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Fall fungus
Posted on Sep 22, 2018 7:38 PM

First day of fall and the temps cooled off in the 60's after a week of 90+
Took a hike and found fall fungus

Thumb of 2018-09-23/gardengus/f1d28a Thumb of 2018-09-23/gardengus/12edf9 Thumb of 2018-09-23/gardengus/e78391

Thumb of 2018-09-23/gardengus/6bdb11 Thumb of 2018-09-23/gardengus/d4284c

Thumb of 2018-09-23/gardengus/e8d23e Thumb of 2018-09-23/gardengus/27eadf

Thumb of 2018-09-23/gardengus/68e6f2 Thumb of 2018-09-23/gardengus/a2ac21

Thumb of 2018-09-23/gardengus/c04cb3 Thumb of 2018-09-23/gardengus/33f53f

Thumb of 2018-09-23/gardengus/fcdfcd

Thumb of 2018-09-23/gardengus/d29cb8

Thumb of 2018-09-23/gardengus/653e65 Thumb of 2018-09-23/gardengus/8502a3

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Spring in February
Posted on Feb 24, 2017 8:16 PM

Thumb of 2017-02-24/gardengus/0cc7cb Thumb of 2017-02-24/gardengus/07cfe0

My first flowers of spring
Super early
69 degrees today a record 7 consecutive days above 60 in February

the flowers are not the only thing coming up early
there is green all over the gardens.

Thumb of 2017-02-25/gardengus/30f062 oriental poppies

Thumb of 2017-02-25/gardengus/f5a2da mums

Thumb of 2017-02-25/gardengus/fb7633 larkspur

Thumb of 2017-02-25/gardengus/a3653c daylilies

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Still snowing
Posted on Feb 8, 2017 3:42 PM

Today's forecast was 1-3'' of snow

Thumb of 2017-02-08/gardengus/3f6de4 Thumb of 2017-02-08/gardengus/b26f89 Thumb of 2017-02-08/gardengus/a1062a

well we have our 3 inches and it is still coming down
a rather wet snow that is sticking to everything

Thumb of 2017-02-08/gardengus/4f1f63 Thumb of 2017-02-08/gardengus/4b62c2

even the tiny twigs of bushes
Thumb of 2017-02-08/gardengus/803008

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Sunny and warm in January
Posted on Jan 21, 2017 8:46 PM

Today we has sunshine , the first in a week.
went for a walk in a nearby park
Thumb of 2017-01-22/gardengus/5581a6 Thumb of 2017-01-22/gardengus/d75361
the small creek that runs through the woods was full , muddy and fast.

Thumb of 2017-01-22/gardengus/b3568d Thumb of 2017-01-22/gardengus/a63a04 Thumb of 2017-01-22/gardengus/e6aa88
found a lot of interesting white fungus on small downed twigs

Thumb of 2017-01-22/gardengus/91184b Thumb of 2017-01-22/gardengus/76572d
and the sycamores showing of their beautiful white bark

With out leaves I discovered an old chimney on the far bank of the creek , took some off path wondering but I tracked it down.

Thumb of 2017-01-22/gardengus/3ed7fc Thumb of 2017-01-22/gardengus/eeee5e Thumb of 2017-01-22/gardengus/375338

Then I came across an old abandoned cemetery, again I most likely would have never known it was there in the summer with everything leafed out.

Thumb of 2017-01-22/gardengus/8b143a Thumb of 2017-01-22/gardengus/8f9d26 Thumb of 2017-01-22/gardengus/7dc724
The stones were old sandstone and mostly unreadable
the tall stone had a death date of 1883

Thumb of 2017-01-22/gardengus/118077 Thumb of 2017-01-22/gardengus/e0ab5d

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Perennials and People
Posted on Jan 17, 2017 12:16 PM

I was reading a couple old threads and noticed an interesting connection in my head between people and plants in my garden .
Some are annuals and show up for a season and disappear never to be heard of again. A few of those pop up a couple years later just out of the blue , kinda like a stray seed that germinated rather late.
Some are seedlings that pop up here and there , never take root ,and disappear after a post or two.
Most people seem rather to be like perennials some short lived , a couple years and they just fade away, others like the old-fashion perennials they just keep showing up season after season.

I am the old fashion type perennial will most likely be here till some uncontrollable circumstance uproots me.

Maybe we are a lot more like our gardens than we think.

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