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Carrots and such
Posted on Jun 2, 2020 10:17 AM

I grew carrots this year .........or should I say am growing carrots
anyway I don't normally grow carrots the seeds take too long to come up and my soil is so fertile a forest of weeds usually crowd out the poor carrot seeds .
.well this year I found a packet of seeds ??? don't know what I was thinking when I purchased them
planted them in an old washtub with really good ''sterile'' dirt
Thumb of 2020-06-02/gardengus/cd11d9

then just yesterday I realized the second reason I don't grow carrots
I am a very bad thinner order for carrots to mature into some eatable size they have to be thinned ....
I have a problem discarding plants
Problem ((Issue)) well a stronger word is needed .................anyway my garden is full of white forks see I mark seedlings cumming up where they don't belong with white plastic forks , then I dig them and pot them and my garden is full of white forks and my shelves are full of plants with no place to go

I probably need a garden therapist


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so many blooms
Posted on May 30, 2020 7:55 PM

Over the last couple days there have been new blooms every day

Thumb of 2020-05-31/gardengus/4bbee2

Thumb of 2020-05-31/gardengus/8e8cf2

Thumb of 2020-05-31/gardengus/39a682

Thumb of 2020-05-31/gardengus/d4c058

Thumb of 2020-05-31/gardengus/d5ca9d

Thumb of 2020-05-31/gardengus/d8a537

Thumb of 2020-05-31/gardengus/3b3740

Thumb of 2020-05-31/gardengus/d50bf0 Thumb of 2020-05-31/gardengus/e80671

Thumb of 2020-05-31/gardengus/6f0da4 Thumb of 2020-05-31/gardengus/0f1270

Thumb of 2020-05-31/gardengus/06629e

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cool closeups
Posted on May 27, 2020 3:43 PM

Thumb of 2020-05-27/gardengus/547a29

Thumb of 2020-05-27/gardengus/8a66cd

Thumb of 2020-05-27/gardengus/9938a1

Thumb of 2020-05-27/gardengus/6c3635

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Late May observations (trees)
Posted on May 26, 2020 10:25 AM

Thumb of 2020-05-26/gardengus/c0771c
wont be any flowers on the tulip tree ,dropping all it's buds

Thumb of 2020-05-26/gardengus/054150 Thumb of 2020-05-26/gardengus/ae3651
ginkgo tree only has a few leaves,I can see a lot of buds , so hopeful for a full leafout later

Thumb of 2020-05-26/gardengus/8a2185
button bush , very few leaves starting back

Thumb of 2020-05-26/gardengus/605535
locust just outside the front door doing well and providing some shade on these hot days

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Sharing disadvantages
Posted on May 23, 2020 9:47 AM

So today I have felt taken advantage of:
I was chased out of MY garden shed by some wasps building nests in the upper loft, while looking for my drying racks .
Found the herb drying racks only to discover what ever spent the winter in the shed used them as a toilet. no more Mr nice guy .....
.I guess I will have to close up MY shed for a while to keep my guests from becoming permanent squatters.

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