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My "sleigh ride" with the dog
Posted on Aug 8, 2017 10:03 AM

I didn't to post this publicly on the garden thread. Gotta keep that space for what we did in our garden today.

Many years ago my mother-in-law and father-in-law moved into an in-law suite in their daughter's home. With that came certain responsibilities: yard work, bounce the baby on his knee, take out the trash, etc. and included "walk the dog".

Well, Grandpa Nick (as we call him) was a sturdy, fit, hardy, energetic man who walked every day. He was walking the dog on a leash when the dog decided to chase a squirrel. Grandpa Nick could not (or would not?) let go of the leash and the dog dragged him until he fell, the dog continued to run with Nick helplessly trailing behind - across the yard, over the wood pile (ouch), through a rocky stream (eeek), then through a bramble patch (Oh, no!!) and finally the dog got tired and stopped in the neighbor's yard. Oh, the squirrel got away just fine.

So now, whenever we do something outrageous or stupid that involves both injuries and humor, we like to say "I pulled a Nick today". My daughter has been in Atlanta but she is returning tonight. I cannot wait to see her face when I tell her that I pulled a Nick.

Allie investigating a turtle.
Thumb of 2017-08-08/greene/6dfa67

Allie upside down in her comfy chair.
Thumb of 2017-08-08/greene/2d5520

Relaxing in the nice, cool clover.
Thumb of 2017-08-08/greene/0796c2

Embarrassed and hiding her head.
Thumb of 2017-08-08/greene/2feeb4

Looking innocent.
Thumb of 2017-08-08/greene/c9b20d

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Bomb? What bomb?
Posted on Mar 9, 2017 11:58 AM

On March 7th there was a bomb scare near my DD's place. Some kind of suspicious package.
Savannah responded in a big way and made sure the citizens were safe.

Four mobile homes were evacuated and others were told to either leave immediately or
confine themselves to the part of their home farthest from the activity.
The third choice (if anyone decided to complain) would be to be locked into the back of a police car until the area was secure.

DD was confined to her home during the event but she managed the best she could to snap a few
images of the action. The images are a bit poor as they were taken through a window screen.

Here is the man putting on the protective suit.
Thumb of 2017-03-09/greene/871b2b

Here is the Bomb Eater.
Thumb of 2017-03-09/greene/05da04

The yellow arrow is pointing to the remote control Bomb Robot.
Thumb of 2017-03-09/greene/107d93 Thumb of 2017-03-09/greene/8b6be6

Here is the Bomb Disposal Unit
Thumb of 2017-03-09/greene/5b584b

Everyone was safe thanks to Savannah Fire Department/EMS, Savannah Chatham County Metropolitan Police and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI).

Thumb of 2017-03-09/greene/ca533c

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Pass it on...
Posted on Feb 15, 2017 12:58 PM

Have you ever stopped to think what will happen to your pets after you are gone?

We all like to think that our relatives and friends will take care of our animals, but, who knows?

I came across a video that made a big impact on me. Here, watch this:

Please, sign up to become an organ donor.

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Posted on Feb 12, 2017 2:43 PM

Jan 5 2017
When I am not busy with the dogs and/or the rabbits, or gardening or reading, I sew. Since I don't like to follow patterns that means I usually work up a design as I sew. Just before Christmas this year I was sick with a cold and the weather was not good for gardening so I started some sewing projects. The sweatshirts for the dogs has already been explained. Here is an apron I made for my daughter who is teaches pre-K students and needs lots of pockets in her apron.

This apron started out as a skirt. Wait. I should say that the skirt came from the Goodwill so it had a previous life with someone else before my daughter purchased it. Unfortunately, the skirt was too short for her to wear at work. Not wanting to waste such a pretty fabric, I decided to turn it into an apron. I added a coordinating fabric for the ties and the key fob.

I had a bit help with this apron project. My favorite employee at Joann Fabric helped me to select thread and bias binding that would match this crazy fabric. Thanks!!

Thumb of 2017-01-05/greene/c60418

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Jack's new blue shirt
Posted on Nov 17, 2016 1:47 PM

Want to know how to make a dog happy without spending a lot of money?

First, go to the thrift store and buy a sweatshirt in a pleasing color. A larger shirt will yield more usable fabric. Here is the size 5X sweatshirt that I bought at the Goodwill Store in Savannah, Georgia. Launder and dry the shirt.
Thumb of 2016-11-17/greene/b3c1ea

Lay sweatshirt flat; prepare to cut away the seams.
Thumb of 2016-11-17/greene/676788

Using fabric scissors, cut away all seams except the bottom ribbing - leave that intact. It will be used later. These are my all-time favorite fabric scissors - they open by themselves so there is less fatigue (link below).
Thumb of 2016-11-17/greene/9a7a61

Fabric is now ready to use.
Thumb of 2016-11-17/greene/bef535

At this point I will mention the pattern. There are patterns for dog clothes available from Simplicity, McCalls, etc. but they are expensive. There are DIY patterns on the internet, but they may not fit your dog. The best thing is to purchase a shirt that fits your dog, let the dog wear it to death to make sure he loves it, then copy the pattern from the shirt. It's best to make a design change just in case you plan to sell your dog clothes.

Here is the old red shirt that Jack has been wearing for 3 years; it is being modeled by George.
Thumb of 2016-11-17/greene/869678

Lay out pattern pieces, pin in place, cut out each piece.
Thumb of 2016-11-17/greene/73b000 Thumb of 2016-11-17/greene/3ecfb2

There will be usable fabric left over for another project. There will also be scraps. The scraps will be used to test the various machine stitches and make adjustments to the stitches before sewing the shirt.
Thumb of 2016-11-17/greene/c0b0db

Remember the bottom ribbing? We left the seam intact. Pin and cut the pattern piece to make the neck binding for the shirt.
Thumb of 2016-11-17/greene/aedcce

Remember the design change? The original shirt had a tiny slit at the upper back so that the leash could be attached to the harness hardware. The slit was too small so my design change was to lengthen the slit but dividing the pattern piece for the upper back into two parts. One other thing that you can see in the photos is the color of the thread; it's nice to either match the thread color to the fabric, or to use a contrasting color. I opted to go for matching.
Thumb of 2016-11-17/greene/87b453 Thumb of 2016-11-17/greene/3324ae

After two days of sewing, here is the finished shirt being modeled by Jack. He loves his new blue shirt.
Thumb of 2016-11-17/greene/ad41a1 Thumb of 2016-11-17/greene/e38e1c Thumb of 2016-11-17/greene/94ffb5

Uh, oh!! Here comes George who is tired of wearing hand-me-down shirts. He wants to check out this new blue shirt. George tries to offer a toy to Jack in exchange for the shirt, but no, Jack likes his shirt just fine, thank you.
Thumb of 2016-11-17/greene/ae4312 Thumb of 2016-11-17/greene/2d13d9

Jack has been wearing his new shirt for 3 days straight. I notice that the neck is a bit large so another design change is in order.
Thumb of 2016-11-17/greene/e262a3

Oh, and don't tell George but I already cut out the pattern pieces to make his new blue shirt. George's shirt will have the new, narrower neck.

Okay, that's it. Now you can make any dog happy. Oh, did I forget to mention the cost? Dog clothes in the store can cost anywhere from $8 up to...well, some of the prices are obscene. My two (2)new blue shirts, one for Jack and one for George, cost me a grand total of...wait for it...

Fiskars Soft Touch Spring Action Scissors:

Two examples of ready-made dog jerseys:

Here is a video from Bianca Lizet, one of the creative people posting videos on the internet. She makes everything simple, easy and inexpensive.

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