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Summer 2021
Posted on Aug 9, 2021 6:37 PM

Hey All,
It's been a super busy year. Been very lax in posting. The last post of 2020 I showed a couple pictures of bears.
Well, this Spring those bears showed up with friends galore. Oh Lordy, you'll see from pictures they completely destroyed one of our bee yards.
As it was, we only had 10 hives out of 32 survive the winter and then the bear strike. I'm not a happy camper.

The weather this summer has been odd. May was 'normal' - some hot days, but mostly in 70's. Then June hit hot and dry - less than 1" of rain month of June. Highly unusual, June is typically a rainy month for us. July has been extremely wet this year. Again highly unusual - July and August are typically very dry - drought conditions. We've had more rain than sun of late.
It's already mid August - where has the time gone? Seems the older I get the faster time flies. Lordy Day. Below are some pics of the bear damage and the early Spring garden.
Daylilies will be featured in next post.

Varieties this year:
Amish Paste
Burpees Farmstand
Glacier ** new for me this year
Momotaro ** new for me this year
Pruden's Purple
Siletz ** new for me this year
Sun Gold cherry tomato
Wisconsin 55

California Wonder

Thumb of 2021-08-09/dc0145a/b37233
Thumb of 2021-08-09/dc0145a/1291a1
Thumb of 2021-08-09/dc0145a/cb2f77
Thumb of 2021-08-09/dc0145a/c7db05

Thumb of 2021-08-09/dc0145a/cf7ab1
Thumb of 2021-08-09/dc0145a/a89fd5
Thumb of 2021-08-09/dc0145a/e265d4

Early Spring Snow Fountain weeping cherry
Thumb of 2021-08-09/dc0145a/fde74a

Thumb of 2021-08-09/dc0145a/d9acdb

Thumb of 2021-08-09/dc0145a/0f3daa

Onions from Dixondale Farm TX
Thumb of 2021-08-09/dc0145a/3a758a

Onions planted
Thumb of 2021-08-09/dc0145a/fb00c6

Heat Mats ready to go
Thumb of 2021-08-09/dc0145a/7edd53

I start my seeds in Proptek tray. At about one month, I transplant to 4" pot.
Thumb of 2021-08-10/dc0145a/fae979
Thumb of 2021-08-10/dc0145a/d9f373

Tomatoes ready to be planted. Note: I harden off plants prior to planting out in the garden.
Thumb of 2021-08-09/dc0145a/2ddd85

Tomatoes planted week of May 23, 2021
Thumb of 2021-08-09/dc0145a/4c4cf2

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It's November 2020
Posted on Nov 20, 2020 9:35 AM

Hope everyone is doing well during these uncertain times. As I write this blog today, it's 72F outside with beautiful bright skies. Did I say it's November 10th? Wow! Hard to believe just a few weeks ago, October 30th, we had our first snow of the season. It was short lived as the next week we had temps in the 60's. The bears have been active. Two days now (11/18th), I woke to my feeders on the ground. Guess I'll have to wait a bit longer to put the feeders out. I've been busy blowing leaves out of the flower beds and prepping the yard for winter. The Adirondack chairs are wrapped in the winter 'coats'. Wrought iron table n chairs have been tarped. Putting the garden to bed for a long winter's sleep. Well, I'm finally wrapping up this post November 20th. Take Care all. Hope you have an amazing day.

These photos were taken 15mins apart. Looks like a smaller female took down my feeder followed by a much larger male.

