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Taking Stock Of The Week
Posted on Apr 25, 2019 3:41 PM

Picking up from my last post, the pec muscle has been slowly healing, but I had a setback yesterday, when I had Ryker's leash in my left hand, while putting him out, and he got around the door but I hadn't yet. He saw the DH out there and the dog attempted to take off toward him. OOOUCH!! He's a strong bugger!
Blinking Blinking D'Oh! I fertilized yesterday and, boy, I felt it this morning, more so than last night, after only fertilizing yesterday (and of course the dog tugging on my left arm) I hadn't taken any ibuprofen, last night and I woke up in pain. D'Oh! Took Ibuprofen this morning, and it took care of the pain. Hurray! Hurray!

Earlier in the week I dug up a daylily and divided it for trade. Then I dug out the two non-productive rose bushes and threw them out. (The root stock took over and they're no longer 'Veteran's Honor' blooms Sad ) Then I dug up the purple Liatris, and transplanted them from the driveway border garden in to the W, N, and NW corner of the kennel garden. I needed filler between the daylilies and late blooming flowers in there, and the Liatris will do nicely. Smiling

Then I decandled and shaped the three Mugo Pines out front. One has taken a rogue growth direction, so I shaped it more in to a sphere, and left candles in strategic areas to fill in bare spots. It's smaller than the other two, but hopefully my efforts will pay off. Crossing Fingers! Crossing Fingers! The other two Mugos have reached slightly larger than my preferred maximum size, so they got a haircut and shaping. They don't quite match, but I'll fix that after the pec heals completely. Smiling

Rain is in today's forecast starting after 5pm @ a 60% chance and then showers and possible thunderstorms @ a 100% chance after 8pm and through the night. I got out there and planted a six pack of 'Drummond's Pink' creeping phlox (looks fuschia to me Shrug! ) between the 'Emerald Blue' creeping phlox areas, out front, today. My first attempt at the pink/fuschia failed, two years ago, when I planted both colors at the same time. Both were the 'Emerald' cultivar and the blue took off, but only two of the pink/fuschia survived. Glare Sighing! Anyway, I had to dig up a large clump of blue bc they were growing in the wrong place. I transplanted that clump over on Jerkwaad's side of the front porch. I fertilized the established DL's and phlox as I went along planting, and all I have left to fertilize is a little strip in the front, the garage border garden, and the rear most garden, in back. The DH moved two mulch bags over to Jerkwaad's side so I can lay it down in the garden on that side of the porch (the E side) and the SE corner. It started light drizzling, while I was out there, but I continued until all the planting was complete, and I then decided the mulch can wait, but I really need to mix some organic compost in there first, anyway.

There's a 90% chance of rain tomorrow. We really need the rain, so no complaints here. Smiling

It's been a productive week, despite the pec muscle. Whistling Whistling nodding

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A temporary streak of bad luck...
Posted on Apr 19, 2019 5:50 PM

Yesterday, I planned to spread pre-emergent crab grass control since it was supposed to rain today. I was too pooped to do it, so it's gotta wait.

My left pectoral muscle was injured last Monday night, and I've no idea how! D'Oh! I felt it happen, and I wasn't doing anything obvious that might injure it! Shrug! It has steadily gotten worse through the week, so I bought an arm sling today. I swear, when it rains, it pours. Glare Sighing!

I'm slightly at war with myself, though. Glare I bought a new Hydrangea at Lowe's today to plant in a pot by the tree. It's replacing one that I lost in the Winter of 2017/2018 ......and last year, I let a great big weed grow in there D'Oh! so I've got to get that taken care of. I'll be in pain, but I've got to push through it. Rolling my eyes. Rolling my eyes.

I also bit the bullet and bought a hose reel for the back yard hose today. I just can't get over how stinking expensive those things are. Even the plastic ones! Angry Of course I bought an enclosed metal one bc it takes up a smaller footprint than the plastic ones. It's just perfect to manhandle with the bum pec muscle. (Insert sarcasm here) D'Oh! I gotta get it installed so that Sparky won't notice least for a while, anyway. Whistling Whistling Green Grin! I'm just tired of hand winding the hose in a circle on the ground, in the garden. Plus it'll keep the nozzle from getting dirt on it from laying on the ground. One thing I'm additional extension hose. Gotta head back to the garden center before I have to put on my gardening garb. D'Oh! Sighing!

Well, it's just a tad difficult do things in the garden with one's arm in a sling D'Oh! Rolling my eyes. Rolling my eyes. so the sling will sit in the house until I'm done with everything. Whistling Whistling

Today started with off and on drizzle, so I was hoping to get the crab grass control spread, along with everything else. Well, it rained this afternoon, and I couldn't follow through with any of my plans, so I schlepped the hose reel box from the back to the front porch. Ouch! That was not fun. Glare So, Mother Nature forced me to rest my pec muscle today, after all, and I've been wearing the sling since this afternoon. Mother Nature won this round Sighing! but I'll be back to thumb my nose at her Green Grin! but probably not til Monday, at the earliest. Glare Hilarious! Hilarious!

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Productive Day!
Posted on Apr 17, 2019 11:28 PM

Yesterday, I spent 4.5 hours outside! Hurray! Hurray! Dug out 4 Sky Pencil Holly from the East side of the porch and transplanted 3 of them in the North side of the kennel. They weren't getting enough rain by the porch. I lost one last year, and I've lost one and almost another one, this year D'Oh! This will be a much better spot for them to get the moisture they need. Smiling Smiling

I removed and discarded the hosta that was in the East porch garden. It was getting too much sun, and I didn't like it anyway. I transplanted another hosta to the East porch garden. I removed the three 'Queen Josephine' hosta from the Old Tree garden and transplanted 2 of them in the North tree garden. The 3rd was teeny tiny and not worth saving. They were getting too much sun, in the Old Tree Garden. Now they'll have dappled shade.

I trimmed out the dead branches out of both red clematis and tied them up.

Finally, I fertilized some plants that are on the East side of the porch and almost all of plants around the kennel.

All in all, it was a great day! Hurray! Hurray!

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Spring Clean Up
Posted on Apr 13, 2019 5:19 PM

Winter has been particularly difficult for me this year, but now tjmkhe weather has warmed up, and I've been outside twice for clean up in the gardens. DH and I fixed the veggie garden fence, that I fell in to last season. Yesterday, I spent 4 hours cleaning up the Northeast tree garden. I didn't touch it last year, so it was a bit more labor intensive than usual. D'Oh! Glare I came inside with a sore back, but it was satisfying none the less! Big Grin Big Grin
Jasper and Ryker had fun with one another, while outside with me. Lovey dubby Lovey dubby
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.....And Fall is Officially Here....Finally
Posted on Oct 28, 2018 9:15 PM

The past 4 days have been rainy and chilly. I think we have at least 3 to 4 inches of rain, as of this post! Blinking

Today was windy and rainy (pouring, at times) and 40 degrees. Blinking Blinking Ryker and I welcomed Trick or Treaters, while he and I sat on the porch. Lovey dubby I was cold to the bone, when I came in the house Glare Sighing!

DH worked today for some OT doe.......came home, ate, and he's out like a light. Lovey dubby Lovey dubby

We're supposed to reach the mid 50's this week, so I'm hoping to get out and finish Fall cleanup and winterizing. Crossing Fingers! Crossing Fingers!

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