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Seeds received, researched, tested. Some may be available for trade.
Posted on Nov 28, 2017 2:02 PM

Decided to start keeping a record of seeds received. As I research how to grow each one, the information will be added here.

If you have had a positive experience growing any of these, please feel free to share information in the comment section.

Bitter Cucumber aka Bitter Gourd, seeds arrived Nov 2017
Thumb of 2017-11-28/greene/8973e6
Annual vine 12-15 feet, provide support or grow on a fence; full to part shade; water as needed; yellow flowers in summer; fruits in fall; only eat green fruit; leaves good for tea.
Bitter melon (this one may be a hybrid)
Eat when green or just barely yellow; do not eat when fully ripe.
Skin is edible.
Young shoots and leaves are edible as greens.
Leonotis leonuris

Bottle Gourd, seeds arrived Nov 2017
Thumb of 2017-11-28/greene/0fca6e

Chinese Cabbage; 3 varieties, seeds arrived Nov 2017
Thumb of 2017-11-28/greene/45926d

Coriander, seeds arrived Nov 2017
Thumb of 2017-11-28/greene/cab5d3

Cucumber seeds; 2 varieties, seeds arrived Nov 2017
Thumb of 2017-11-28/greene/26c8f4 Thumb of 2017-11-28/greene/0c9d28

Lemon cucumber
Green Pepper, seeds arrived Nov 2017
Thumb of 2017-11-28/greene/19b239

Hairy Basil aka Lemon Basil/Thai Lemon Basil, seeds arrived Nov 2017
Thumb of 2017-11-28/greene/514f06
Annual; sandy loam soil; full sun; medium water; harvest 56-60 days from seed. Plant forms flowers at about 60 days; seeds will ripen about 150 days or less.
Ocimum sanctum aka Holy Basil
from different source

Moringa, seeds arrived Nov 2017
Thumb of 2017-11-28/greene/3d846d
This grows as a tree but can be grown as a 'vegetable'; harvest the leaves. Full sun, part shade; medium water; neutral to slightly acid soil; all parts are edible - bark, leaves, roots, seeds, flowers. Sow in situ 1/2 deep. Will grow from cuttings.
Drumstick Tree (Moringa oleifera)
Moringa olifera PKM-1 hybrid
Garlic Chives
Garland Chrysanthemum
edible foliage
Musk Melon, seeds arrived Thailand 2017
Thumb of 2017-11-28/greene/b23fe6

Pak bhoong, seeds arrived Nov 2017
Thumb of 2017-11-28/greene/2a8940
I know to only grow these in a controlled environment, such as an aquarium; do not let plant escape into the wild.

Porophyllum tagetoides aka Pipicha, 2 packs; seeds from Nan Ondra Nov 2017
Thumb of 2017-11-28/greene/994514

Smooth Loofah, seeds arrived Nov 2017
Thumb of 2017-11-28/greene/781be8

Sugar Pea, seeds arrived Nov 2017
Thumb of 2017-11-28/greene/96b3ca

Talinum paniculata Kingwood Gold, seeds from Nan Ondra Nov 2017
Thumb of 2017-11-28/greene/796989

Thai pumpkin, seeds arrived Nov 2017
Thumb of 2017-11-28/greene/355f4f

Tomato, seeds arrived Nov 2017
Thumb of 2017-11-28/greene/e786a7

Tomato: Opalka
85 days,
start indoors 6-8 weeks,
Tomato: Kosovo
Tomato: Giant Sicilian Paste
Tomato: Uncle Charlei's Italian pear

Wax Gourd (small round), seeds arrived Nov 2017
Thumb of 2017-11-28/greene/4fffd8

Wax Gourd, seeds arrived Nov 2017
Thumb of 2017-11-28/greene/34773c

White Eggplant, seeds arrived Nov 2017
Thumb of 2017-11-28/greene/51830f
Since I do not care to eat eggplant, these will be available for trade.)

