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Finally Fall Cleanup Ensues!!
Posted on Oct 28, 2018 9:08 PM

On October 24th, I got outside and worked for the first time, since we got Ryker! Hurray! I tied him up on the run, let Jasper out, and started cleanup. The old tree garden was the worst, in back, so it was mostly weeding and redefining and hand trimming the edging Glare , but also removing leftover scapes from the late blooming DL's, and giving them a "haircut". I still have the center area of the tree garden to finish weeding, but I was running on an empty stomach, literally, and thought it best to get inside and eat, and save the center for another day (hopefully today) and then mulch. It takes a bit of a balancing act to work in the center, which isn't good to try when one is shaking from starvation. Blinking Hilarious! Hilarious!

I also hand trimmed and weeded along the garage and hand trimmed and gave the DL's a second haircut in half of the family garden. So there's the Kennel garden DL's to re-trim, the NE tree garden to weed and hand edge, and weeding around other plantings, to finish off the back yard. Then it's on to the same in the front, and then storing the hoses and yard deco, fertilizing the evergreens, and wrapping the tender evergreens, and then I'll be done! Hurray! Hurray!

Ryker was very busy trying to chase Jasper and digging the ground. Jasper and Osciver teased Ryker by standing just beyond where he could reach them, and it drove him absolutely crazy! Sometimes they'd run past him, and he had a ball with them, and Jasper did his usual fly by's with me. Lovey dubby Lovey dubby

All in all, it was a productive day, and a good time was had by all! Smiling

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(Late) July 2018 Gardens and Blooms VII
Posted on Aug 1, 2018 1:56 PM

Red Hydrangea
Thumb of 2018-08-01/bloominholes2fill/744bd0

I missed many daylily LFO's, last week 😕😕 but I managed this one! Hurray!
'Moroccan Sapphire' LF's
Thumb of 2018-08-01/bloominholes2fill/724e29

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Missing My Baby
Posted on Jul 26, 2018 12:25 PM

Since Piccolo's sudden passing, on July 23rd, I'm so heartbroken, I have no desire to do anything, not even outside. 😢😢😢

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July 2018 Gardens and Blooms VI
Posted on Jul 21, 2018 2:43 AM

Blooms from the 18th....
'Lavender Moonchild' with a photo bomb from 'Two Sues' Smiling
Thumb of 2018-07-21/bloominholes2fill/8fd60d

'Asheville Social Butterfly'
Thumb of 2018-07-21/bloominholes2fill/a94ede

Thumb of 2018-07-21/bloominholes2fill/a260d4

'Larry Grace'
Thumb of 2018-07-21/bloominholes2fill/48b14e

'Frans Hals'
Thumb of 2018-07-21/bloominholes2fill/7d8fd6

'Asheville Pink Lady'
Thumb of 2018-07-21/bloominholes2fill/93618a

Thumb of 2018-07-21/bloominholes2fill/7bd81d

'Honky Tonk Barbie'
Thumb of 2018-07-21/bloominholes2fill/bbf029

The Welcome To Asheville Garden
Thumb of 2018-07-21/bloominholes2fill/562d23

Freshly painted frogs back in their spot to welcome visitors
Thumb of 2018-07-21/bloominholes2fill/ab2120

Jasper yoga on the patio
Thumb of 2018-07-21/bloominholes2fill/b12d2d
Thumb of 2018-07-21/bloominholes2fill/897595
Thumb of 2018-07-21/bloominholes2fill/a1b2ee

Back yard view from the balcony, July 17th
Thumb of 2018-07-21/bloominholes2fill/dbb201

Old Tree Garden looking not too shabby!
Thumb of 2018-07-21/bloominholes2fill/c673d8

View from the patio
Thumb of 2018-07-21/bloominholes2fill/7b2ae9

View from the very back of the yard
Thumb of 2018-07-21/bloominholes2fill/be549e

Family Garden
Thumb of 2018-07-21/bloominholes2fill/593968

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July 2018 Gardens and Blooms V
Posted on Jul 16, 2018 5:42 PM

Today I finally got out there early enough to plant my seedlings from Winter sowing, on the pathway side of the kennel garden. Asclepias and Blue Sea Holly. My first success story in growing ANYTHING from seed, and they're living to tell the tale in this "Kodak moment"!! Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing ....and the far right Asclepias, in the first photo, actually has buds on it!! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/9db05c
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/78cadc

Purple Liatris with a friend Lovey dubby .....a bit blurry, but I'm just happy I managed these photos unharmed bc I was warned a couple times that this was HIS territory Angry Angry , and close behind me was our car D'Oh! D'Oh!
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/8e4108
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/287833
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/584abc

White allium garlic.....also part of my first ever Winter sowing program. Other allium seed did not germinate though.
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/98635d

Daylily photos from today.....

'Gus Townsend' FFE
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/36677a

'El Nino' 4 petals and 3 is he a poly wannabe? Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/5d0100

Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/000c20

'Sincere Prayer' FFO
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/0014cb

'Venetian Royalty'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/0e2caf

'Stargate Portal'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/123b55

'Mountain Lifestyles'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/fb78df

'War Horse'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/e546d0

'Moroccan Sapphire'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/fe4b0d

'Asheville Social Butterfly'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/353d2a
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/67e151
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/8a73c2

'Asheville Pink Lady'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/8ab139

'Two Sues'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/c62f5d

'Lilac Moonchild'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/074ebe

'Coral Majority'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/64046f

'Plum Tuckered'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/e1bdaa

'Thumbthing Special'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/e126f2

'Meerkat Manor'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/406c49

'Mystic Pizza'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/26dbb6

'Arachnidan Trap'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/ec51cb

'Flycatcher' x 'Heavenly Curls' Kim Klarner, hybridizer
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/a58933

'Don't Leave Empty-Handed'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/de7956

'Lily Munster'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/9e079b

'Spock's Ears'
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/0d4b4d
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/88ce16

Who needs garden gnomes when Jasper's around? nodding nodding Lovey dubby Lovey dubby Lovey dubby
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/ff415f
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/838b31
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/8e78b9
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/c280e0

Red of many that decorated our church's altar, on Mother's Day, 2017. Our pastor gave them away after the final mass of the day......this year's photos Smiling Honestly, I thought I'd killed it D'Oh! , but there must have been some Divine Intervention going on during the past year!! Hilarious! Hilarious! Hilarious!
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/a54866
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/a502ad
Thumb of 2018-07-16/bloominholes2fill/21bce9

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