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Studio Day 2 Sep 23
Posted on Sep 23, 2019 6:43 AM

Continuing to bring out zinnias from backgrounds started a day ago.
Some have possibilities and some ( that I really liked ) will get tossed.
Like this one.

Thumb of 2019-09-23/ge1836/e7971f

This has promise

Thumb of 2019-09-23/ge1836/a2207b

Thumb of 2019-09-23/ge1836/8385d3

Red Zinnias is pretty good.
Problem is ,when I take months off, I need to burn the first few ( warm ups) just to get the flow going.

Thumb of 2019-09-23/ge1836/46e750

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New Zinnia paintings 2019
Posted on Sep 22, 2019 7:38 AM

Back to the studio.
I have been drawing zinnias for a week.

Thumb of 2019-09-22/ge1836/9a319d

Thumb of 2019-09-22/ge1836/6f9f09

Thumb of 2019-09-22/ge1836/546f45

Thumb of 2019-09-22/ge1836/cf00e7

Studio today, Painting starts.
I am painting over old started paintings. ( I am frugal and dont waste watercolor paper)

Thumb of 2019-09-22/ge1836/286400

Thumb of 2019-09-22/ge1836/a33ad5

Back of old painting
Thumb of 2019-09-22/ge1836/496410

Made a new background

Thumb of 2019-09-22/ge1836/b144b3

Thumb of 2019-09-22/ge1836/4e89ce

Thumb of 2019-09-22/ge1836/d18917
Let dry overnight, find the zinnias in the mixed colors and draw them.
Drawings.on watercolor paper

Thumb of 2019-09-22/ge1836/a368bf

Thumb of 2019-09-22/ge1836/d58bb6

Thumb of 2019-09-22/ge1836/6f8695

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Painting August Heleniums.
Posted on Aug 6, 2019 7:59 AM

It's been months since I was in studio.
Starting August Heleniums over an old painting started last winter
.First part. Start with wet areas and black buttons.
Thumb of 2019-08-06/ge1836/7bde51

#2 Add color

Thumb of 2019-08-06/ge1836/303d3a

Let dry overnight.

Aug 7 next day.
Finished August Heleniums and found some "starts" in a pile left from last winter.
They might be paintings and maybe not.
Its fun to try to find the picture on these pages.

Thumb of 2019-08-07/ge1836/8557a8
Thumb of 2019-08-07/ge1836/7ab105
Thumb of 2019-08-07/ge1836/52915f
Thumb of 2019-08-07/ge1836/fe4e60
Thumb of 2019-08-07/ge1836/9c26d1

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WOW Been a long time.
Posted on Aug 6, 2019 7:05 AM

Computer problems but I am back on track.
Its late summer and the artsy fartsy is welling up inside me.
Once again I am entranced with Heleniums.
Drawings started Aug 5 2019
First drawing
Thumb of 2019-08-06/ge1836/f926f9

Parts of first drawing might be a small painting.

Thumb of 2019-08-06/ge1836/4f6329

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Posted on Feb 3, 2018 5:26 PM

Continuing with y daily studio time.
I spend an hour in the studio working, sometimes it's a hit sometimes a miss.
Yesterday I left 4 small painting starts of Poppies.
This morning I worked on three and one went up in flames the other two look pretty good

Thumb of 2018-02-03/ge1836/373b74

Thumb of 2018-02-03/ge1836/be9db5

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