Winged Bean, seeds arrived Nov 2017
Thumb of 2017-11-28/greene/bae66f

Jaltomato procumbens aks Creeping False Holly
Short lived perennial, edible leaves, roots, fruit.
germinates 1-6 weeks
34-48 inches tall

Oroxylum indicum aka Midnight Horror aka Indian Trumpet Flower
59 feet tall/tree
Twice pinnate leaves
pollination by bats
5 foot long seed pods!!
Yound seed pods are eaten as Linmai/Lin fa/ Thailand and Laos
Root and bark are medicinal
Lagenaria related to Calabash; Cucuzza.
Super long squash
Summer squash from Italy
Long, thin, light green,
15 inches to 36 inches long
Requires very tall support/trellis
Remove skin, cut lenghthwise, grill/steam/fry/bake/stuff, etc.
Treat plants for fungal disease as needed
R. brittanica, Tall pink
Melilotus officinale aka Yellow Sweet Clover
Brings potassium, phosphorus,
nitrogen to soil surface.
Full sun
48-72 inches tall
dry conditions are okay
Mentha x gracilis 'variegata' aka variegated ginger mint
Love in a Puff
Sunroot aka Sunchoke aka Jerusalem Artichoke
French Breakfast radish
Hovenia dulcis aka aka Japanese Currant tree aka Oriental Raisin Tree aka Japanese krenterboom
Tree, deciduous, 10 meters tall, self polinating.
7-10 years to first fruit
Zone 5 or higher
Cole crops:
Broccoli, raab
Black kale
Hyacinth bean:
Culantro aka Ngo Gai
Kinh Gioi aka Elsholtzia cillata aka Vietnamese mint/balm
A Choy
Gai Lan aka Chinese Broccoli
Melothria scabra
fPeperomia pellucida aka pepper elder aka Shining bush plant aka Suna Kosho
Pennisetum glaucum
Phoenix dactylifera
Guava 'Rolf's", pink,
Spinach (including substitutes):
Surinam spinach

Giant Noble
Hablitzia tamnoides aka Caucasian spinach
perennial vine

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How to build an almost free greenhouse.
Posted on Nov 13, 2017 5:12 PM

A friend here on NGA suggested that I call this structure a 'greenehouse'. I like that idea.

First you need to have a neighbor with a temporary garage, like what they sell at Harbor Freigth.

Then you need a hurricane. Oh, wait. The garage withstood Hurricane Matthew, so I guess you need two hurricanes. Yes, that did the trick.
After Hurricane Irma my neighbor's temporary garage looked like this:

Thumb of 2017-11-13/greene/0fe437

Then you need some patience and a good sense of hearing. Wait for it. Wait...ahah...I hear the clank of metal being tossed at the roadside.
One of my favorite sounds. Then, as polite as can be, walk over and ask if you can have the metal poles and connectors. Your neighbor, if he is like mine, will not only say 'yes' but, being a gentleman, he will help carry them and load them into your tiny car.

Unload all the metal and pile it somewhere in your yard. It helps if you do not have an HOA watching your every move. Then think about how to turn a pile of scrap into a greenhouse. Take inventory to see which pieces are broken/bent/damaged and which are still good. Okay, then begin. Oh, wait. There are no assembly instructions. Hmmm...ah, yes, there is always YouTube.

I liked this one because the man was working alone.

I looked at several others including this one...the volume was too quiet for my old ears but the video was just fine.

(Please note: When we add links like this, they may expire eventually.)

Here is the pile of broken/bent/damaged pieces. They may be needed later.
Thumb of 2017-11-13/greene/f78a68 Thumb of 2017-11-13/greene/1d0103

This is justg one of the confusing things I had to figure out. Remember that I am dyslexic, especially when I am getting tired or stressed, and I was working without a net...I mean, without assembly instructions.
Thumb of 2017-11-13/greene/0abdc5

Here are two images of what I finished on the first day of assembly.
Thumb of 2017-11-13/greene/130847 Thumb of 2017-11-13/greene/3b961d

Needed to call it a day because I could not remove some of the nuts which had rusted solid. The rusty nuts needed to be sprayed with Liquid Wrench - I love that stuff - but I had to drive over to daughter's place and rummage around under the kitchen sink; yep, I found it.

