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Gardening in the Dog Days of Summer.....A crazy lady moving slow!!
Posted on Jul 29, 2020 5:17 PM

Yesterday, I got two more bags of all-purpose soil and one bag of mulch, and I planted two more daylilies in the new garden. Hurray! Right now I'm resting after two days of work in the hot sun. I may go out in early evening to plant the two final daylilies (until Fall) there, but I might be asleep by the early evening today (I can't keep my eyes open right now! Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing )

So, I had figured that since we got a good rain on Monday, the hard clay soil would be a little easier to dig than it was when it was bone dry, but, boy, I thought wrong!!!! D'Oh! Rolling on the floor laughing There was little evidence of moisture from the rain, in that soil. Glare We got .75 inches of rain on Monday afternoon. It was a gully-washer, but it's fairly flat there, so I have no idea where it all ran off to. 🤷🤷 Since our soil is hard clay, I am filling all the daylily holes with the all-purpose soil, to give them a good fighting chance to establish. Some were potted, and some were transplanted from other gardens. The daylilies are "raised" a bit for incorporation in the entire raised finished bed, and I'll top off each mound with mulch, until I can lay newspaper or cardboard in between the daylilies, and fill in those spaces with mulch to even out the surface. Smiling

There will be a total of 8 daylilies in there, but 2 of them need to be potted up, so they won't be planted until the Fall. So, I have a total of 4 daylilies planted there, thus far. The feature plant is a dwarf Zebra Grass. The daylily color scheme is blue/blueish-purples and near whites. Smiling I only have two "whites" though!! Hilarious! Hilarious! They are the two new ones that will be planted in the Fall. I also plan on rounding out the color scheme with daisies and blue asters
.......eventually. Smiling Smiling

In progress....
Thumb of 2020-07-29/bloominholes2fill/633254

Daylily list:
Alien Butterfly ("Blue" is not in the description, but there seems to be a blue-violet tone is showing up in there)
Thumb of 2020-07-29/bloominholes2fill/7edda4

Appalachian Ballad (Again, "blue" is not in the description, but the watermark leans toward the lavender-blue side, in my gardens)
Thumb of 2020-07-29/bloominholes2fill/3df44d

Cobalt Rings

Frozen (Okay, okay it's a cream, but it's the cream on my personal list that is closest to white. Whistling Rolling on the floor laughing )

Misty Blue Morning (I won her on the Blue Ridge Spring giveaway in March! Hurray! Hurray! Lovey dubby )
Thumb of 2020-07-29/bloominholes2fill/357b51

Polar Picture

Stargate Portal (It's field color can be all over the purple spectrum, but the watermark has "blue" in the description. Smiling )

Temples and Towers

Well, I tried to keep the word "blue" in the descriptions, in one form or another, and "near white" is right on the button, especially in the case of 'Frozen'! Hilarious!

Thinking Perhaps it's considered to be snow that a dog took a tinkle on? Whistling Whistling Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing Angel Sticking tongue out

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Busy As a Bee
Posted on Jun 14, 2020 12:20 PM

Friday, I dug up the dwarf Zebra Grass and potted it up. It will be transplanted to the new mini garden, up closer to the veggie garden. Then I dug up the dwarf lilac bush (no small task Blinking ) and, after digging a huge 40"x40"x16" hole, (huge for me, at least Hilarious! ) in the mini garden, at the back corner, it was transplanted there, but despite my best efforts to plant it at the right height, it was still 2 inches below grade. D'Oh! Glare So yesterday, I dug it up once again, and raised it to about 4 inches above grade. It's roots are shallow, so I needed a lot of dirt for both below an above grade. I mixed triple shred mulch with the clay soil from the hole, making for good drainage. Smiling I had enough to fill in the rest of the hole and to barely cover the roots, so I watered it well then swaddled the bush at the crown with a tarp to hold in the moisture, and ran to the store for more soil and mulch. Got it raised with Sparky's help, and I finished covering with soil and dressed it with mulch. Next, I will replant the dwarf Zebra Grass, the then lay cardboard over the remaining turf in both mini gardens, in preparation for finishing up those gardens. Then I'll have a bit more room for daylilies and a couple other perennials. Hurray!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the yard, the Large Zebra Grass will stay put. Too much time and effort to dig it up, and it does serve the original purpose of creating privacy for the view to our patio from an open space in Jerkwaad's fence. Green Grin! nodding So, I'll leave the Zebra Grass removal to the next homeowner! Whistling Green Grin!