Thumb of 2020-11-20/dc0145a/5bf805
Thumb of 2020-11-20/dc0145a/2fbca7

Fall Maple tree
Thumb of 2020-11-11/dc0145a/82b62a

Maple Tree
Thumb of 2020-11-11/dc0145a/bb8fe1

Living up to her name 'Autumn Frost' still going strong after several frosty nights.
Thumb of 2020-11-11/dc0145a/959f6d

Climbing hydrangea on maple tree
Thumb of 2020-11-11/dc0145a/93189b

Harbor pond
Thumb of 2020-11-11/dc0145a/fe7f31

Hollis, NH maple trees
Thumb of 2020-11-12/dc0145a/16abd8

Backyard maple
Thumb of 2020-11-12/dc0145a/540289

Thumb of 2020-11-12/dc0145a/e2db5d

First snow of 2020 Winter season.
Thumb of 2020-11-12/dc0145a/5c3cdc

Autumn Frost still holding strong even after being covered in snow.
Thumb of 2020-11-12/dc0145a/b89006

Blue Princess Holly
Thumb of 2020-11-12/dc0145a/ded7b1

Bloodgood Japanese Maple
Thumb of 2020-11-12/dc0145a/655f3d

Japanese Maple
Thumb of 2020-11-12/dc0145a/29aeb4

Thumb of 2020-11-12/dc0145a/3e080a

Thumb of 2020-11-12/dc0145a/e8a9d8

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It's October
Posted on Oct 4, 2020 4:22 PM

And suddenly, it's October. It's October 4th today; the clouds are moving in and looks like we'll finally have some rain. Fingers crossed as we're still in a drought. Not much new happening here in southern NH. I haven't seen our hummingbirds in a couple days now; a sign that fall truly is here. Here's a few pictures from around the garden today.
More pictures posted on my Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/beek...
Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/d...

Beehives were busy this morning working on building their reserves for winter.
Thumb of 2020-10-04/dc0145a/25ae33

Canyon Road rose -- love this rose. Red doesn't photograph well for me. This rose is a sultry, velvety red. Doesn't show well in the photo.
Thumb of 2020-10-04/dc0145a/4bf2e3

And, check out the foliage on this rose. As an experiment, I purposefully did not fertilize or spray this rose this season. As you can see, no disease. Especially no blackspot which is usually an issue in my garden.
Thumb of 2020-10-04/dc0145a/00e8bf

Apricot Peach mix strawflowers I started from Johnny's seeds this past spring. Still blooming here in early October.
Thumb of 2020-10-04/dc0145a/d6a0d0

The bees were busy this past spring pollinating the blue princess hollies. (Note: you need both a male and a female holly to get berries).
Thumb of 2020-10-04/dc0145a/36609c

Bees loving the late season cosmos.
Thumb of 2020-10-04/dc0145a/03c111

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Where did summer go?
Posted on Sep 26, 2020 7:46 PM

Where did summer go? It's a common question I ask myself each year. And, this year of all years has been a difficult one for many people with the covid 19 forever changing our lives. No longer will I take even the simplest things for granted. I want to keep this blog upbeat as a respite from these uncertain times we are experiencing.

I can't believe I completely zoned out from updating this blog July and August. Here in southern NH we've been in a drought - very little precipitation all of June, July and August. Despite little to no rain, mulching helped greatly this year along with some supplemental watering - very little as we've been under a ban (odd / even days).

Check out my Instagram for more pictures beekeepersjourney
And my youtube channel
dc0145a https://www.youtube.com/user/d...

Here's some pictures from daylily season.

First to bloom this year Harbor Gate - an oldie but goodie. This one was still blooming end of July.
Thumb of 2020-09-27/dc0145a/2ca03d
Thumb of 2020-09-27/dc0145a/43d00b

Love this one from Bill Waldrop - Burnt Hickory
Thumb of 2020-09-26/dc0145a/00399c
Thumb of 2020-09-27/dc0145a/eb1d47

Exotic Love
Thumb of 2020-09-27/dc0145a/1a0f36

Forsyth Catawba
Thumb of 2020-09-26/dc0145a/33188b

Forsyth Flaming Snow
Thumb of 2020-09-26/dc0145a/37b257

Jody Ann My fav pink from the late Ron Valente
Thumb of 2020-09-27/dc0145a/969126