The next day...
Sprayed the Liquid Wrench and only five minutes later the rusted nuts could easily be removed by hand...but I used tools anyway since I happened to have them with me.
Thumb of 2017-11-13/greene/4c3c43

The next thing to do is drill holes and screw the pieces together. I was not planning on having Bungee cords hold this thing together.
A trip to Home Depot, a few tries using my battery powered drill/driver. Nope. Not strong enough. Hauled out the ancient Milwaukee corded drill and (good thing I have a ton of heavy-duty extension cords!) butter! Zip, zip, zip...drill holes and insert screws. Oh, I did not want the battery powered drill/driver to feel neglected, so I drilled with the Milwaukee and added the screws using the battery drill/driver.

Okay, the part I can reach by standing on the ground is done. Then I needed to haul out the stepladder so I could drill and screw higher up. It would be nice to have a helper for when I drop things but...oh well, I needed the exercise of climbing up and down the steps.
The next thing I need to do is cut down two smallish trees as they are exactly where I want the greenhouse to live. The trees, one Catalpa, and a sickly, mishapen Oak, had to go anyway; this just provided the incentive to speed the job to the top of the to-do list.

I'll be adding more information and photos as the job progresses. Even if it turns out to be a complete failure, y'all can enjoy watching it happen.

I'll be editing out some of this later, but for now...please just excuse any errors or boring stuff.

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My "sleigh ride" with the dog
Posted on Aug 8, 2017 10:03 AM

I didn't to post this publicly on the garden thread. Gotta keep that space for what we did in our garden today.

Many years ago my mother-in-law and father-in-law moved into an in-law suite in their daughter's home. With that came certain responsibilities: yard work, bounce the baby on his knee, take out the trash, etc. and included "walk the dog".

Well, Grandpa Nick (as we call him) was a sturdy, fit, hardy, energetic man who walked every day. He was walking the dog on a leash when the dog decided to chase a squirrel. Grandpa Nick could not (or would not?) let go of the leash and the dog dragged him until he fell, the dog continued to run with Nick helplessly trailing behind - across the yard, over the wood pile (ouch), through a rocky stream (eeek), then through a bramble patch (Oh, no!!) and finally the dog got tired and stopped in the neighbor's yard. Oh, the squirrel got away just fine.

So now, whenever we do something outrageous or stupid that involves both injuries and humor, we like to say "I pulled a Nick today". My daughter has been in Atlanta but she is returning tonight. I cannot wait to see her face when I tell her that I pulled a Nick.

Allie investigating a turtle.
Thumb of 2017-08-08/greene/6dfa67

Allie upside down in her comfy chair.
Thumb of 2017-08-08/greene/2d5520

Relaxing in the nice, cool clover.
Thumb of 2017-08-08/greene/0796c2

Embarrassed and hiding her head.
Thumb of 2017-08-08/greene/2feeb4

Looking innocent.
Thumb of 2017-08-08/greene/c9b20d

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Bomb? What bomb?
Posted on Mar 9, 2017 11:58 AM

On March 7th there was a bomb scare near my DD's place. Some kind of suspicious package.
Savannah responded in a big way and made sure the citizens were safe.

Four mobile homes were evacuated and others were told to either leave immediately or
confine themselves to the part of their home farthest from the activity.
The third choice (if anyone decided to complain) would be to be locked into the back of a police car until the area was secure.

DD was confined to her home during the event but she managed the best she could to snap a few
images of the action. The images are a bit poor as they were taken through a window screen.

Here is the man putting on the protective suit.
Thumb of 2017-03-09/greene/871b2b

Here is the Bomb Eater.
Thumb of 2017-03-09/greene/05da04

The yellow arrow is pointing to the remote control Bomb Robot.
Thumb of 2017-03-09/greene/107d93 Thumb of 2017-03-09/greene/8b6be6

Here is the Bomb Disposal Unit
Thumb of 2017-03-09/greene/5b584b

Everyone was safe thanks to Savannah Fire Department/EMS, Savannah Chatham County Metropolitan Police and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI).

Thumb of 2017-03-09/greene/ca533c

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Pass it on...
Posted on Feb 15, 2017 12:58 PM

Have you ever stopped to think what will happen to your pets after you are gone?

We all like to think that our relatives and friends will take care of our animals, but, who knows?

I came across a video that made a big impact on me. Here, watch this:

Please, sign up to become an organ donor.

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