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July 16
Posted on Jul 16, 2016 6:38 PM

Been playing with pots Ugly but forever The plastic coating like cellphone plastic lasts forever , Bottle of Glue my only cost and it would probably do a100 ,,
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Various of the season

Thumb of 2016-07-17/jimard8/b3130c

Pansy Viola , interesting for July ?
Thumb of 2016-07-17/jimard8/3ef94f

Seed starting , oh well ,, next year
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Thumb of 2016-07-17/jimard8/511afc
Thumb of 2016-07-17/jimard8/896392
Thumb of 2016-07-17/jimard8/8e6018

Box of Kittens
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Swamp Milkweed 6ft tall , never have seen it this tall
Thumb of 2016-07-17/jimard8/8e8a79

Lilly and Coneflowers
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Thumb of 2016-07-17/jimard8/1a9b70
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wild Radish

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June 27 .
Posted on Jun 26, 2016 9:58 PM

A few things from the past few weeks

A daylily cross in bud
Thumb of 2016-06-27/jimard8/5c2d96

An unknown in a pot , Campanula or sedum likely
Thumb of 2016-06-27/jimard8/db0575

Red Volunteer , Hemerocallis
Thumb of 2016-06-27/jimard8/a060eb

Red Hollyhock
Thumb of 2016-06-27/jimard8/807bb7

Thumb of 2016-06-27/jimard8/d59f7c

Garden chopper revisited
Blade 30.00
Flange Bearings 13.00
Nuts and bolts new 12.00
can and drill ?
I have some features I still want to try
Thumb of 2016-06-27/jimard8/3b4af5
Thumb of 2016-06-27/jimard8/7e54ee

Thumb of 2016-06-27/jimard8/eed085
Thumb of 2016-06-27/jimard8/ef152f

Then , there is the unexpected , not mine Not owned , In my work area
Thumb of 2016-06-27/jimard8/66b113
Thumb of 2016-06-27/jimard8/2a6e4a

Catnip the culprit ?
Thumb of 2016-06-27/jimard8/832752

Thumb of 2016-06-27/jimard8/885422

Syrica Milkweed , complete with Monarch Butterfly
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May 28 2016
Posted on May 28, 2016 9:07 PM

Planted 18 or so containers today
Zinnia (Candy cane )
Wild Black Mustard
Got some bronze fennel planted yesterday , really being next years plants , as are many from my wintersown seeds Filling in with Zinnia Marigolds and Sunflowers where I can

Here are some Milkweed (syrica
Thumb of 2016-05-29/jimard8/8c7f4c
Thumb of 2016-05-29/jimard8/b55d36
Seeds sprouting
Thumb of 2016-05-29/jimard8/bd3761
Thumb of 2016-05-29/jimard8/662be0

Thumb of 2016-05-29/jimard8/791764
Thumb of 2016-05-29/jimard8/a46570

Peony and iris
Thumb of 2016-05-29/jimard8/26f09e
Thumb of 2016-05-29/jimard8/52aee8

Thumb of 2016-05-29/jimard8/b8cafa

more milkweed
Thumb of 2016-05-29/jimard8/61b537

Thumb of 2016-05-29/jimard8/940204

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Blooms and starts
Posted on May 23, 2016 8:18 PM

Thumb of 2016-05-24/jimard8/4f4835
Thumb of 2016-05-24/jimard8/bcf8de

More iris
Thumb of 2016-05-24/jimard8/2bdd4f
Thumb of 2016-05-24/jimard8/9457fd

Dianthus , bad photo
Thumb of 2016-05-24/jimard8/532cd9

Meadow rue
Thumb of 2016-05-24/jimard8/291dcf

Thumb of 2016-05-24/jimard8/6837e0

Thumb of 2016-05-24/jimard8/31d728

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blooms may 12
Posted on May 11, 2016 11:54 PM

Thumb of 2016-05-12/jimard8/b04c48

Thumb of 2016-05-12/jimard8/584b5e

iris started
Thumb of 2016-05-12/jimard8/a9146e

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