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Mid May
Posted on May 20, 2022 7:52 AM

so many projects going on at once
I impose on myself a deadline to have all plants in ground by end of may , Glare not looking so good right now

Thumb of 2022-05-20/gardengus/247411
a rack full of seedlings and still have to start some squash and Shrug! .....well I have a list
Lots of pots filling out

Thumb of 2022-05-20/gardengus/1bda33

Thumb of 2022-05-20/gardengus/e19ccc

my favorite tallbearded so far this year.
Thumb of 2022-05-20/gardengus/2b334e

this is a test cucumber . I plan to leave it in the greenhouse and see what I get
May have to hand pollinate, not sure Smiling
Thumb of 2022-05-20/gardengus/476ffb

I would like to put something else in the greenhouse but needs to like heat.

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Too Hot Too Early
Posted on May 11, 2022 4:38 PM

as I type we have 90+ outside .....that is why I am inside instead of working on the gardens.
Wasn't nice early this morning either above 70 before 7 Am
Weather man said several long standing records broken
Afew blooms
Thumb of 2022-05-11/gardengus/188058

Thumb of 2022-05-11/gardengus/e69643

these have come up all over the garden , will be pulling some after first flush
Thumb of 2022-05-11/gardengus/182ad7

Nigels pond has new guests
Thumb of 2022-05-11/gardengus/d3c72e

started putting out houseplants last week
I think we may have seen our last frost
Thumb of 2022-05-11/gardengus/d08e13

the large pot in front of the front step will be flowers this year . It has been herbs for a couple years.
Thumb of 2022-05-11/gardengus/aa7f69

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May Day
Posted on May 1, 2022 2:22 PM

When I was young we celebrated May Day by making baskets and filling them with flowers.

Thumb of 2022-05-01/gardengus/00e127
the viola is the herb of the year . I never think of them as herbs but I do always plant a few in my herb bed.
these little tri-color ones are the type my Grandmother use to have , they self seeded very happily for her .
and are happy in one of my mini gardens

Thumb of 2022-05-01/gardengus/65eae8

Several flowers blooming this week
Thumb of 2022-05-01/gardengus/c92a3e

Thumb of 2022-05-01/gardengus/366217

...and several buds waiting for a sunny day.
Thumb of 2022-05-01/gardengus/a282be

Thumb of 2022-05-01/gardengus/51b702
Once again spring is moving faster than I am.
Feeling a bit overwhelmed and behind in the garden.
It is rather cold and breeze today
after two full days in the garden my body needs a day of rest .

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Great gardening Day
Posted on Apr 22, 2022 6:11 PM

Started out cloudy, cool, calm, and 50
My perfect work day

My favorite find was a blue tailed skink. I have envied my sisters garden because she has them all over. I have lived here 20 some years and never saw one till today , I think it may be the stacks of stones on the back side of the garden shed that attracted them . Hope they stay and multiply.
Thumb of 2022-04-22/gardengus/6e598f
found several tiger beetles (such bright guys)

Thumb of 2022-04-22/gardengus/1fe241

Thumb of 2022-04-22/gardengus/8fd11e
the sedum are putting on some spring growth

Thumb of 2022-04-22/gardengus/5f6864
the woodland sedum is blooming early , probably because it wintered over in the greenhouse.

Thumb of 2022-04-22/gardengus/a08821

Thumb of 2022-04-22/gardengus/9e70e0

Thumb of 2022-04-22/gardengus/089d74

new blooms everywhere

Thumb of 2022-04-22/gardengus/7e1a43

Working on a mini crevice garden plants yet still giving the rocks a think Thinking
Thumb of 2022-04-22/gardengus/471c96

weeded... transplanted ...mulched...mowed grass and took a walk over the hill to check out the wildflowers
...a rather full day ....tomorrow off to the Master gardeners plant sale nodding for more work/play

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Surprise snow
Posted on Apr 18, 2022 4:49 PM

woke this morning to some surprise snow
Had not been watching the news, with company from out of town here for Easter

Thumb of 2022-04-18/gardengus/83b9fc
was quite pretty but the birds were not pleased I let the feeders go empty

Thumb of 2022-04-18/gardengus/aaabb5

Thumb of 2022-04-18/gardengus/40ed42

the winter sown jugs were looking like winter.
Thumb of 2022-04-18/gardengus/de6df2

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