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Guide to Find the Best Cordless Chainsaw
Posted on Sep 9, 2019 4:29 AM

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A cordless chainsaw is battery-operated, lightweight, portable, and easy to use. Amongst different types of chainsaw, these are the lightest varieties. They are preferred by home users than professionals. They can be used for pruning trees, gardens, etc. You can use this buying guide as a reference to know what to look for in the best cordless chainsaw.

They are powered by various types of batteries and serve a variety of purposes. There are a few cordless chain saws which cut at a good depth with speed and are as good as their counterparts in corded and gas-fueled chainsaw.

Features to look for when buying a cordless chainsaw

1. Brushless motor

A cordless chainsaw is available with a brushed as well as a brushless motor. A brushless motor makes less noise and is quieter when you use it for deep cuts and use it for long periods. Brushless motors are easy to set up, work with a lot of speed, make less noise, and cool down easily after long use.

They are expensive but efficient for long use. You can choose a cordless chainsaw with a brushed motor if you do not perform heavy-duty cutting at deeper cuts and are looking for budgeted options. A cordless chainsaw with a brushed motor can be noisy though they are available at economical rates.

2. Capacity

Large capacity for batteries let you work with the tool for long hours with speed before the charge on the battery depletes. There are many cordless chainsaws which are available with capacity as much as 9AH and need less time to recharge.

These could be expensive and are engineered in professional grade for professional and commercial use. A home user can choose a capacity as much as 6AH to get the cutting job done efficiently.

3. Safety features

A chainsaw is not an easy-to-use tool. Though it is lightweight, you have to be cautious using this tool. You need to wear safety gear and evaluate other safety mechanisms on this tool. Check various brakes and locking system before you buy this tool. It is good to buy a tool which comes with an alarm system that notifies you should there be any breaks or failures in the working mechanism.

A few cordless saws come with electronic systems and controllers which protect the battery from overheating and overloading. The chain catcher is another safety feature to look at when buying a cordless chainsaw. It prevents injuries should the chain break or derail during use.

4. Smooth Operations

Choose a low kick bar for smoother and faster operations. They efficiently cut different types of wood at variable depths. This is an aggressive chain mechanism which cuts faster but needs frequent sharpening. A few cordless saws are equipped with automatic systems such as automated oiling, self-sharpening, etc.

5. Tool-less adjustments

This feature makes your life easy. It makes it convenient to use the saw at regular intervals. You can make various styles of cuts and cut at variable depths with ease when you can change tools without using levers or any tedious mechanism. You can adjust the tension of the chain without the need of a screwdriver with this feature. You can fine-tune adjustments for making any type of cuts within minutes and get the job done with efficiency.

6. Low Maintenance

A cordless chainsaw which needs minimal maintenance is easy to use. Choose the one which comes with the self-oiling system and has a transparent window to check the level of oil. Most of the cordless chainsaw tools are available at economical rates. Home users who do not use the tool frequently can choose a model which needs minimal maintenance.

7. Handle placement

A rear handle is easiest to use and can be operated easily for groundwork. For jobs such as cutting trees, pruning garden, etc, choose a cordless chainsaw which comes with a top-handle. A top-handle chainsaw can be used single-handedly. You can choose the chainsaw based on the handedness. Most of the chainsaws are designed for right-handed people. If you are left-handed, you can choose a chainsaw which is ambidextrous.


This is a small guide that lets you choose the best cordless chainsaw which fit the budget as well as the features which fit you. Home users and professionals can find this guide handy to make a buying decision.

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Monterrey, Mexico
Posted on Aug 8, 2019 7:57 PM

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Monterrey has a bustling atmosphere being a major industrialized city and home to a population of over 1 million. It is the capital of Mexico's Nuevo Leon State located in the northeastern section of the country. While it is thought to be more of a business destination, ultra-modern Monterey has historical sites and a happening nightlife worth experiencing. Travelers will also appreciate the numerous shopping delights that Monterrey has in store for them. While you're in the city, don't forget to try some of the best Northern Mexican specialties served in Monterrey's restaurants.

