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Remembering what the spring and summer of 2020 was like.
Posted on Feb 17, 2021 9:03 AM

In April and May of 2020 besides working on the sides and back of the slab bed next to the garage, I was busy working in other flower beds as well. I did not get them completely finished so this spring/summer 2021 I will be hopefully getting those beds finished.
Two of the beds I worked on was the Pasture Bed behind the Outhouse Bed as well as the Outhouse Bed. The Pasture Bed behind the Outhouse Bed is where I planted many different SDB Iris. But years earlier I had planted Ditch Lily along the 2 rail fence and garden phlox in the Outhouse Bed that had really spread. So I dug out all the Ditch Lily and started digging out the phlox.
The SDB Iris are on the left half. The Ditch Lily are along the 2 rail fence. I did get the Ditch Lily all dug out and filled in the right side with dirt and then stopped. I want to make sure the Ditch Lily doesn't come back before I plant something in this area. Probably TB Iris.
Thumb of 2021-02-17/gardenglassgems/770ec1
This is the Outhouse Bed. I started digging out the garden phlox but stopped because I got busy doing something else. I need to transplant Tulips, Daffodils, Liatris, SDB Iris, and a few other flowers from this bed. So I will have to dig carefully.
Thumb of 2021-02-17/gardenglassgems/781eaf
Thumb of 2021-02-17/gardenglassgems/d9bd24
This is the Shade Bed on the north side of our house. I planted Hosta, a Bleeding Heart, and some Lily of the Valley but made the mistake of planting some ferns here. So my next task was trying to dig the ferns out of this bed. I got a lot of the top part dug out but gave up and moved on to another area. So this spring 2021, I will try to get around to digging more of the fern out of this bed before all the Hosta wake up.
Thumb of 2021-02-17/gardenglassgems/3c25bf
You can see what I got done. I am afraid that I missed a few.
Thumb of 2021-02-17/gardenglassgems/dc799e
This is what I have yet to do.
Thumb of 2021-02-17/gardenglassgems/89edbc
It is now May 6, 2020. I have decided to put a raised bed in the front of my small asparagus patch that is at the back of this area. The Raised Bed Flower Garden is to the left.
Thumb of 2021-02-17/gardenglassgems/4b3e1e
Thumb of 2021-02-17/gardenglassgems/992930
This is the new raised bed in front of the small asparagus patch.
Thumb of 2021-02-17/gardenglassgems/a12d5e

I will continue later.

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Remembering what the spring and summer of 2020 was like.
Posted on Feb 16, 2021 5:38 PM

I was just looking back through this blog and see that I skipped from 2017 to 2020. Guess I have been just too busy to post what's going on. I will now continue with spring 2020.
My garage slab has one long side that is two sections with a walkway between the sections. I posted pictures of the right side of the walkway and her is a picture of the left side of the walkway. I have Iris planted in the right section and hope to plant Iris in this left section this year 2021. I will leave the Poppy that is there but will remove the other plants especially the huge Catmint.
Thumb of 2021-02-16/gardenglassgems/453967
This is the bed at the end of the slab. I redid it this spring (2020) and put all Iris in it. I am so anxious to see how it comes through it's first winter. This picture was taken on 4/20/2020.
Thumb of 2021-02-16/gardenglassgems/a37d2f
Thumb of 2021-02-16/gardenglassgems/468bbe
This is the beginning of the slab bed, the left side of the walkway on 4/24/2020.
Thumb of 2021-02-16/gardenglassgems/51db83
Thumb of 2021-02-16/gardenglassgems/673982
This is the end of the side slab, the left side of the walkway where I planted the Iris.
Thumb of 2021-02-16/gardenglassgems/67f5f3
This picture was taken on August 19 when I finished planting the Iris.
Thumb of 2021-02-16/gardenglassgems/70b27b
I had quite working on the end of the slab bed until August 12 because I got busy working in other areas of the yard and then flowers started blooming. I started digging up areas of three other beds in an attempt to redo them. I gave my DB a lot of my flowers that had become invasive to me, such as ditch Tiger Lily, garden phlox, and ferns. I didn't get any of these 3 beds finished instead I left them for spring of 2021. I built one raised bed in front of the small asparagus patch and put Iris in it. I put in a vegetable garden again so it was time to work on getting the ground ready and getting things planted.

I planted my tomatoes, bell peppers, green beans, peas, and broccoli in ground next to my Garden Shed. DH planted one row of potatoes. In my raised vegetable beds, I planted green onions, more tomatoes, and carrots. Several of the raised beds that were usually vegetables became Iris beds.

In August my sweet Dizzy got ran over by our nephew by accident which broke my heart. He was a constant companion in the yard. So I named a central section of my garden for Dizzy which became 'Dizzy's Garden'. I built 3 raised beds in this area and planted Iris in all three. I added some Lilies along the 4 rail property fence after I removed and gave away a bunch of TB white Iris similar to Immortality. I have moved my sitting area in front of Dizzy's Garden which is still an ongoing project.
This the place where the 3 raised beds were put. Dizzy is buried where you see the small dirt pile.
Thumb of 2021-02-16/gardenglassgems/0075fd
Thumb of 2021-02-16/gardenglassgems/7c7a02
Thumb of 2021-02-16/gardenglassgems/b5beef
This is my sitting area in Dizzy's Garden that is not finished yet. I love sitting under this tree in the shade and reflecting on how lucky I am for everything that our Great Lord has blessed me with.
Thumb of 2021-02-16/gardenglassgems/58f0a4

To be continued.

