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June update 6/18/2019
Posted on Jun 18, 2019 9:05 AM

It's officially rose season. We've had mostly clear, sunny days this past week. A few days of showers, but mostly sun.
Low 80's, low humidity I'll take it.

Now, on to the roses
First up is William Baffin he is showing off this year for sure. Absolutely covered in blooms. Albeit mostly at the top.
After this flush of blooms, I've got to get this guy pruned. Our honeybees are loving William Baffin.

Bee -- William Baffin
Thumb of 2019-06-17/dc0145a/5bf0e7

William Baffin
Thumb of 2019-06-17/dc0145a/f87b65

Julia Child is stunning as usual. What more can I say; she is 'hands down' the Best yellow on the market today- IMO.

Julia Child in my mother's garden
Thumb of 2019-06-17/dc0145a/5a83b8

Next up is Paul's Himalayan Musk -- just started blooming 6/15th He is covered in buds; I expect in the next week he is going to absolutely explode with blooms.

We hiked today Saturday 6/15th. I saw my first ever Common Yellow Throat gorgeous - the yellow is so vibrant - knock your socks off.
Also saw my first Northern Water Thrush -- hopping from lily pad to lily pad in the beaver pond. And, topped it off with a Golden Eagle soaring over the pond.

Common Yellow Throat (photo Cornell Macaulay library)
Thumb of 2019-06-17/dc0145a/8c1747

An added bonus; the Mountain Laurel's are in full bloom all along the trail. What a sight to behold on this late spring day -- Can't believe summer is only a few days away.
Where did spring go so quickly?

Wild Mountain Laurel
Thumb of 2019-06-17/dc0145a/d354e6

And, some very late blooming lady slippers on the trail.
Thumb of 2019-06-17/dc0145a/a82931

Sunday 6/16th Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there. It was cloudy here with showers / rain.... A nice, slow, soaking rain which is perfect for the garden.
The peonies held up well from the rain.... Monday, June 17th dawned bright and sunny. Of course, it's Monday - back to work.

ITOH Cora Louise
Thumb of 2019-06-18/dc0145a/65e203

Bloom just opening on Bowl Of Beauty
Thumb of 2019-06-18/dc0145a/1df9fd

Bowl of Beauty
Thumb of 2019-06-18/dc0145a/3efb20

Coral Charm
Thumb of 2019-06-18/dc0145a/35e356

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June Happenings
Posted on Jun 17, 2019 11:57 AM

Finally, the weather has warmed. Memorial Day Weekend we traveled to St. Albans Vermont to pick up Nucs from Michael Palmer. These are 'hands-down' the BEST nucs we've ever purchased. Chock full of bees, brood. St. Albans is about a 4 hour drive north; absolutely worth the trip.

The past four days weather (June 6th - June 9th) has been absolutely perfect. Nearly a cloud in the sky and warm - low 80s.
My son and his girlfriend visited the past few days. So thrilled to meet his girlfriend. She's an absolute treasure; love her already. Happy Dance Smiling

In gardening news:

My gardens are being overwhelmed with weeds. ugh Hope to get some weeding done in the beds this weekend (Jun 15-16th).
Bishop's Weed has overtaken my daylily beds --- I have no idea how this weed got into my yard, but it's a thug that I can't seem to eradicate.

The vegetable garden is finally planted.
Amish Paste https://www.johnnyseeds.com/ve...
Wisconsin 55 - https://www.johnnyseeds.com/ve...

Revolution One of my favorite Bell Peppers for the Northeast https://www.fedcoseeds.com/see...
Mega Marconi Italian type https://www.fedcoseeds.com/see...

Summer Squash: Saffron https://www.fedcoseeds.com/see...

Zucchini: Costata Romanesco

I do a ton of canning and freezing; planted 120 peppers and 40 tomato plants. 1000+ onions.
Onion plants from: https://www.dixondalefarms.com...

I'm trying something new this year; planted 'Busy Bee' sunflower seeds and Zinnias in the asparagus bed.
I'm hoping to attract some beneficial insects to the vegetable garden. We'll see how this works out. ;)


Speaking of Asparagus; the dreaded asparagus beetle larvae are already here.
I hand 'squish' these buggers. I know it's gross, but I don't want to spray especially with the beehives so close to
the vegetable garden.

Common Asparagus Beetle
Thumb of 2019-06-13/dc0145a/a5ac6e

Spotted Asparagus Beetle
Thumb of 2019-06-13/dc0145a/aa707c

Asparagus Beetle Larvae
Thumb of 2019-06-13/dc0145a/646666

And, in the flower gardens:

Iris season is sadly coming to an end.

Tall Bearded Iris (unknown)
Thumb of 2019-06-13/dc0145a/2dce12

June 11th, we have our first blooms of the Peony season here in southern NH.

White Peony (unknown)
Thumb of 2019-06-13/dc0145a/ad08de

Paeonia Cora Louise ITOH
Thumb of 2019-06-13/dc0145a/bced05

Paeonia Coral Charm
Thumb of 2019-06-13/dc0145a/0ed314

I'm eagerly awaiting the first rose blooms of the season; as of 6/11th the roses are covered in buds.
I expect to see William Baffin first followed by Paul's Himalayan Musk 2nd. It's a guessing game which one
will be 3rd - maybe Chuckles or Excelsa (at least I think that's the name of this rambler).

For my Mother, I purchased Lady In Red climbing rose 5/4th Mahoney's Garden Center Winchester MA.

