workers extracted the litter for us.
Tree being cut down, and fetching the litter of kittens in April:
Thumb of 2017-08-24/bloominholes2fill/cb6741
Need I say more?
Thumb of 2017-08-24/bloominholes2fill/57321d
Okay, okay! I'm smitten! Lovey dubby
Thumb of 2017-08-24/bloominholes2fill/3982d9

Nursing with surrogate Mama:
Thumb of 2017-08-24/bloominholes2fill/146bfd
Hanging with temporary siblings:
Thumb of 2017-08-24/bloominholes2fill/6ff85e
Black and white kitten watching "Clifford the Big Red Dog" with surrogate family's precious little baby 💗:
Thumb of 2017-08-24/bloominholes2fill/bed1c2

Kittens came home after they were weaned from surrogate Mama:
Thumb of 2017-08-24/bloominholes2fill/daaebc
Thumb of 2017-08-24/bloominholes2fill/cd85bd
Black and white kitten's first attempt (of many future attempts) to make a prison break, on the way home!😀
Thumb of 2017-08-24/bloominholes2fill/b2a1ec
Life changed drastically with three precocious young kittens:
Thumb of 2017-08-24/bloominholes2fill/4adc4d
Keeping their litter pan as pristine as possible was a must, for a spell, and they got regular "baths" with kitty wipes!😂😂
Thumb of 2017-08-24/bloominholes2fill/d9aa79
Thumb of 2017-08-24/bloominholes2fill/246931

We finally named the kittens:
Thumb of 2017-08-24/bloominholes2fill/942662
Thumb of 2017-08-24/bloominholes2fill/b122e9
Thumb of 2017-08-24/bloominholes2fill/10da96
Thumb of 2017-08-24/bloominholes2fill/3c19b6
Thumb of 2017-08-24/bloominholes2fill/ea9b4c
Thumb of 2017-08-24/bloominholes2fill/cf32e5

We couldn't keep them all, but we did keep Jasper, as he could handle our dogs the best of the three. Smiling (The other two had to go to the Humane Society bc we had several potential adoptions fall through. Sad )
Our adopted kitten, Jasper:
He snuggles so close to my neck,
at the end of the day!
Thumb of 2017-08-24/bloominholes2fill/e71660
Thumb of 2017-08-24/bloominholes2fill/396e49
Thumb of 2017-08-24/bloominholes2fill/58760c

I wouldn't change a thing!!!😊

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Posted on Feb 13, 2017 3:21 AM

This has been such a rollercoaster of a winter season, here in Northeast Ohio!! A few days of seasonable weather followed by a few days of unseasonably warm weather! It's been simply crazy!!

We're fighting foreclosure, and I'm trying to stay optimistic.

Yesterday night, we had sustained winds at 20mph, with wind gusts at 41mph, and around 11:30pm, a huge branch fell from our NW tree! It didn't hit the garage or house, thank heavens! It did detach the dog run from the house, which made a loud noise that made me jump! The branch also brought down the AT&T phone line. Oddly enough, it's still attached to the house and the line on the telephone poles! No problem for us bc we have VoIP Vonage. Not sure if it affects the neighbors, right now..

Monday February 13, 2017
Chance Snow Showers then Partly Sunny
High 34
A chance of snow showers before 7am. Partly sunny, with a high near 34. Northwest wind 10 to 14 mph, with gusts as high as 26 mph. Chance of precipitation is 30%. New snow accumulation of less than a half inch possible.

Monday Night
Partly cloudy, with a low around 27. Southwest wind 3 to 7 mph.


* White Feather Hosta (Real cheap & BOGO free from Michigan Bulb!)
* Ostrich Fern (Real cheap & BOGO free from Michigan Bulb!)
* 'Venetian Royalty'
* 'Feminine Fingers'
* 'Honky Tonk Barbie'
* 'Asheville Social Butterfly'
* 'Bam'

* Some daylilies are actually peaking out of the ground. They're quite confused!
* 'Quail' Daffodils


* Stellas

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Posted on Sep 8, 2016 7:38 PM

Well I've been away from the NGA for a while. Life changes threw me into a debilitating tailspin. But things are smoothing over now.

WEATHER TODAY: Hot and humid with a high of 85. Windy with gusts um
Sun and clouds until 5:00 pm downpours. Thunderstorms just finished up.

* J&J Daylily

* None

* Stella De Oro

* All but Stella!

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