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Forbidden Garden Chapter 2 "Planning" cont'd.
Posted on May 12, 2020 9:05 PM

Went to mini "Stuff Mart" (aka, Marc's) this evening and I scored these 5 dollar cypress saplings from there!! Hurray! They had only two left, which is exactly how many I need for the forbidden garden!! Hurray! Hurray!
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Forbidden Garden Progress Chapter 2 cont'd - Weather...the good & the bad
Posted on May 12, 2020 9:22 AM

It's been cold and windy the last several days. Glare Although the good news is I've had time to really get down to business with designing the forbidden garden. Hurray! It's quite the process for me. With limited space in the city, it's really difficult to make a "border" garden not look like a bunch of soldiers lined up in a row! Random, natural, effect is difficult for my OCD personality. Symmetry is my game. Asymmetrical design is a challenge and extremely frustrating for me. I get designer's block! Grumbling It has pushed my boundaries, and now, I've come up with symmetrical asymmetry for that garden. Whistling Hilarious! Hilarious! I have most of the kinks worked out, and all that's left is placing daylilies on paper and recording what goes where! Hurray! Hurray! I do have some anchor plants to move, and some to buy, though. Thank heavens for Evergreen Plant Nusery, on the web! Hilarious! Hilarious! Hilarious! We all know how it goes, though, the saying that a Gardener's garden is never done!! Things will move, I'm sure, but not the anchor plantings unless absolutely necessary. Hilarious! Our youngest daughter has contributed to my design with a Mother's Day gift of a young Lilac bush!! Lovey dubby Lovey dubby

On a different note, I've painted myself in to a corner (no pun intended.....just read on Hilarious! ) with my garden label stakes! D'Oh! When I got my P-Touch labeler, in early April, I didn't want to let the label stakes, already in use in the gardens, to go to the dump, so I used a black paint pen to cover my hand writing that would show past the tape label around the edges (sometimes with two coats Glare ), and I printed labels on opaque white tape. It looks really nice, but I told myself that I won't paint any of the fresh, new markers, and, despite my OCD, I was determined to live with grey markers with white labels. Angry Well, after discovering how nice the black with white labels look and stand out (although not obnoxiously so) in the gardens, I just have to have black stakes with white labels for all of my gardens!! D'Oh! Soooo, I've decided to make the quickest work of it as possible (yeah right! Hilarious! ) and spray paint the new stakes! Smiling

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My goal is to be an AHS approved display garden, so I feel it must be done for the purposes of continuity. Sighing!

What's frustrating is the weather has not been cooperating for me to paint them! Well, today they're finally getting painted!!! Hurray! Hurray! ......and I finally can make progress in the gardens!! Hurray! Hurray! ....and tomorrow will be nice too! Green Grin!

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Frustrating Weather
Posted on May 7, 2020 6:29 PM

The weather is not cooperating in the slightest for gardening, here. Glare The temperatures have been on an insane rollercoaster! Yesterday reached the low 50's. It was windy, but I got a lot done Hurray! It was supposed to reach 60 today, and there's been high winds with gusts all day. I couldn't get out there bc I went with Mom for her eye appointment and had to drive her home. I'm not gonna lie.....once she told me about today's appointment, on Tuesday, there was some b******g going on bc I knew today would be mild temps. Whistling Some things have to come before gardening, and I'm sure she's had just as frustrating days raising me and the bros. (Especially the youngest bro. Whistling Glare ) Currently it's 63 degrees with W winds around 23 mph and gusts up to around 36 mph. Blinking Tomorrow, rain and a high of 46 and 28 for the overnight low!! Blinking Blinking Snow is in the forecast for Saturday and 44 degrees!!! Glare Blinking Blinking This is getting freaking old!! Grumbling Grumbling The good news is that the snow won't stick!! Hurray! Hurray!

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Forbidden Garden Progress - Chapter 2
Posted on May 7, 2020 3:14 PM

Yesterday was a marathon gardening day bc the better part of this afternoon was spent at the eye doc with Mom. I drove her home bc they did a procedure on the right eye. Next Thursday they'll do the left eye.

Anyway, yesterday I worked the soil in the garden that transitions from the kennel to the forbidden garden, and it expanded as I planned it out Whistling Green Grin! So, thinking I had a second bag of garden soil to mix in with the clay soil, I accidentally dumped a bag of triple shred mulch in there. D'Oh! Hilarious! I was really too lazy to scoop it in to the wheelbarrow to save it for top dressing, so I figured mixing it in will aerate the soil better than adding in garden soil, so I threw caution to the wind, mixed it in, and planted my heart out. nodding nodding I'm all ears!

Some DL's might move around after taking a closer look at the layout on paper, but all in all, I'm pretty satisfied so far. Smiling Smiling

I still have 4 DL's that overwintered in the veggie garden. I'm determined to plant them elsewhere so I can grow veggies this year.

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Forbidden Garden Progress- Chapter 1
Posted on Apr 25, 2020 10:12 AM

Thanks I'm excited! Smiling Can't wait to see everybody's gardens in bloom! Hurray! Hurray!

Still working on the forbidden garden on paper. Whistling Green Grin! It's tough when it's not to scale, but I've written down the measurements for reference. Smiling Can't find my graph paper. D'Oh! Hilarious! I have to say that my breakthrough inspiration came when we were at Mom's the other day, and her holly caught my eye and it's gorgeous!! So, holly meets my requirements for this garden. Evergreen, dense, tall (some varieties more than others) protection for the birds, fruit for the birds in Winter, and a decent yet small enough spread that won't take up the entire yard width. Our yard is only 42 feet wide, so choosing plant sizes is a challenge. Hilarious! The holly I'll get is the 'Nellie Stevens' variety, and they're self pollinating. Hurray! I'll get three, and they'll be planted in the back 18 feet(ish), to (eventually Hilarious! ) block the worst eyesores across the alley, when sitting on the patio. Green Grin! Green Grin! Thank heavens for the Evergreen Nursery, online! https://www.evergreenplantnurs... Their evergreens are 12 to 18 inch seedlings, so if one is willing to wait patiently for full growth, you can't beat their prices!! Hurray! Hurray! They provide the growth rate info in their plant descriptions. I purchased my Arborvitae from them, and after 9 years, they've grown in to gorgeous plants. A couple are smaller bc they haven't been growing in full sun, but they will join the one in the full sun location this year. Smiling I made sure to leave plenty of room for the new daylilies and the daylilies that are moving out of the veggie garden! Whistling Whistling nodding

Things are starting to come together for this garden. After mowing a couple times, Sparky hasn't said anything about the new grass pathway, that I roughed out the shape with bricks, and it will cut through this garden, so that might be a good sign! Crossing Fingers! Whistling Whistling This pathway will remain as grass, for his sake, bc he had issues with being "cut off" to the yard behind the garden, even though I was going to have a brick or gravel pathway there. I think it seems more definitive in his mind to leave it as grass so the mower can pass through. I think this solution might keep a peaceful marriage. Whistling Whistling Lovey dubby

So, I'll keep grinding the cogwheels in my head, rusty as they are. Hilarious! Hilarious!

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