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06 april 2015 - too windy to try much
Posted on Apr 6, 2015 4:10 PM

Maybe I'll head back out in a bit. SO much blooming right now.
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Taken on the 30th of March
Posted on Mar 31, 2015 9:20 AM

I've taken a ton of pictures over the last few days...and they're gonna rot in the keepers folder, I guess. But here is a WALL of stuff that I shot yesterday. The later ones were shot just before sunset and the light is really strange and maybe a bit disconcerting. But I liked the effect and art so there you go. Nice thing about a blog is I can post whatever I think is interesting - and you get to read/view at your own risk.

Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/8a2861 Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/260f73 Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/eaf040 Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/c0348d Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/69116b Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/fa5726 Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/662cdd Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/251c06 Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/5e6d27 Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/9e838c Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/b81720 Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/adc76b Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/9d6012 Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/6be3bc Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/3b5831 Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/63dfea Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/c28ec4 Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/2b71b0 Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/7af56c Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/af93c5 Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/4157f7 Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/19455e Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/367920 Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/8db79d Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/38d1c1 Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/361651 Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/78005c Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/211647 Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/8ad2e9 Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/47c8f2 Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/90f42b Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/79f191 Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/d76d08 Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/7c98a7 Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/1230d3 Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/4d0c83 Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/d190c3 Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/890de7 Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/92816f Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/44776b Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/334b67 Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/c38de0 Thumb of 2015-03-31/evermoredorphins/16d146

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it's not all about flowers
Posted on Mar 29, 2015 11:35 PM

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~dirt ;)

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28 march 2015
Posted on Mar 28, 2015 1:35 PM

Got a bunch to post but having a hard time finding time. Here are a couple with the hollow promise of more to come...
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17 March, 2015
Posted on Mar 17, 2015 6:04 PM

Random photos taken today - and mainly a test. The point of today's run is about two things: 1) composition, and 2) working with some minor editing. Comments on both welcome - I know that there are focus problems with some but that was secondary (question of lens, etc.).

Edit: gah, I think I may have gotten into the Disney cartoon section of the photo editing thing. Some of these look a little improbable and that sure wasn't what I was going for. Not something I'm good at yet - post-production.

Here goes:

Thumb of 2015-03-17/evermoredorphins/39f8ee Thumb of 2015-03-17/evermoredorphins/516a6a Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/2f4192 Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/775b63 Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/25add2 Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/9cb609 Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/0fd464 Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/adfe83 Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/666e85 Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/765db7 Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/4d6f87 Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/320300 Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/b8e77b Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/d5535e Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/e69318 Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/f1a507 Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/17bfc3 Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/746ca8 Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/5f4a3c Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/e0f2ed Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/bf7064 Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/554cb5 Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/8cff40 Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/27795c Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/e201b4 Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/e2bd37 Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/fbb1dd Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/f10ea4 Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/2aefd5 Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/793397 Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/c61ed8 Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/d5a039 Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/841e17 Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/26f8cc Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/a5c454 Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/bee8c3 Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/5dade8 Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/55af04 Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/d81eaf Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/811acb Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/7962b9 Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/e175af Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/455fba Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/0c8fbc Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/5a8aed Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/956011 Thumb of 2015-03-18/evermoredorphins/1fb85f

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