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Remembering what the spring and summer of 2020 was like.
Posted on Feb 16, 2021 1:56 PM

Last year on March 22, I was outside taking pictures of my flower beds and there was no snow on the ground that I could see.
On March 23, I started taking the bricks away from my birdhouse beds so that I could raise the bricks up a little due to them sinking.
Thumb of 2021-02-16/gardenglassgems/450d82
Thumb of 2021-02-16/gardenglassgems/453dd4
Back together on March 25th.
Thumb of 2021-02-16/gardenglassgems/384270
Then I redid the 2nd birdhouse bed and the fire pit before the end of March.
Thumb of 2021-02-16/gardenglassgems/0dae93
Thumb of 2021-02-16/gardenglassgems/b95470
Thumb of 2021-02-16/gardenglassgems/6bcf61
Then I started on my electric pole bed and had it temporarily edged on March 27.
Thumb of 2021-02-16/gardenglassgems/db6e81
Thumb of 2021-02-16/gardenglassgems/616b4b
Next the first week of April I started working on the side slab bed by the garage.
Thumb of 2021-02-16/gardenglassgems/8d8d2b
Thumb of 2021-02-16/gardenglassgems/4370a0

Thumb of 2021-02-16/gardenglassgems/839f07

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A continuation of the summer/fall of 2017.
Posted on Sep 12, 2018 5:20 AM

I'm not real sure how far into the summer of 2017 I got so I will just post some of my blooming flowers. Here are some that were taken in June, 2017.
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/733350 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/e7220e

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/51d734 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/107c51

Chives and a Clematis
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/7416e6 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/080d12

Some Iris. I am not good with knowing their names.
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/204efc Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/f82e8c

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/be2152 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/df4002

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/10143b Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/14948e

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/ae2916 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/308817

Molly Allium and a Hosta next to my Bleeding Heart.
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/e54bc3 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/386ab2

Lupine and my only Peony
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/984377 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/88a5ec

Another Poppy
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/7f4330 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/fafb8c

Columbine and Catmint
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/2546af Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/c65466

Spiderwort and Hydrangea
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/930d20 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/0de94b

Lilies and Daylilies have started blooming
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/dd5f2e Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/c87062

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/70655a Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/4078fb

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/10b56b Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/324483

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/470940 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/e041ba

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/02aaf7 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/02f5e4

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/9be40c Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/8027c8

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/c533af Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/a74422

Now we will see what is blooming in July and August 2017.
Balloon Flowers and Purple Coneflowers
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/87a88f Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/0af0cb

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/b94de3 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/05d287

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/0159b2 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/b0df65

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/3c8ec0 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/039244

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/90e08c Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/a393a7

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/f69c6d Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/f25fcc

Peruvian Daffodil and Not sure
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/cf232e Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/c7712e

Canna Lily and Gladiolus
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/512048 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/b46870

Zinnia and Blue Sea Holly
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/df9728 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/cc365a

Liatrus and Tiger Lily
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/49451d Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/634585

Canna Lily
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/52a1e2 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/eae9b8

Purple Coneflower and Black-Eyed Susan and Russian Sage
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/9010cf Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/2ec43e

Pom Pom Dahlia and another Dahlia
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/a3571c Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/1a4cd5

2 more Dahlia
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/a090e8 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/0827d6

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/def64c Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/c1be45

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/0a4746 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/dd6625

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/50429c Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/55a85f

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/408e36 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/b6b223

Re-blooming white Iris and Garden Phlox
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/25fbe6 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/e75ea4

Well, that pretty much takes us up through August blooms. Things are starting to wind down. I guess I didn't post pictures of my 4 O'clocks, Sedum, Bee Balm, Delphinium, Honeysuckle Vine, and some of my other vining flowers. Oh well, There is always next time. I think my next post will be of my flower beds at different times of the year during 2017.

Until then Happy Gardening.

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What have I been doing in the past several years???
Posted on Sep 11, 2018 7:11 AM

It is hard to believe that it has been nearly 2 years since I have updated my blog. This is my only blog so you would think that I would be able to keep up. Let's just blame it on LIFE.

Let's see, what have I been doing since October of 2016. First, I will post some pictures and then I will comment on them.
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/d42319
Above is a snowman that I made in January 2017.
Below are some of the visitors to our yard during the winter of 2016/2017.
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/8100f0 Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/a4f534
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/f7eea8 Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/e460f1

Below are my 2016/2017 Christmas decorations.
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/509194 Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/945e39
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/147a69 Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/86d101

Spring April 2017
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/c4fae8 Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/d007c5
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/d607aa Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/7274e1

This is my flag pole bed on the left side of the front yard as you are looking at our house.
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/2ae6ad

This is the 2 rail flower bed on the north side of the house.
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/564dd4

This is my Ferris Wheel flower bed.
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/5fd286

This is the 2 rail flower bed on the south side of the house.
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/0afa97

Spring of 2017 is when I finished putting a flower bed around my garden shed. I added some of my own Hosta plus newly bought Hosta and my own Jacob's Ladder.
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/40e426 Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/d26e01
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/39169b Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/39fb50

These are a couple pictures of the front of our house in June 2017.
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/4ddb3d Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/ecdbfa
As you can see I have increased this bed a little and am putting down new mulch and a rock border.
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/80c615
These next pictures are of my Gnome and Fairy land. It is located between the garage walk-in door and the front deck.
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/f571a5 Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/bfa603
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/b15144 Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/f0fe11
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/ca9cae Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/c6ef16
I would like you to meet Freddie our pet goat and 2 of our 5 horses. The 3rd picture is our mule, Dixie, with Roy another one of our horses.
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/6d6acb
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/2fe3ac
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/8d8ff2

Well, that's all for now. I will continue later when I find the time. It is a beautiful Sept 11, 2018 morning 7:57 AM and I need to get my day outside started. There is always so much to do. I will continue with the Summer of 2017 when I return.

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