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How to make compost with Bokashi and a compost tumbler
Posted on Mar 29, 2018 9:31 PM

Learn how to compost your food scraps in 14 easy steps:

1. Store your food scraps in a small kitchen caddy
2. When full transfer your food scraps to a bokashi bin
3. Squash the waste to minimize the amount of air
4. Apply a layer of micro-organism spray or bokashi mix and close the lid
5. Drain the bokashi fertilizer every few days
6. Dilute 1 cup into a 10 litter bucket of water
7. Use the fertilized water to water your plants as usual
8. Transfer your fermented food scraps into your compost bin
9. Add some brown material, such as dry leaves, paper and soil
10. Stir or turn the tumbler a few days a week
11. Clean your bokashi bin with vinegar and baking soda
12. Put your bin back in its place and start again!
13. Your compost is ready to use if it looks like dark, rich soil and smells earthy. This normally takes a few months.
14. Spread it around plants, trees, shrubs and watch them grow!

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