Next on the list for the FG, is transplanting two "small" Arborvitae to where they will get more sunlight. Smiling They are underdeveloped bc of too much shade over the years but, they did take off some, since the one tree removal in 2017, but they still get a bit too much shade yet.

So, I'm one baby step closer to planting the DL's in the FG, much to DH's dismay. It has taken all of 8 years, and I'm still working on his cooperation, although, he is realizing he has less and less choice in the matter. Whistling Whistling Green Grin! Angel Although, in his defense of his "change-ophobia", he's also dealing with a restructure at work, since June first, so both changes are too much right now, but I must take full advantage of these gorgeous, comfortable temps and low humidity weather. Smiling Bc by the end of the week, the humidity and higher temps will be back. Sighing!

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Not So New Challenges...Heat Exhaustion & The Forbidden Garden Saga
Posted on Jun 12, 2020 11:48 AM

Monday I had to rest my body due to a physical issue. Temperatures were very hot and humid with heat indexes at 95 degrees until our severe storm came through, as a result of the Cristobal hurricane moving up from the gulf, overnight on Wednesday night. 60 mph wind gusts. The floor was shaking! Blinking Blinking It was a relatively short storm, considering. Anyway, like an idiot, I decided to do some things outside in that horrible heat, on Tuesday and Wednesday, getting drenched with sweat from the start! Blinking Including attempting to dig up my 7 year old zebra grass. Wore myself out with nothing to show for it! D'Oh! But I did get four new DL's planted! Hurray!

I drank a lot of water and Gatorade before going outside, and I took lots of breaks, continuing to drink Gatorade and water in the shade at the patio table, and a one hour break inside the house in the middle of each day. Wound up getting nauseated with diarrhea each day anyway. Blinking Heat exhaustion. D'Oh! Never again will I work outside in those conditions! Blinking Yesterday was 76 degree temps with beautiful winds and low humidity, but heat exhaustion crept up again. Glare even though I thought I drank even more water! Blinking Glare So, I never played sports at all (very sports challenged! Hilarious! ) but I was in marching band in high school and college. Before practice, during Summer band camp, especially on days when really hot weather is expected, we took salt pills, so along with drinking plenty of water, that was my only "education" on avoiding heat exhaustion/stroke. 🤷🤷 (we would have sectionals in the shade and inside on brutally hot days, though). "Drink plenty of water, drink plenty of water"! What actually is considered "plenty of water"??? And what other steps can I take to avoid heat exhaustion, other than the obvious?? This is getting old, and I'll be darned if it's gonna stop me!! Glare I've grown tired of the guess work, so I looked to Web MD for guidance, first for symptoms of heat exhaustion and then heat stroke, being they're pretty similar. Of course I know my age has a lot to do with increased likelihood, but what I didn't know is that my mental health meds also add to the likelihood of both issues arising! Whaaaat?? Who knew?? There are lots of other catalysts, but those are the two catalysts in my particular case (not to mention stupidity! D'Oh! ) So how much is enough water? These are their recommendations.....

Avoiding heat exhaustion:
Thumb of 2020-06-12/bloominholes2fill/e4d222

Avoiding heat stroke:
Thumb of 2020-06-12/bloominholes2fill/96815d

Why they are slightly different, in nonsensical ways during the exercise, I'll never know, but I'll err on the side of caution and drink the maximum amount of water suggested in each scenario. Thumbs up

In my defense, I do try real hard to get up early enough to work in the cool mornings, but my insomnia really interferes with that plan!! Grumbling Yesterday, I took two hours inside and got back out there at 7pm. Tuesday and Wednesday, I really didn't work for more than an hour after taking that hour of rest inside. I do have to get over this mental block of, if I get out there after 3pm, I have no desire to go outside. Sad Sighing!