Tourist Attractions

Attractions in Monterrey call out to all people of all ages. Families will enjoy the amusement parks like Parque Plaza Sesamo and the Magic Forest. Inside Pastora Park, the Monterrey Zoo is a great way for animal-lovers to spend their leisure time. Many of the city's fine landmarks are found in the Gran Plaza or Macroplaza. Mexico's tallest monument, El Faro de Comercio, towers above Monterrey. The Antiguo Palacio de Federal is an exquisite Art Deco building while Palacio de Gobierno has a Neo-Classical façade. Monterrey's Metropolitan Cathedral is another magnificent structure in the city.

Accommodation Tips

Decent accommodation that's affordably prices is easy to find in Monterrey. It's also helpful to double-check if the guestroom you're booking is a fully air-conditioned room as some tend to only offer fans. Most hotels charge extra fees for such luxury. Budget options are located in the busy areas of the city. Economy lodgings are often found in Amada Nervo near the bus station. Backpackers may want to try Villas Parque Fundidora in Madero for its modest and adequate amenities. Travelers who don't mind paying more for a fancy hotel room can find the luxury hotels in Zona Rosa fit for their needs. You can find high-end Radisson and Sheraton in Downtown Monterrey. Book your Monterrey Hotels with


Shopping in the city center can only mean a trip to Zona Rosa, the main retail hub in Monterrey. It has a pedestrian shopping boulevard for a more convenient way to roam around the shops. Outlet stores are also found in this area. Plaza Fiesta San Agustin is a popular shopping mall frequented by both locals and tourists due to its dining and entertainment options too. Other shopping areas to take note of include Galerias Monterrey, Plaza la Silla and Plaza San Pedro.

Best Dining Spots

Monterrey's restaurants can guide you through the best examples of Northern Mexican cuisine. Tacos al carbon are a type of tortillas with a meaty filling. Chimichangas are a local specialty in Monterrey's eateries too. But the definitive regional delicacy is Cabrito al pastor, which is a young goat cooked slowly over hot coals. A craving for fish is best satisfied with Monterrey's Black Bass prepared in different recipes. El Rey Del Cabrito is one of the city's popular restaurants specializing in roasted goat, as its name implies. You can also consider visiting Las Pampas, an institution for the past 40 years with its Argentinean offerings.

Find more restaurants along Colonia del Valle for your culinary prowl.

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Save Your Garden: 5 Natural Remedies for Pest Management
Posted on Jul 30, 2019 7:10 AM

Who wouldn't want to have extremely fresh, aromatic and organic fruit and vegetables available to them right from their own backyard? Planting a backyard garden has a lot of advantages. It saves you money, builds a healthy habit, gets you closer to nature and provides cost-efficient and healthy organic food to your table. So, why isn't everyone planting a garden? It turns out, you do have to put a certain amount of effort into maintaining a garden if you want healthy produce.
And, if you are putting in the effort, you wouldn't want some nasty pests to damage your plants.

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Pests are a common problem that has to be addressed to maintain a healthy garden. The commercially available pesticides have a lot of chemicals which make your garden non-organic. But they are also some natural pest management methods that you should know about to counter the issue naturally. Here is a list of some natural pest countering methods. Check them out.

Companion Planting

Some amazing plants are known to repel certain bugs and pests naturally. The process of growing these plants in companionship with other plants is called companion planting. A common example is a garlic plant. You can deter pests like Japanese beetles, spider mites and Aphides by growing garlic near other crops. Another common example is to plant basil in tomato plantations. Basil can repel hookworms from the tomatoes.

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Promoting Garden-Friendly Bugs

Not all bugs and insects are dangerous for the garden. Some bugs which feed on other dangerous pests are good for the garden. Ladybirds, spiders, wasps and ground beetles are some common bugs that are useful for the garden. You should try to increase the population of these bugs in your garden in order to get rid of other dangerous pests naturally. You should grow plants that produce nectar to promote these friendly bugs.

