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My daylilies and orchids
Posted on Jul 15, 2015 12:29 PM

My husband built me this greenhouse which I keep various orchids and other cactus.
Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/92049d

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/ae33f5

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/697b95

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/7cc06d

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/12c646

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/ee9604

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/a4a8e8

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/c977cc

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/702341

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/908711

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/c84d72

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/0bf287

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/4997bc

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/28982b

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/41a20f

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/9235f5

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/5be7db

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/52212d

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/69625c

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/ec1418

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/201891

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/3488fa

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/e5ef0f

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/7e43c9

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/043631

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/c38b13

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/ec2c8a

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/b11113

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Tampa's tropical climate
Posted on Jul 15, 2015 9:21 AM

My backyard flowers and critters. I love to get closeups of the butterflies, bees, and various flowers.
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Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/fa0055

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/8f4bdf

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/4cf52a

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/86986f

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/e8a699

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/b9e0d9

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/bed79a

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/8599b0

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/1aea34

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/1dc894

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/c3b8e6

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/7b6e6e

Thumb of 2015-07-15/florida/1b6c1f

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