Katie Sue Herrington
Thumb of 2020-09-27/dc0145a/665c71

Lake Norman Spider
Thumb of 2020-09-26/dc0145a/c0c0d0

One of my all time favorites Late To The Party.
I can't get enough of this late bloomer.
Thumb of 2020-09-26/dc0145a/dd4c6e
Thumb of 2020-09-26/dc0145a/169899
Thumb of 2020-09-26/dc0145a/908040

Another of Bill Waldrop's Lydia's Regal Robe
Thumb of 2020-09-27/dc0145a/f6fffa

Pink Aloha love this one
Thumb of 2020-09-26/dc0145a/bda779

Primal Scream Another fav
Thumb of 2020-09-27/dc0145a/d744b5

Southern Shiner - A real stunner from Heidi Douglas
Thumb of 2020-09-27/dc0145a/ec8e91
Thumb of 2020-09-27/dc0145a/d9d772

Swallow Tail Kite -- look close you'll see a goldenrod crab spider in center.
Thumb of 2020-09-26/dc0145a/cd105f

Tangerine Supreme
Thumb of 2020-09-26/dc0145a/ea8f64
Thumb of 2020-09-27/dc0145a/0a7445

Westbourne Little Lamb
Thumb of 2020-09-26/dc0145a/75c52d

Wild Horses what can I say? Phenomenal!
Thumb of 2020-09-27/dc0145a/10e54b

Late season hosta bed
Thumb of 2020-09-27/dc0145a/f8b545

Thumb of 2020-09-27/dc0145a/6a83f0

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Summer is upon us
Posted on Jun 28, 2020 6:11 PM

It's already June 28th; where did the Spring go? Next week we'll be into July.
As I get older, seems time passes so much faster. Am I imagining this, or is it really a thing? Who knows?

We're still in a drought here in southern NH. Haven't had any rain (other than a few drizzles) in over a month.
Time for a Rain Dance --- Please Mother Nature bring the rain.
Update on HoneyBees
The hives are exploding; don't know where they're finding all this pollen and nectar. We've been busy splitting hives this time of year. And, with splitting hives, comes time to purchase new queens. Yes, I know we don't have to purchase queens, we could insure the bees have larvae and let the girls make their own queen. Or, with luck find a queen cell and place that in the newly split hive. But, patience is not my virtue. Our summers are short here in the Northeast and we don't have the luxury of time. We were finally able to get our hands on some of Joe May's genetics (Little Bits Honey Bees IN). We are thrilled with these girls from Little Bits Honey Bees. This past week we also added new queens from Singing Cedars Apiaries VT. Happy Dance.

Thumb of 2020-06-28/dc0145a/ae4db7

And suddenly, it's Rose season.
I don't know the name of this one. It's a once blooming climber from Heirloom Roses (planted about 15years ago).
What's interesting with this rose is the different shades in each bloom. No two are alike. You'd think it was a different rose.
Thumb of 2020-06-28/dc0145a/2c4392
Thumb of 2020-06-28/dc0145a/de6556
Thumb of 2020-06-28/dc0145a/2f4e41

Found this spider on my rose; it's preying on some sort of small bee.
Golden Rod Crab Spider (Misumena vatia species)
Thumb of 2020-06-28/dc0145a/7e6502
Thumb of 2020-06-28/dc0145a/1c1801

Chuckles (Shepherd, 1958)
Thumb of 2020-06-28/dc0145a/12125c

Late June hosta bed
Thumb of 2020-06-29/dc0145a/d1daee
Thumb of 2020-06-29/dc0145a/0c1abf

Northern Catalpa. Love this tree, but be forwarned it's blossoms leave a mess on the lawn and the long 'beans' in the Fall will also leave quite a mess.
Thumb of 2020-06-28/dc0145a/ec0a8b
Paul's Himalayan Musk
Thumb of 2020-06-28/dc0145a/26f425
Thumb of 2020-06-28/dc0145a/e1cac9

Siberian Iris
Thumb of 2020-06-28/dc0145a/c330f8

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Hope you all have an amazing day.

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