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Creating a Natural Pesticide Using Dish Soap and Oil

A common method of getting rid of pests naturally is using natural pesticides. You can make a simple natural pesticide by mixing some oil with dish soap and spraying it on the plants with some water. The oil and soap mixture covers the surface of the bugs shell or skin and seals off pores which they use to breathe, effectively suffocating the bugs.

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Use a Flea Bomb to Get Rid of Fleas

One of the most common pests that affect numerous gardens every season is fleas. A common and effective method which is used to get rid of fleas from houses is flea bombs. You can also use these in your garden. Here is a complete guide for flea bomb if you want to figure out how to use one.

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Use a Mixture of Baking Soda and Sugar

Another effective natural homemade pesticide that you can use is a mixture of baking soda and sugar. The purpose of the sugar is to act as bait for the pests. When the baking soda enters the body of the pests, it will react with the acids in their stomach and effectively poison them. This is an effective natural method of getting rid of many kinds of pests.

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Pest infestation in the garden is no less than a nightmare. If you're obsessed with your garden just like I am, this article will help you a lot.

About the Author:

Cora James is a blogger who loves to write about home improvement as well as its maintenance. She is an extrovert, believes in creativity and loves to re-model almost everything! You can read more about her posts at

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5 Amazing Home Improvement Ideas that increase your Home Value
Posted on Jul 17, 2019 4:23 AM

Whether you are flipping a house, or you want to increase its vales for luxury and comfort, you will need to make some improvements to the design and décor. The value of your home is determined by many different factors. Some of these factors, like the size of your home and its location are hard to change and upgrade, but by making small improvements in the interior and exterior design of your home, and adding some luxury elements to it, you can significantly increase the value of your home.

So, here is a list of some home improvement ideas that are perfect to increase the value of your home, and take it to the next level.

• Create an open floor plan

An open floor plan is the hallmark of any high valued and luxury home. In fact, many highly qualified and expert interior designers, and real estate agents agree that an open floor plan is the number one requirement for a luxury home. To implement an open floor plan, start by studying the maps of the home to find out, which walls are not load bearing. Take out some non-load bearing walls between the living room and the kitchen to open up the space. If you have to take out a load bearing wall, you will need to build a beam in its place. Also, try to de-clutter the place and take a minimalistic approach for decorating and designing.

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• Upgrade the kitchen

A kitchen is an essential part of every home, and it is also the most used part of the house. If you are renovating your home, then upgrading your kitchen should be your priority. The market value of your home can be increased dramatically, if you have an up to date kitchen with all the required amenities. In fact, according to a recent design article in Forbes magazine, a commercial-grade kitchen with a lot of restaurant-grade appliances is one of the prime requirements of a high valued luxury home. You can increase the value of your home even more, if you add some luxury elements like a wine cellar and a walk-in pantry with your kitchen.

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• Add a swimming pool

A very few upgrades increase your home value as significantly as a swimming pool. A swimming pool will make your home way more fun, exciting, and luxurious, all of which contribute to increase the value of your home.

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• Make a barbeque area in the patio

Another area that needs to be upgraded to increase value is the patio. You should design it like an extension of the living space. In my opinion, the best way to upgrade your patio is to make an amazing barbeque area on it. A barbeque area will add value to your home. Get the right equipment for the barbeque area. Hop over to this site to check out reviews of the best steel propane gas-powered grills.

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• A spa bathroom

A spa bathroom with an amazing hot tub, modern shower, and sauna is the perfect luxury upgrade to add a lot of value to your home. A spa bathroom will increase the price of your home dramatically, and it will also add a lot of comfort and luxury to your daily life.

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I hope it helps you out. Leave a comment!

About the Author:

Anthony Henson has been covering consumer technology for a decade now. He currently covers consumer electronics in the PC Labs as the in-house home entertainment expert, reviewing TVs, media hubs, speakers, headphones, and gaming accessories. He regularly writes blogs at

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How to Juice Your Garden Grown Celery
Posted on Jul 15, 2019 9:00 PM

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Celery's fame is for its low-calorie contents, this is called an ideal 'diet-food'. It has high water and fibrous compounds that actually let you enjoy incredibly healthier and crunchy celery without gaining fat and weight.

