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Posted on Feb 3, 2018 5:26 PM

Continuing with y daily studio time.
I spend an hour in the studio working, sometimes it's a hit sometimes a miss.
Yesterday I left 4 small painting starts of Poppies.
This morning I worked on three and one went up in flames the other two look pretty good

Thumb of 2018-02-03/ge1836/373b74

Thumb of 2018-02-03/ge1836/be9db5

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Posted on Jan 30, 2018 7:47 AM

Snowbound again.
Studio is welcome. I have a sound system in the studio that is at least 30 years old. The Stromberg Carlson tuner is temperamental so I bought a GOOGLE HOME MINI.
I love it. I walk into the studio and say " Hey Google play Samuel Barber" .I am keeping a list of preferred Classical music so I don't listen to Chopin tired Polonaises.

Before I leave I say "Hey Google .what time is it? "

This is what I did this AM.
Works in progress.
The clear shrink wrap will stay on until the next day.Then I go back in with details.

Thumb of 2018-01-30/ge1836/cf85eb

Thumb of 2018-01-30/ge1836/c7f174

Thumb of 2018-01-30/ge1836/143712

This one is nearly done. All heleniums, I just can't help myself.

Thumb of 2018-01-30/ge1836/747178


One of the above started went down in flames.
I finished two today

Thumb of 2018-01-31/ge1836/6ed7c4

after Helenium Place

Thumb of 2018-01-31/ge1836/c9bdcf

#2 yesterday

Thumb of 2018-01-31/ge1836/d027fc

Today Helenium Shadows

Thumb of 2018-01-31/ge1836/a7784c

FEB 1 studio time, I have no idea where these two are going.

Thumb of 2018-02-01/ge1836/774250

Thumb of 2018-02-01/ge1836/e607b2

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Paintings today Jan 19.
Posted on Jan 19, 2018 11:23 AM

Poppy Border 8x10
Thumb of 2018-01-19/ge1836/e7b2c4

Two Apples and Plum 8x10
Thumb of 2018-01-19/ge1836/bad32a

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Paintings lately
Posted on Jan 15, 2018 3:23 PM

Too cold to work outside. I am spending time in studio .
Paintings so far:

Thumb of 2018-01-15/ge1836/8f2804

Thumb of 2018-01-15/ge1836/deaf49

Thumb of 2018-01-15/ge1836/a9d824

Thumb of 2018-01-15/ge1836/626469

Thumb of 2018-01-15/ge1836/552f99

Thumb of 2018-01-15/ge1836/ef5ad2

Thumb of 2018-01-15/ge1836/1f91d0

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Catching up with the Paintings
Posted on Nov 22, 2017 9:31 AM

There is no point in gardening.
I have started a good habit of going to the studio every morning and try for 2 hours of work, sometimes it's just a clean up.
Today I emptied the trash tubs and did some painting.
Here are a few from last week

Deep Woods crows
Thumb of 2017-11-22/ge1836/f3f261

Helenium Path
Thumb of 2017-11-22/ge1836/f6eca1

Poppy Garden
Thumb of 2017-11-22/ge1836/06dbf5

Ligularia Britt Marie
Thumb of 2017-11-22/ge1836/f00211
White Cosmos Two.

Thumb of 2017-11-22/ge1836/618e54

Todays work Galanthus 11x14

Thumb of 2017-11-22/ge1836/2299ec
November 27th in the studio
Granny Greens

Thumb of 2017-11-27/ge1836/064e3a

Lilypad Begonias 11x14
Thumb of 2017-11-27/ge1836/29dcc7
Red Onions
Thumb of 2017-11-27/ge1836/0be951

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