Anyhoo, Yesterday, was simply gorgeous. I began figuring out a couple new mini gardens on the West side of the back yard. We park our car back there once in a while, so I moved the car back there and figured out measurements leaving plenty of space to get in and out the car doors. I planted a mini zebra grass in the very back corner, and I've laid out the garden edge to lay cardboard within it today. The other mini garden is laid out and the dwarf lilac will be transplanted there, and cardboard laid there too. Smiling

Earlier, I mentioned digging up the Zebra grass. This is the start of rearranging the anchor plantings for the Forbidden Garden. My layout is worked with that zebra grass gone. Grumbling Sparky didn't like that idea, so it might stay. I spent so much time on that layout, with one redo, I really don't want to redo for a second time. Glare It's like, pick your poison! D'Oh! He does present a good argument though. Thinking Anyway Sparky really began pushing back over the forbidden garden, and now the two other mini gardens on the opposite side of the yard. Whistling Whistling I figured I could get all the "boxing" rounds out of the way in one big match. Hilarious! Go big or go home! Whistling Green Grin! Green Grin!

I know, it's been tiring hearing about this dilemma with Sparky, but I told him he basically had no choice. Whistling Whistling Green Grin! Now he's working! Mwahahaaaa, and he's goin' down this year! Whistling Whistling Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing Angel

He did say, though, that he doesn't know what he wants D'Oh! D'Oh! Cripe, I could have told him that a long time ago!! Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing

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Victory, After The Dark Days!
Posted on May 24, 2020 7:23 AM

So FINALLY I had a productive day yesterday!! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! I've potted up new daylilies!
Thumb of 2020-05-24/bloominholes2fill/10f497
....and right now all I have left are the 11 Blue Ridge DL's to pot up, but they're so huge, I need to get 3 gallon pots for every single one of them!! D'Oh! Blinking Hilarious! It's a good thing though. nodding So I'm hoping the local mom and pop store, where I get commercial pots from, will be open today, being that tommorow is Memorial Day. Crossing Fingers! Crossing Fingers!

This morning, I feel way less overwhelmed than I have been, for the last several weeks, and I feel so accomplished!! 🤗🤗 Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!

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Posted on May 23, 2020 12:17 PM

Well, Thursday, I had planned, and was looking forward to, pot up new daylilies ( I didn't get around to it on Wednesday bc I was too depressed D'Oh! ) and just when I put Ryker out, Jerkwaad pulled in to his drive with his (very nice) dog. He does not keep that dog on a leash, though, and after his dog jumped out of the truck, he came over to "visit" Ryker, and if it hadn't been for our kennel fence that separated them, it would have turned in to a bloodbath! Blinking Both dogs were in "fighting" form, growling and showing their teeth at each other. Blinking Blinking Angry After Jerkwaad called his dog over, I took the risk that he might turn around and get in my face, and I angrily yelled over the fence to him, "You know that there's leash laws!!!" and I brought Ryker inside. (Surprisingly, Jerkwaad did not come over and he said nothing back over the fence either Whistling ) I was so angry at Jerkwaad I was spitting nails, and I was shaking from fear (of the dogs wanting to go after each other) and my anger at Jerkwaad! Blinking Angry Angry It just wasn't easy to collect myself. Glare

Well, that incident triggered my depression and anxiety to such a level that I no longer had the desire to work out there any more. Glare D'Oh! I sat inside trying to motivate and force myself outside (bc I have A LOT of piled up work to do! Glare ) but I was unsuccessful. #&%[email protected]#&%!#&%! Grumbling I would not wish this condition on anyone! Sad Sad

After frantically searching my brain to find something from my to do list, anything at all waiting in the wings to turn my mood around, I wound up sitting down to continue painting some garden art that I'm making from repurposed items, and that did calm me down. Whew!! One more painting session and a couple coats of sealant, and they'll be done! Hurray! Hurray! Hoping to put them outside soon! Crossing Fingers! Crossing Fingers!

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