Celery stalks offer a wide array of health benefits. This is not only a new addition to your diet plan but also makes a variety in your juicing. It keeps you healthy and prevents weight gain while providing you natural taste and texture. Let me explain in brief how celery can offer you some incredible benefits.

Celery is loaded with various antioxidants that defend cells and organs from oxidative harm. Including vitamin C, flavonoids, and beta carotene, celery contains more than 10 other antioxidants. It is furthermore great to reduce inflammation in different tracts of the body.

If you're in trouble with digesting foods, celery can absolutely help you. Apiuman, a particular nutrient in celery assists to prevent stomach ulcers and improve the lining of the stomach.

Sooth to say, I love celery and I already mentioned some of the reasons why I love them. As I regularly juice celery, I tried to grow them in my garden which is not too big but I thought that is perfect for celery cultivation.

How I Cultivated Celery in My Garden

It's not troublesome at all to cultivate celery in any small space available at your home. If you know the basic, it's really simple just like doing your regular job.
As a long-season vegetable, celery grows in the fall or spring. After sowing celery seeds, hold the moisture by covering the area with plastic cover. Remember another thing, if there is tree branches top of the seed's bed trim that first with a pole type saw.

Germination may require a week; you don't need to do anything in this time period. Wait for an ideal size such as 2 inches long and then you can transplant them to other trays.

Celery cannot tolerate high temperature, so I plant it in a shady small area of my garden. It was not more than an experiment indeed but the result was amazing.
However, the soil of the area should stay watered or at least, water them a few times a day. Without sufficient water, the stalks may be small and dry. You may need to fertilize them when they start to grow faster.

I noticed celery stalks are invaded by pests. It was not any good news, but I found the solution as well. Covering the plants by garden fabrics for 3 to 5 weeks provides an excellent result.

I started to collect young celery and those were really good. I harvested them when they're at least 7 inches. Truly, when I juiced them with my preferred small celery juicer (I like it most), the difference appeared clearly between grocery store celery and own garden grown celery.

How to Juice Garden Grown Celery

I enjoy growing organic celery and love to consume them. Like the same way to juice any vegetable, I apply similar steps to juice my vegetable garden grown celery. Let's jump to the simple steps that you can also follow to make a glass of healthy celery juice.

1. Collect the celery stalks from your garden. In the juicing process, you need an ideal juicer for celery such as masticating juicer, celery stalks, a knife, a chopping board, and a jug. You should have the facilities to use water and keep the all necessary ingredients safely.
2. Wash celery under slightly warm water. This is not very much necessary, normal water is also fine. Remove any soil and dust from the sediments and leaves. Also, a vegetable wash can be another good option to clean celery stalks.
3. It is proven that celery offers lots of healing benefits. Its leaves are also rich in nutrients. Therefore, I don't remove any leaves so that I can enjoy more nutrients from a standard-sized celery stalk.
4. Slow juicer is the best option for juicing any vegetables. You can choose any slow juicer or centrifugal juicer as well. But there are some clear differences between them. Slow juicer runs with lower speed that ensures more nutrients and amazing taste while centrifugal juicer wastes nutrients by producing oxidation.
5. If you find some celery stalks larger, chop them for easy putting into your juicer's feed chute. Juicer can more perfectly deal with chopped or small pieces of celery. This is also a way to generate more juice yield and less the pulp.
6. What's next – there is not anything difficult. Put the celery into the feed chute and see the magic! As the juicer is turned on, you will notice the juice dripping into the jug immediately. Most juicers have auto-pulp ejection system, so no manual work to collect pulp.
7. Is it boring to put stalks and get the yields? – make it enjoyable because after a few minutes, you're going to enjoy something incredible. Continue putting celery into the chute until all of them are finished. If any clog in the machine, turn off the machine and turn on again to run it smoothly.

That's all I follow to juice my favorite celery. Hope, this will help you too for enjoying a cup of healthy celery juice when you need.

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