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Garden DIY Upgrade Ideas: How to Make Your Garden More Appealing
Posted on Jul 24, 2019 12:26 AM


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There will always be a great way to design your yard no matter how big or small it is. You might have already thought about making your garden beautiful. However, you don't like the idea of spending too much. You don't have to worry, as there are many ways to beautify your garden without hiring a landscaping professional.

Depending on your yard's situation, it might take a significant amount of time and energy to make it beautiful. Rest assured, all your efforts will pay off once you see how vibrant and attractive your garden will be.

Below is a list of DIY garden enhancement ideas that will improve your garden in no time!

1. Clean Your Yard.
The first thing that you need to do is clean your yard. Check your fence and see if it needs washing and scrubbing. Clear up the lawn for leaves, twigs, and other debris.
If you have a huge yard that has several trees, then see to it that they're growing properly. If there are branches that need to be cut, then attend to it right away.
If you think you need more space for your yard, then remove some trees. You can do this job manually, but it will consume a lot of your time.
To complete the task more effectively, you need the assistance of a powered tool, like a small wood chipper, professional smaller wood chipper supplier, you can find it here:

2. Paint Your Furniture.
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Having old furniture doesn't always mean you need to replace them. If the safety is compromised, that's the time you need to consider replacing them. However, if they are still fully functional, applying some spray paint will give them a fresh look. A classy and polished black furniture will surely add character to your yard. However, it will still depend on your yard's theme.

3. Add New Cushions.
Adding colorful cushions will give life to your garden. They are also useful in making you and the other people in your home comfortable while spending time outdoors. Make sure to choose those that are waterproof to make sure they will last long.

4. Use Pallets.
Many don't realize it but pallets are a good addition to gardens. You can use them as excellent planters that you can put on your garden walls. You can use them for small plants including herbs, which will really come in handy if you're into using fresh ingredients.You can also transform the pallets into furniture if you don't have any yet. Don't forget to apply weatherproof coatings and add some cushions to complete the look!

5. Add More Flowers.
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Different colors of flowers provide focal points, contrast, and diversity. Sunflowers, marigolds, cosmos, and hydrangeas are among the most commonly used in gardens.
If you're not into flowers, you can opt for vegetables and herbs as they have pretty flowers too. You can go with thyme, pineapple sage, spring onions, chives, and basils.

6. Eliminate Weeds.
Weeds greatly reduce the appeal of your garden. If you see weeds, make sure to get rid of them right away. They grow really fast and for the time you allow them to grow, it will become more and more difficult to remove them.

7. Use Colorful Containers and Pots.
Adding colors to planters will give attraction to a certain area or plant. This is useful if you want to feature something in your garden.
For example, you want your favorite plant to be conspicuous. By giving it contrasting colors, you're giving it dominance and emphasis that it's an important part in your garden.

8. Build a Birdhouse.
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Birds make gardens even more beautiful. With a few wood scraps and some basic carpentry skills, you can build a really cute birdhouse that will invite several birds to visit and enjoy your garden.

9. Add Some Lights.
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Adding adequate lighting is essential during night time. There are many ways to light up your garden. You can use LED lights as they provide enough brightness without requiring too much power. They are energy-efficient and will not have a significant impact on your electric bills.You can also use solar lights placed inside hanging Kilner jars. This is easy to make which gives off enough lighting and at the same time, add appeal to your garden.

10. Establish Variety and Unity.
The best way to have a beautiful and inviting garden is to have a color theme among flowers, plants, and other decors. The repetition of colors among the elements is an effective technique in making your garden stand out.

Here are great ideas on different combinations of colors:
● Purple - Basils, eggplants, thymes, beetroots, rhubarbs, rainbow chards, chive and rosemary flowers, alyssum, lavender, petunia, violet, and a variety of sages.
● Blue, grey, and white - These colors are suitable for almost everything. You can mix blue flowers, culinary sages, green or blue leaks, white alyssum, cabbages, and cauliflower.
● Orange and yellow - Orange marigolds, yellow capsicums, sunflowers, nasturtiums, cosmos, yellow chillis, orange chards, calendula, and cherry tomatoes.

Making your garden more beautiful should not require a lot of money. These are only some of the DIY ideas you can apply to your garden upgrade. The key is creativity paired with hard work. Hopefully, these ideas will help make your garden more beautiful in no time!

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