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Welcome May
Posted on May 3, 2021 3:47 PM

May came in beautifully a great day to be in the garden
Things looking good
lots of chores finished or almost finished.
Thumb of 2021-05-03/gardengus/cb9460
Gnomes have moved in under the ginkgo tree

Thumb of 2021-05-03/gardengus/0925ed
several raised beds fully planted

Thumb of 2021-05-03/gardengus/40966d
the mini hosta bed re-egged and mulched.

Thumb of 2021-05-03/gardengus/fb6c49
still moving plants in and out of the greenhouse
80 one day and 32 the next night

Thumb of 2021-05-03/gardengus/929696

the winds have been fierce and I have had to move some seedlings and tomatoes to the North side in a sheltered place
Thumb of 2021-05-03/gardengus/04f2ec

picking from the lettuce and spinach bowl till the ground salad greens get large enough.

Thumb of 2021-05-03/gardengus/0bc673

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Weird weather week
Posted on Apr 25, 2021 6:46 PM

Not very happy about having to put everything on hold , I had places for many of the plants and had to move them to the garage for safe keeping

Thumb of 2021-04-26/gardengus/3a1493

Thumb of 2021-04-26/gardengus/619660

snow started Tuesday morning , and snowed all day till we got 3+inches
Thumb of 2021-04-26/gardengus/428799

Thumb of 2021-04-26/gardengus/ff083b

Thumb of 2021-04-26/gardengus/ed02d5

then a hard freeze, 24 degrees overnight
Thumb of 2021-04-26/gardengus/81ec22

the snow melted the next day
I had covered many of the veggie boxes with vintage tablecloths
Thumb of 2021-04-26/gardengus/4d6fad

rather looked like a patchwork quilt garden.
Thumb of 2021-04-26/gardengus/30effe

today I finished putting most of the plants in their places.

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fast spring
Posted on Apr 16, 2021 7:23 PM

Frost this morning
had to use the beach umbrella to finish planting the onions this afternoon.

Thumb of 2021-04-17/gardengus/8c86af

lovely flowers on the trees

Thumb of 2021-04-17/gardengus/14212e
every thing is growing so fast I am concerned a hard freeze predicted for next week
had to uncover the broccoli they have outgrown their little cloches
Last year they suffered a freeze in May
Thumb of 2021-04-17/gardengus/cbe897
I should not put things out so early but can't get it all done in two weeks so must start early and hope for the best.

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planting time
Posted on Apr 10, 2021 6:51 PM

Thumb of 2021-04-11/gardengus/f6a387
Rushing this week to get some more seeds in ground before the rain today
peas and beets

Thumb of 2021-04-11/gardengus/b4749e

.almost missed the Juneberry blooming
Thumb of 2021-04-11/gardengus/f1f8b0

the big daffodils are finished and the small and multistemed are in full bloom
they seem to have a much stronger sent
Thumb of 2021-04-11/gardengus/e8db4a

Purchased a few plants from the local market
hard to resist 4 packs of perennials for 3$
Thumb of 2021-04-11/gardengus/cd7f62
trying some delphiniums and babys breath for the cutting garden.

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Ups & Downs of Spring
Posted on Apr 2, 2021 7:03 PM

The end of March saw four 70 plus days followed by rain and four 40 degree days , like a roller-coaster.
then there is April ..Snow on the first (No fooling ) they said lake effect snow .Lake Michigan is over a hundred miles from us , that was a good strong north wind....And this morning it was 19 when I got up.

Thumb of 2021-04-03/gardengus/0196ae

Thumb of 2021-04-03/gardengus/080260
closed all the shelved plants in the shed and greenhouse and lit lanterns
I picked five vases of daffodil's for the house but they didn't seem to mind the cold

Thumb of 2021-04-03/gardengus/61544a
and the grape hyacinth are popping up everywhere.

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