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A continuation of the summer/fall of 2017.
Posted on Sep 12, 2018 5:20 AM

I'm not real sure how far into the summer of 2017 I got so I will just post some of my blooming flowers. Here are some that were taken in June, 2017.
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/733350 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/e7220e

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/51d734 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/107c51

Chives and a Clematis
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/7416e6 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/080d12

Some Iris. I am not good with knowing their names.
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/204efc Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/f82e8c

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/be2152 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/df4002

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/10143b Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/14948e

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/ae2916 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/308817

Molly Allium and a Hosta next to my Bleeding Heart.
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/e54bc3 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/386ab2

Lupine and my only Peony
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/984377 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/88a5ec

Another Poppy
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/7f4330 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/fafb8c

Columbine and Catmint
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/2546af Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/c65466

Spiderwort and Hydrangea
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/930d20 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/0de94b

Lilies and Daylilies have started blooming
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/dd5f2e Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/c87062

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/70655a Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/4078fb

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/10b56b Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/324483

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/470940 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/e041ba

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/02aaf7 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/02f5e4

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/9be40c Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/8027c8

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/c533af Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/a74422

Now we will see what is blooming in July and August 2017.
Balloon Flowers and Purple Coneflowers
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/87a88f Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/0af0cb

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/b94de3 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/05d287

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/0159b2 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/b0df65

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/3c8ec0 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/039244

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/90e08c Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/a393a7

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/f69c6d Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/f25fcc

Peruvian Daffodil and Not sure
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/cf232e Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/c7712e

Canna Lily and Gladiolus
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/512048 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/b46870

Zinnia and Blue Sea Holly
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/df9728 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/cc365a

Liatrus and Tiger Lily
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/49451d Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/634585

Canna Lily
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/52a1e2 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/eae9b8

Purple Coneflower and Black-Eyed Susan and Russian Sage
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/9010cf Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/2ec43e

Pom Pom Dahlia and another Dahlia
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/a3571c Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/1a4cd5

2 more Dahlia
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/a090e8 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/0827d6

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/def64c Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/c1be45

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/0a4746 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/dd6625

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/50429c Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/55a85f

Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/408e36 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/b6b223

Re-blooming white Iris and Garden Phlox
Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/25fbe6 Thumb of 2018-09-12/gardenglassgems/e75ea4

Well, that pretty much takes us up through August blooms. Things are starting to wind down. I guess I didn't post pictures of my 4 O'clocks, Sedum, Bee Balm, Delphinium, Honeysuckle Vine, and some of my other vining flowers. Oh well, There is always next time. I think my next post will be of my flower beds at different times of the year during 2017.

Until then Happy Gardening.

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What have I been doing in the past several years???
Posted on Sep 11, 2018 7:11 AM

It is hard to believe that it has been nearly 2 years since I have updated my blog. This is my only blog so you would think that I would be able to keep up. Let's just blame it on LIFE.

Let's see, what have I been doing since October of 2016. First, I will post some pictures and then I will comment on them.
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/d42319
Above is a snowman that I made in January 2017.
Below are some of the visitors to our yard during the winter of 2016/2017.
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/8100f0 Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/a4f534
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/f7eea8 Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/e460f1

Below are my 2016/2017 Christmas decorations.
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/509194 Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/945e39
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/147a69 Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/86d101

Spring April 2017
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/c4fae8 Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/d007c5
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/d607aa Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/7274e1

This is my flag pole bed on the left side of the front yard as you are looking at our house.
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/2ae6ad

This is the 2 rail flower bed on the north side of the house.
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/564dd4

This is my Ferris Wheel flower bed.
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/5fd286

This is the 2 rail flower bed on the south side of the house.
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/0afa97

Spring of 2017 is when I finished putting a flower bed around my garden shed. I added some of my own Hosta plus newly bought Hosta and my own Jacob's Ladder.
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/40e426 Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/d26e01
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/39169b Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/39fb50

These are a couple pictures of the front of our house in June 2017.
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/4ddb3d Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/ecdbfa
As you can see I have increased this bed a little and am putting down new mulch and a rock border.
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/80c615
These next pictures are of my Gnome and Fairy land. It is located between the garage walk-in door and the front deck.
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/f571a5 Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/bfa603
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/b15144 Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/f0fe11
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/ca9cae Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/c6ef16
I would like you to meet Freddie our pet goat and 2 of our 5 horses. The 3rd picture is our mule, Dixie, with Roy another one of our horses.
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/6d6acb
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/2fe3ac
Thumb of 2018-09-11/gardenglassgems/8d8ff2

Well, that's all for now. I will continue later when I find the time. It is a beautiful Sept 11, 2018 morning 7:57 AM and I need to get my day outside started. There is always so much to do. I will continue with the Summer of 2017 when I return.

