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Top strategies for saving time on content marketing
Posted on Mar 18, 2015 4:42 AM

If there’s one thing all marketing professionals will agree on, it’s this: Good content marketing takes a lot of time to do right. There’s no way to speed up the process of the days and weeks necessary to gain a loyal following to a blog or social media site. There’s no way to measure the amount of social currency you gain each time you offer quality content to customers free of charge.

However, there are some things you as a marketer might be doing that are redundant or unnecessary. A recent Huffington Post article by Safeel Qureshi, Vice President of Operations for digital marketing and software company Computan, pointed out a few strategies for using your time more wisely.

Create a schedule

Sometimes content marketing becomes a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants endeavor where people throw out a bunch of good ideas and then get to work without a clear idea of when they want to move on to the next step or declare a project “completed.”

Qureshi’s advice is to “have your marketing campaign mapped out and a [have a] schedule for how you are going to implement this strategy.” Successful or not, you should know when to move on from one project and focus your attention on the next one.

Reuse and recycle

You don’t have to create a brand new, fabulous content marketing idea every day. Once a week or so, look back at old content and identify which posts or articles or web pages performed really well. Revive them, give them an update, and re-campaign them as new and improved. If they were loved once, they’ll probably be loved again and you saved yourself a lot of time in the process.

In the same vein, Qureshi pointed out, “Chances are you spend the day providing advice to customers about your product or service. Use some of those discussions . . . as the basis for your content writing.” It’s a good way of finding article inspiration and you already know it’s information people want and need.

Choose quality over quantity

When you start looking into new venues for content marketing, you’ll realize the options are nearly endless. You can click to call, pay per view, partner with affiliates, and so much more. And the more the merrier, right? A discerning marketer will know the answer, of course: It’s much better to choose quality over quantity.

Instead of spreading yourself thin on a hundred different content marketing avenues, consult a marketing agency that can help you choose a few strategies to use based on your target audience. You won’t rake in the same number of views, but the ones you do get will be high quality leads.

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