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Summer is upon us
Posted on Jun 28, 2020 6:11 PM

It's already June 28th; where did the Spring go? Next week we'll be into July.
As I get older, seems time passes so much faster. Am I imagining this, or is it really a thing? Who knows?

We're still in a drought here in southern NH. Haven't had any rain (other than a few drizzles) in over a month.
Time for a Rain Dance --- Please Mother Nature bring the rain.
Update on HoneyBees
The hives are exploding; don't know where they're finding all this pollen and nectar. We've been busy splitting hives this time of year. And, with splitting hives, comes time to purchase new queens. Yes, I know we don't have to purchase queens, we could insure the bees have larvae and let the girls make their own queen. Or, with luck find a queen cell and place that in the newly split hive. But, patience is not my virtue. Our summers are short here in the Northeast and we don't have the luxury of time. We were finally able to get our hands on some of Joe May's genetics (Little Bits Honey Bees IN). We are thrilled with these girls from Little Bits Honey Bees. This past week we also added new queens from Singing Cedars Apiaries VT. Happy Dance.

Thumb of 2020-06-28/dc0145a/ae4db7

And suddenly, it's Rose season.
I don't know the name of this one. It's a once blooming climber from Heirloom Roses (planted about 15years ago).
What's interesting with this rose is the different shades in each bloom. No two are alike. You'd think it was a different rose.
Thumb of 2020-06-28/dc0145a/2c4392
Thumb of 2020-06-28/dc0145a/de6556
Thumb of 2020-06-28/dc0145a/2f4e41

Found this spider on my rose; it's preying on some sort of small bee.
Golden Rod Crab Spider (Misumena vatia species)
Thumb of 2020-06-28/dc0145a/7e6502
Thumb of 2020-06-28/dc0145a/1c1801

Chuckles (Shepherd, 1958)
Thumb of 2020-06-28/dc0145a/12125c

Late June hosta bed
Thumb of 2020-06-29/dc0145a/d1daee
Thumb of 2020-06-29/dc0145a/0c1abf

Northern Catalpa. Love this tree, but be forwarned it's blossoms leave a mess on the lawn and the long 'beans' in the Fall will also leave quite a mess.
Thumb of 2020-06-28/dc0145a/ec0a8b
Paul's Himalayan Musk
Thumb of 2020-06-28/dc0145a/26f425
Thumb of 2020-06-28/dc0145a/e1cac9

Siberian Iris
Thumb of 2020-06-28/dc0145a/c330f8

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Hope you all have an amazing day.

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June 12, 2020
Posted on Jun 13, 2020 4:19 PM

Been soooo busy. We had to order another 10yards of bark mulch 20 yards total!

I've noticed most of the local garden centers are sold out of quite a few items.
Especially proven winner's annuals -- I can't find Supertunia Vistas, 'reg' supertunias are slim pickings,
'graceful grasses' Vertigo sold out, purple fountain grass - sold out. I guess it's a good thing for garden centers, but I soooo want my Supertunias.

I start my own vegetable seeds so that's been a saving grace as the garden centers are pretty much sold out.

As for the bees, May 14th we had our first swarm ever. We actually did pretty well 'capturing' the swarm - even managed to locate the queen (we think there may have been multiple queens, but only found one). We got four 5 frame nucs from this swarm. Not bad for first timers.

Thumb of 2020-06-12/dc0145a/ed1a1e
Thumb of 2020-06-12/dc0145a/b4dacf
Thumb of 2020-06-13/dc0145a/fe8786

The garden is looking amazing.
It's Peony season

Cora Louise (ITOH)
Thumb of 2020-06-12/dc0145a/273413

Coral Charm
Thumb of 2020-06-12/dc0145a/beba78

Bowl of Beauty
Thumb of 2020-06-12/dc0145a/d54aae

Thumb of 2020-06-12/dc0145a/587d41

Thumb of 2020-06-12/dc0145a/2debfd

Thumb of 2020-06-12/dc0145a/c544ab

Thumb of 2020-06-13/dc0145a/642b53
Thumb of 2020-06-13/dc0145a/0b8037

William Baffin with honeybee
Thumb of 2020-06-13/dc0145a/ff951c

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Saturday May 9th
Posted on May 9, 2020 11:21 AM

And, ol man winter looks to be coming back. We had some wet snow overnight into this morning. Gusty winds today; only about 40F. Unusually cold for this time of year. We have a freeze warning for tonight. Thankfully, the vegetable seedlings and dahlias are waiting patiently in greenhouse for warmer weather.

We had 10 yards of bark mulch delivered and have started doing the flower beds. It's been years since these beds have been mulched. Hopefully, the weeds will
be kept at bay this year.
Thumb of 2020-05-09/dc0145a/822d4a

Purissima (Brent & Becky's Bulbs). My absolute favorite white tulip. Blooms early.
Thumb of 2020-05-09/dc0145a/d54c76
Literally glows in the garden.
Would make a great addition to a moon garden; hmmmm 'honey, I think I need to add another garden bed'.
Thumb of 2020-05-09/dc0145a/150eb6

Hosta early Spring
Thumb of 2020-05-09/dc0145a/240635
Thumb of 2020-05-09/dc0145a/6a403b
Thumb of 2020-05-09/dc0145a/65b36d

Donau Park (Brecks - split corona)
Thumb of 2020-05-09/dc0145a/fd7cd3

Ice Follies
Thumb of 2020-05-09/dc0145a/c34f29

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Finally Spring
Posted on Apr 27, 2020 4:01 PM

Today April 27th. A month has passed and things have finally warmed up. We installed two more packages of bees Monday April 20th.
The hives are rocking n rolling. The girls are loving the spring blooms (me too).
Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry
Thumb of 2020-04-27/dc0145a/f3c69e

Star Magnolia
Thumb of 2020-04-27/dc0145a/361908

Bees on porous rock in bird bath
Thumb of 2020-04-27/dc0145a/efffb9

Bee on daffodil
Thumb of 2020-04-27/dc0145a/420020

Crimson King Maple bud
Thumb of 2020-04-27/dc0145a/8f028d

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March 30th Bee Season is Here
Posted on Mar 30, 2020 9:07 PM

We picked up packages of bees today from Autumn Morning Farm in Barre MA.
Not the best day to be installing bees; 42F, showers. ugh
We'll check on them in about 5 days to verify the queens have been released from their cages.

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