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Pictures of my raised bed vegetable garden
Posted on Oct 21, 2016 6:02 AM

In this area there are 10 raised beds. They are made out of landscape timbers. The raised beds are 4' X 8'.
Thumb of 2016-10-21/gardenglassgems/5e8929
This first picture is the road side of the garden. A huge Asparagus patch is on the outside. Along the 2-rail fence on the outside I planted Asiatic Lilies, Daylily, and white re-blooming double Iris. On the inside towards the field are Daylily, Columbine, and Dwarf Iris. Daylilies are planted along the 4-rail fence in the back.
Thumb of 2016-10-21/gardenglassgems/b40cc2
This is the garden shed side. Along this side on the inside I planted Iris and Spiderwort. Along the front of both sides on the inside are Daylily, Bee balm, and Black Eyed-Susan.
Thumb of 2016-10-21/gardenglassgems/dbe825
I planted my tomatoes in this area in the front of the beds. I like to sit and rest a while when I am out here tending my vegetables. These pictures were taken the end of August 2016 so a lot of my veggies have been harvested like beets, peas, lettuce, radishes, and others.
Thumb of 2016-10-21/gardenglassgems/4e1202
I planted my potatoes in the red tubs. It did not work out very good so I will not be planting them in the tubs next year.
Thumb of 2016-10-21/gardenglassgems/f26c94
In the center of this bed are ornamental peppers with a row of green beans on both sides of it.
Thumb of 2016-10-21/gardenglassgems/7f84c4
This patch of green is ornamental cucumbers.
Thumb of 2016-10-21/gardenglassgems/4e610b
In these beds I have flowers planted. They are mostly Iris that I received this year which will be relocated next year.
Thumb of 2016-10-21/gardenglassgems/5363c9

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More pictures of my back yard flower bed
Posted on Oct 21, 2016 5:01 AM

Here is the left section of my flower bed that runs along our fence in the back yard.
Thumb of 2016-10-21/gardenglassgems/8f2ffa Thumb of 2016-10-21/gardenglassgems/d7deca

Thumb of 2016-10-21/gardenglassgems/04f70f Thumb of 2016-10-21/gardenglassgems/c028d4

Thumb of 2016-10-21/gardenglassgems/5c77de Thumb of 2016-10-21/gardenglassgems/dd2451

Thumb of 2016-10-21/gardenglassgems/9606af Thumb of 2016-10-21/gardenglassgems/78c54b

Thumb of 2016-10-21/gardenglassgems/692716 Thumb of 2016-10-21/gardenglassgems/3289ef

Thumb of 2016-10-21/gardenglassgems/d8afb0 Thumb of 2016-10-21/gardenglassgems/7cd348

As you can see, there is plenty of room for me to add more flowers. I have landscape fabric down under the mulch which really helps to keep the grass and weeds from growing. It shouldn't be too hard to add flowers when I get the time.

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More flower beds in my yard.
Posted on Oct 17, 2016 6:36 AM

I call this my bird house flower bed. This old dump rake is missing a few parts. It was along a fence in one of my DH's farm fields. It had a tree growing inside it so DH cut off the tree and we put it in the yard with the stump attached. April 2016
Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/2b66fc Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/5b13cf

This is my Ferris Wheel flower bed. My Grandson gave us this tree that he grew in school. Then a friend gave me this Ferris Wheel that he used to have in a parade that he didn't want anymore so I made a bed around my Grandson's tree and added the Ferris Wheel. The Iris here are double white re-blooming.
Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/eebbd2 Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/a94b7b

Here are updated pictures taken July 2016 of the Bird house bed and the Ferris Wheel bed.
Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/ce9b40 Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/e08ac5
These yellow flowers sure do reseed and spread. I may have to try and stop them next year so they don't take over the whole bed. This summer I planted some Iris and Daylily in this bed.
Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/59b010 Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/da8ed4

This is my side flower bed on the north side of our yard by my 2-rail fenced in raised vegetable garden. In the last post were pictures of the side bed next to the pasture that is similar to this one. I just redid this north side bed this year with fabric and new mulch. The Lilies were planted last year. This bed isn't finished yet. I want to put a rock border around it.
Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/3aadc6 Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/24a0e0
Updated pictures of my Flag Pole flower bed taken July 2016.
Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/3bcf68 Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/8fa878

Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/dcb242

This is the garden shed side of my raised vegetable garden that has a 2-rail fence around it on 3 sides and our 4 rail property fence along the back.
Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/c7b774 Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/b4aa00

These are some NOID ditch Daylily. My girlfriend gave me some of her Asiatic Lilies that have just gone crazy.
Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/40bd52 Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/dce1e3

Last winter we moved my garden shed about 12 feet to this new location next to the vegetable garden. This spring I made these 2 small flower beds next to the entrance. The Sunflower came up on its own so I let it grow.
Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/14f4d4 Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/5b8c50
Next are a bunch of pictures of my flower bed that runs the whole length of our yard in back along our 4-rail property fence taken July 4, 2016..

Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/1c97fa Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/ac5aca

Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/5b52f6 Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/1bf439

Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/dd6b52 Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/a3369d

Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/b5d711 Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/532005

Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/d73af5 Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/2d3b94

Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/f7800d Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/b32174

Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/103d87 Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/4bcd95

This is the half way point across the back yard. The above pictures were of the south half which is about 140' X 3'. I am adding a few close ups of flowers in this area.
Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/8f8ea6 Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/9db7e9
Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/5a7498 Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/256c52
Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/6c5f36 Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/b61008
Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/c458bd Thumb of 2016-10-17/gardenglassgems/07eaa7

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