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Defeat Is NOT An Option!
Posted on May 4, 2019 11:28 AM

I started my campaign for the new garden, earlier in the week. DH was on staycay, so I thought his good mood might be to my advantage. I walked the edge of the proposed garden and I had him follow me......Score board: Sparky - 1, Dana - zip D'Oh! Glare It's going to be a loooong Summer! Hilarious! Hilarious! Hilarious!

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It's Getting There......
Posted on Apr 30, 2019 2:18 AM

Yesterday the DH and I mixed compost in to the E garden, beside the front porch, and the NE corner of that same garden. We then spread three bags of mulch, only to discover that we need one or two more bags. D'Oh!

After that, I removed the dead hydrangea and weeds from the large pot in the NE tree garden, and planted the new hydrangea. I then dug up and divided the Queen Josephine hosta to make for three specimens by the large red pot in that same garden. It started a light drizzle around 4:00 pm, and around 5:30 pm, we got a good steady rain. Hurray! Hurray!

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Our Humble Abode
Posted on Apr 29, 2019 10:01 AM

We moved in to our current home in 1990, three years in to our marriage. 2018 marked the 100th birthday of this home! It is a classic Craftsman style with beautiful woodwork inside that is also evident on the outside. It is a 2 story, one bath home, with an additional bedroom in the dormer over the front porch. The entire home and garage were painted in 2012.

July 2018:
Thumb of 2019-04-29/bloominholes2fill/ac6713

April 2019:
Thumb of 2019-04-29/bloominholes2fill/606aaa

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The Bird Baths
Posted on Apr 29, 2019 5:45 AM

In addition to bird feeders, I accommodate our feathered friends by keeping bird baths. Smiling

This is my first ever birdbath, bought in 2011, sporting it's third bowl. Hilarious! Hilarious!
Thumb of 2019-04-29/bloominholes2fill/af6837
It can be seen from the patio table.
Thumb of 2019-04-29/bloominholes2fill/fd361e
The first location of this bird bath was by the NE tree, in the back yard. The neighbor (who later proved himself as, Jerkwaad, the polite version Green Grin! ) was having some kind of work done, and the guy operating the truck knocked the bowl off the base and broke it. The truck driiver replaced the bowl, and it matched the color of the base, too! Happy Dana! Hurray! After that, squirrels kept knocking the bowl off the base by jumping in it from the tree. (You'd think I'd learn the first time around, right? D'Oh! Hilarious! ) Eventually it had a couple holes that I filled with aquarium sealant, and I moved it to it's current location (shown in the photo), near the NE corner of the garage. Well, in 2017, I cracked the second bowl and had to buy a new one. D'Oh!

This bird bath is located near that NE tree.
Thumb of 2018-07-22/bloominholes2fill/476940
Thumb of 2019-04-29/bloominholes2fill/a32a22
It's low to the ground. The base is metal and the bowl sits in a ring, nice and secure, so it can't be knocked over. Green Grin! The squirrels can easily drink, without having to jump at it, along with the neighborhood cats. Hilarious!

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Keepin' On......
Posted on Apr 28, 2019 8:14 AM

Friday, we got nice steady rains all day. We really needed the rain, and my transplants are very happy. Hurray! Hurray! Green Grin!

Yesterday was semi productive, even though it was cold from gusting winds. Blinking Blinking With his permission, I trimmed some lower branches of the (nice) neighbor's tree that were low enough to poke one's eye out, as we walk under while mowing, and then I trimmed back a few of his raspberry canes that were in our way, and catching on our clothes, as we mow between our garage and his raspberry patch. Smiling It's a very narrow strip. It's actually his property, but we don't mind taking care of it. Smiling Several canes were dead, and two were healthy with leaves. I left about 24 inches on the healthy ones. Smiling Then I dug up and divided two daylily clumps for trade. Hurray! After that, I was wet from washing roots and cold from the gusting winds, so I packed up and went inside.

Today, will be the same kind of weather, but I'm determined to mix in organic material and mulch the garden on the E side of the porch, and my DH will be helping me out, in order to save the pec muscle from strain. Hopefully that'll happen today. Crossing Fingers!

Got my first shipment of DL's Friday Hurray! I'll need to pot up all the new DL's that arrive until the new garden is dug. This garden has been a contention between the DH and I for about 7 years. It's meant to be a mixed living fence, connecting the NE corner tree garden with the kennel garden. Without this garden, there's literally nowhere else to plant the new DL's that'll be coming in the next several weeks. Hopefully that'll force his hand. "....but honey, if I can't plant these daylilies, it'll be a waste of a significant amount of money" Whistling Whistling Angel He is on staycay Monday through Thursday, this week, and I'm really not looking forward to the sparring match over this new garden bc we're both stubborn as mules. Hilarious! Hilarious! Green Grin!

If I could pick my "poison", I'd rather dig that entire garden myself, with a sore pec, than deal with the DH digging in his heels. Garden soil is much easier to dig up! Whistling Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing There's one itty bitty glimmer of hope for this garden and our marriage: He has jury duty this week. Strike One: No jury duty Monday. D'Oh! Glare

Osciver escaped, yesterday morning, and there's no sign of him, thus far. Sad I miss his squeaky little vocals. Sad Sad

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