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Posted on Jun 12, 2016 10:46 PM

Yesterday, the DH and I began the installation of our new hosebib...finally!! The outside finish plumbing is complete, so the inside rough plumbing is left to do. Love the Pex system! Can't wait til it's finished!! We've had drought conditions for at least one month. Only just a couple of rains measuring a whopping 1/4" each! Very challenging to keep things irrigated, when limited to only 28 gallons of water at a time (from the spring) and only one car in use by my DH who is working two jobs, now! We just got our second car last week, after an accident totaled our second car in 2014.

The backstory on the hosebib pipe is that it burst two weeks before Christmas in 2013. And then, that very same evening, our inside main valve began leaking around three hours after the emergency, temporary plumbing was complete for the hosebib!! We were struggling financially (almost lost our home three times since 2011), and couldn't afford to have both issues fixed, so the inside main was the priority! (Folks, I couldn't make this up if you paid me!) Rolling my eyes.

Now that things are underway, our trips to the local spring, for my garden water, will soon be a thing of the past after putting up with it for three years!! My last trip will be this week!!!

I'm beyond crazy ecstatic!!! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!

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Posted on Jun 4, 2016 9:42 PM

Today was overcast and upper 70's and humid with not a whisper of a breeze.

We are hurting bad for rain! Supposed to get thunderstorms tonight and rain all day tomorrow. Gosh I hope so!!

Our clay soil is looking like something from the desert!! Got alot of wilting plants in the gardens that aren't ready for mulch yet! Even some of my hostas and daylilies are showing a little stress! Our hose bibb is busted and I'm frustrated! Grumbling I do get water at a local spring, but only about 28 gallons at a time. Pretty difficult to combat extended drought this way.

Oh, wait!!! It's just started to rain!!

Thank heavens!!

* None

* Moved 'Phyllis Cantini' to northeast garden. Planted 'Clockwork' and 'Asheville Pink Lady' in west foundation garden, by the driveway. Planted the Lily of the Valley from the DG trade with Candi. Then dressed the critical areas of the northeast garden with mulch. Supplement watered the wilting perennials in the northwest and the northeast gardens as much as possible without using up too much spring water.

* Daylily 'Laughing Skies'

* Clematis 'Niobe'

* None

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Posted on Jun 2, 2016 8:10 PM

* This Spring has been quite a ride with several, unseasonable, freeze/thaw cycles into early May.
* Currently, we are in hot, humid and extended drought conditions!! Very challenging without a working hose bibb! Construction by the spring, for the new Pro Football HOF city, has lead to turning off the faucets for who knows how long!! Note to self: GET OFF THE TOUKAS AND INSTALL THE HOSEBIB!!

* DAYLILIES: Blueberry Lemonade (2), Bloodfire (1), Clockwork (1 huge triple fan!), Coral Majority (3), Electric Lizard (1triple fan - round 2!), Helix (3), Mystic Pizza (1 triple fan), Two Sues (1)
* PERENNIALS: Clematis - red (3), Hosta (1 divided into two), Iris - 'Strawberry Love' (3), Elfin Thyme, Liatris (4), Lily of the Valley (6), Phlox (creeping) 'Emerald Blue' (front (south) landscape and the east garage gardens), Phlox (creeping) 'Emerald Pink' (front (south) landscape only), Phlox (creeping) pink (east garage garden)
* EVERGREENS: Sky Pencil Japanese Holly (1 front (south) landscape).

* Groundcover Project: Last Fall, I pulled out the Lamium in the following gardens: East Porch; East North and West Kennel; abnd East Garage. As beautiful as Lamium is, it's too tall as a groundcover, and it flowers constantly throughout the entire growing season. Therefore, *numerous* bees constantly around the occupied areas *all season long*!! I'm allergic (although, not life threatening) and it makes for undesireable spaces for us to chill! To date, I replaced the Lamium with Creeping Phlox and Elfin Thyme in all but the kennel gardens, which will be done soon. I also removed the invasive stuff in the front porch stair landing border and replaced it with Elfin Thyme that's not so invasive!
*Daylilies: Completely gave/traded away the following: 'Flight of the Raven', 'Meant to Be', 'Whistler's Sister'. Planted three new 'Helix' around the birdbath in the East garage garden. Planted three 'Coral Majority' around the Weeping Cherry tree. Planted one 'Two Sues' in Northeast garden.
* The front (south) material is in and this area is *mostly* done and mulched for the season. I may add Stella divisions in the Fall. Hardscape needs completeded, but I'm in no rush at this juncture!
* The East Garage garden plant material is in and this area is complete and mulched!!
*Three new 'Niobe' clematis were added to three of the four corners of the Kennel gardens.

* Most everything is sprouted and filled or filling out.
* Daylily 'Helix': The one year old clump, in the West driveway garden, is filled out nicely and sprouting scapes, and I'm beside myself with excitement and anticipation!! This daylily is my #1 favorite!! I got one bloom after planting the fan, last year, but before the leaves filled out, and I'm looking forward to the "show" this year and for years to come!
* Daylily 'Raspberry Pixie' sprouting scapes. The late freeze/thaw cycles took their toll on RP! After noticing that the foliage was growing in a wierd manner and that they weren't filling out, I cut the foliage back to 8 inches above the ground in hopes to revive them. The clumps are nice size, not decreasing, and usually it fills out to 30 inch wide plants, but to date, they are scrawny! Revival tactics are proving to be futile!! We'll see how it plays out..
* Hibiscus 'Midnight Marvel' just began sprouting its branches around May 25th.
* Coneflower 'Cheyenne Spirit' budding.
* Clematis 'Niobe' budding.

* Daylily 'Stella de Oro'
* Fernleaf Bleeding Heart
* Yarrow

* Mini lilac.
* 'Quail' daffodils.
* All Spring bulbs.

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Crabgrass....I Concede!!
Posted on Apr 24, 2016 12:31 PM

When we toured our home, during our domicile hunt, the back yard was freshly seeded. "Oh good", I thought, "we'll have nice back yard turf"!! Boy, were we fooled! I've been fighting crabgrass and ankle-busting divets in our lawn ever since!

Well, this year (2016), I concede! Our lawn is made up of crabgrass and the good grass is the "weeds"!!

So, until I can scrounge up the doe to grade and reseed our lawn, crustacean grass it will remain.....😕. arrrrg!!

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