Lady In Red (Weeks 2018 ) https://www.weeksroses.com/pro...
Thumb of 2019-06-13/dc0145a/31a1a8

Cheers All,
Happy Gardening

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Saturday May 11th A Glorious Day
Posted on May 15, 2019 1:19 PM

A more glorious day would be hard to imagine. Bright, sunny, nearly cloudless skies with high temperatures in the low 70s. Pinch me now, I must be dreaming.
Just when I was about to give up on Spring, Mother Nature sends forth this glorious day. Today was the New England Daylily Society annual plant sale at Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical School in Danvers, MA. A bit of a travel to get there, but so worth it. As a member of 'NEDS', we spent Wednesday May 8th at Harmon Hill Daylily Farm in Hudson, NH digging daylilies for the sale. Thank you Carl and Marlene for the generous donations. I purchased some new varieties for my garden: Red Skeletons, Sabine Baur, Nick of Time and Huntress. Can't wait to see these beauties blooming; hopefully this July. Happy Dance.

Of late, I've been listening to Slow Flower's Podcast with Debra Prinzing. http://www.debraprinzing.com/c... Debra is so inspiring and her enthusiasm for local, cut flowers is contagious. This year I'm starting my own journey of growing cut flowers for my home and to share with family and friends. I'm also reading the following two books:

Floret Farm's Cut Flower Garden

And Lisa Mason Ziegler's Vegetables Love Flowers

As I wait for the weather to warm, I've been patiently tending my flower and vegetable seedlings in the greenhouse. This year I'm trying some new flower varieties; one of which is Stock - this is a deliciously, fragrant old-time flower popular in Victorian gardens. I believe it was originally brought to this country by Thomas Jefferson. You may recall this plant from your grandmother's gardens. It's not grown much these days, but I for one am hoping to help change that trend one flower at a time. I purchased the variety, Iron Blue, from Johnny's Seeds in Albion Maine

While we wait for warmer weather here's some pictures from this past Saturday May 11th

Happy Mother's Day - May 12th to all you mom's out there.

Crabapple Trees blooming
Thumb of 2019-05-15/dc0145a/eb9334

Thumb of 2019-05-15/dc0145a/0e83c6

Hosta Emerging
Thumb of 2019-05-15/dc0145a/6ddd8f

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May 7th We have Sun YES!
Posted on May 7, 2019 12:21 PM

Finally a partly sunny day (more clouds than sun, but at least there's SUN). It's 72F degrees Happy Dance
As we all know, following so much rain and now sun what will we have next: WEEDS. Oh lordy my yard is going to explode with these lil buggers.
Around here (NH), we put down CrabGrass preventer when the Forsythia bloom. Any later, and it's TOO late. We also have to put another application of crabgrass preventer down in June to help with those late germinating seeds. This year, I'm using Jonathan Green's CrabGrass Preventer PLUS New Seeding fertilizer. This is one of the few crabgrass preventers that you can put down new seed at the same time. Typically, with crabgrass preventers, there's a wait period before you can reseed. I'll post an update later in the season.

And now for getting to those weeds. I purchased a 'used' garden tool at last year's local plant sale. It's become my 'go to' tool. The closest I can find to this 'old timie' tool is the Single Tine Cultivator by Hosstools.com. I love my 'new' tool so much, I'm going to break open my piggy bank and purchase the Single Tine Cultivator from HossTools.com. There's a super, duper video on YouTube 'the Two Best tools for Weeding Carrots and Onions' by HossTools. check it out.

Is it possible to have too many tools? nah? Speaking of tools, I have a great way to carry my garden tools with me that costs very little. A 5 gallon plastic bucket with handle (like the kind you can buy at Lowes, Home Depot). I bought one of those 'tool caddy' whatchamacallits and boy oh boy has this helped keep my tools organized and easy to carry. Have I said, I'm always losing tools (and more). Just yesterday, I lost my car keys. Yep, in the garden somewhere. They must have fallen out of my jacket pocket while I was raking leaves. I have two more spares thank goodness. Has anyone priced the cost of replacing those 'smart' car keys these days - oy vey? No thank you.

At this time of year, I encourage everyone to Support your Local Garden Club Plant Sale; now is the time to get out there and get some deals. Tomorrow, I'll be helping dig at one of our member gardens for donations to the club sale. Can't think of a better way to spend a vacation day than digging in the soil. Sitting on a beach sipping Mai Tai? NOPE not for me.

And, on that note, That's All for today.


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May 5th still cloudy, cool
Posted on May 5, 2019 4:32 PM

Where is spring? It's 55 degrees as I write; cloudy, drizzle. ugh I soooo need to see the sun.
Yesterday May 4th attended Rose 101 presentation put on at Mahoney's Garden Center Winchester, MA
Excellent presentation; while at the garden center, I purchased Lady In Red climber (Mother's Day present) and Cape Diamond roses.
The Lady in Red will look beautiful on my mother's arbor.

Checked on the bees we installed Tuesday April 30th (carnolians). The queens still had not been released from their cages; don't know
why the bees are taking so long to chew through candy cork. I ended up releasing the queens; it's been 5 days - long enough already.
Poor bees; it's been so cool and rainy. They have sugar syrup and powdered pollen to sustain them at least until weather improves.

Despite the weather, I planted more onions today 200 Yellow Sweet Spanish and 200 Walla Walla. Not much else happening.
Cheers All

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